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Name: Fonzie

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Ranger Jean explores the Mississippi

The canoe itself was worth its weight in gold (which was a cool 52 lbs to be exact). It handled everything we threw at her with ease; which is saying something since we were crazy enough to take her down the entire Mississippi River from Lake Itasca, Minnesota to New Orleans, Louisiana. Ranger owner/craftsman Mike could not have been more helpful in the buying process, and I can't tell you how many people along the way marveled at his craftsmanship. We left him with not only a quality boat but new found knowledge on canoes, paddling techniques, and transporting the canoe.

However, the reason for the four stars comes with our issue with the seats. Three days into our journey the webbing started to come undone, and a few weeks later two of the screws holding the seats snapped in half. Thankfully we were able to find makeshift fixes, but this experience left a slight sour taste in our mouths.

Overall, a fine canoe for a reasonable price.