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Name: Solotim

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I had an outfitters shop in WV for 13 years. We sold Old Town and Mad River canoes. We paddled mostly white water rivers but now at 70 years old decided we needed a light weight flat water boat that we could paddle tandem or solo and was light enough for us to load and unload easily. After a lot of research and finding out that the Henrys were no longer involved with Mad River I found Michael, at Ranger Canoe and I’m glad I did. After spending considerable time talking to him about the Otter we place an order for an Otter with the optional solo center seat installed and picked the boat up in Ashland, NH. This boat paddles more effortlessly than any canoe I have ever been in, and I’ve been in a bunch of canoes. The hull is very stiff without the usual flex I was accustomed to. With the shallow V/shallow Arch design it tracks straight as an arrow. Roll it up on a flat and it turns very nicely. At 52 pounds my wife and I can easily manage the canoe. Micheals customer service is the best I’ve seen in the industry! Thus, 5 Stars for Ranger Canoe and Michael! Thank you Michael!