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Works good, a little…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/4/2019

Works good, a little expensive compared to others that have brighter illumination. Also eats batteries.


Summary: A very bright…

Submitted by: kaulua on 7/7/2015
Summary: A very bright headlamp with multiple settings, but it didn't hold up to wet conditions.

Pros:strong beam; multiple settings
Cons: battery door seems flimsy; humidity or waterproofness problems

I have been through two of these. The first developed a problem after I used it on several kayak trips. It started turning itself on and then not turning on (or sometimes off) when I pressed the button. It seemed that the switch went bad. So to their credit, Princeton Tec replaced the lamp for free, no questions asked.

So, I was out on a camping trip in S. Florida with my new one, the humidity was high, and once again, the switch started acting funny. I couldn't get it to turn off so I had to take the batteries out. At that point, I decided it would serve the remainder of its life as my emergency and house headlamp (perhaps desert too?) because it just doesn't seem to hold up to wet or humid conditions.

It's too bad because the beam is the strongest I have ever owned. Perhaps Princeton Tec has or will improve on this design so that it is more durable.


Tried my second Ptec…

Submitted by: cuber46 on 5/30/2012
Tried my second Ptec headlight(different model) same problem. The latch which secures the battery compartment broke, requiring a rubber band to keep secure and allow lt. to function. No rubber band no lt.,
makes a generous 2 rating

Bought working headlamp and…

Submitted by: paddler233969 on 5/4/2011
Bought working headlamp and put it in my pack. One week later while doing my pack check before my hike, the lamp did not work at all. Tried new batteries and still nothing. What a piece of junk!

Princeton Tec Quad. Good…

Submitted by: BIRDZONE on 1/29/2007
Princeton Tec Quad. Good light, comfortable, easy to use, color rendition is O.K., but not as good as halogen. Overall, very pleased. In a few years, they will probably be brighter, more accurate color, longer battery life and cheaper...that explains the 9.

Very pleased with the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/17/2005
Very pleased with the headlamp and the small side kick. The headlamp is comfortable and bright.

C'mon people the Aurora is a…

Submitted by: pikabike on 1/2/2005
C'mon people the Aurora is a good light, and at the time it was introduced, one of the best available of its type, but it's simply not that bright!

Try to walk with it at night and you'll find that the bluish and very diffuse beam (a) does not project far enough for even a fast walking speed, let alone paddling speed, and (b) all but obliterates color vision. The latter effect is like viewing under a full moon; everything looks vaguely blue. I found out how much trouble this could be one night when trying to get back to my tent, and I headed towards two others first, even though they were all very different hues and saturations. With a tungsten (such as halogen) bulb, objects would have appeared roughly the "right" color.

The LED does give the Aurora its best feature, namely long battery life. I think the best of both worlds would be a halogen lamp for more focused, long-range use (paddling or hiking) plus LED for close-in applications such as reading or cooking. Such headlights are available, but then again, it'd be worth checking out the NEW Princeton Tec light, the Eos, which has an extra-bright LED in addition to an array of standard ones.


I got one for night yaking.…

Submitted by: yakmatt on 12/31/2004
I got one for night yaking. The hurricanes hit before I could use it for that, but the light was so bright and lightweight when we were without power for 4 and 5 days I picked up 2 more for my family. I have used them for night yaking and they are a great, easy to use light.

Princeton-Tec Aurora. This is…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/22/2003
Princeton-Tec Aurora. This is a great headlamp. It's comfortable, throws off a lot of light...can be adjusted from high to med to low to flashing. I like that it can be aimed forward or down...makes washing dishes after dark much easier. Excellent product.

I just bought one of these.…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/24/2003
I just bought one of these. There is no doubt this is the brightest LED headlamp on the market. The beam projects further than all other LED headlamps on the market.

Holy cow! I've been wanting…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/6/2003
Holy cow! I've been wanting to buy a headlamp for sometime now and ordered one of these (Princeton Tec Aurora) after reading the reviews here. As I held the light for the first time, pointing it away from me, I couldn't get it to come on. I guess I just wasn't pushing the button hard enough. I turned it around to see if I was doing something wrong, pushed the button again and BAM! It was so bright it felt like it melted my retina. Seriously! It's also very light weight, very comfortable to wear, and has an adjustable head so you can point the beam exactly where you need it. This thing is awesome and has a lot more applications than just the outdoors. Mine also came with the little 'Pulsar' keychain light. Tiny but unbelievably bright as well. I know I'll be using both of them a lot.

Princeton Tec Aurora. Light…

Submitted by: Peter_K on 12/30/2002
Princeton Tec Aurora. Light output is fantastic!!! Alas, the clamshell case has proved less that waterproof for me. Even when sealed with the greatest of care, the pressures of it being in a PFD pocket during an over the back deck rescue results in water in the case. I bought two of the early models; perhaps they have improved the design. I now always have a Princeton Tec Attitude on a Jakstrap system II headlamp strap, (Jakstrap II is fantastic) as back up in my PFD pocket. I use an Ultra 7 (seven led headlamp) if I am planning on paddling at night. Both have been absolutely bombproof.

This 3 LED headlamp is…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/26/2002
This 3 LED headlamp is blindlingly bright. I've been shopping for a headlamp for a bit now, and when I turned this lamp on it amazed me with the light output. It throws a non adjustable spot beam with a fair amount of non directed light illuminating your surroundings. It is not as bright as my 4D Mag light (of course) but I can look out of a second story window and clearly see the ground with it. BONUS: the package currently includes a Pulsar backup/keyring LED light.

After all these years my…

Submitted by: paddler229921 on 9/12/2002
After all these years my headlight still works, and I've beaten the thing up kayaking, diving, snorkeling and camping....and it's waterproof, too. We have Vortex and Auroras as back-ups.