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Tribe 13.5 T

13' 5"
Width (in)
Weight (lb)

Tribe 13.5 T Description

The Tribe 13.5 T is a kayak brought to you by Perception. Read Tribe 13.5 T reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

Tribe 13.5 T Reviews


Read and submit reviews for the Tribe 13.5 T.

Tribe 13.5 T Reviews

Read reviews for the Tribe 13.5 T by Perception as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

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I'm a noob to kayaking. This…

Submitted by: Gheazey on 5/24/2020
I'm a noob to kayaking. This thing is noob paradise. Solid, stable, rugged and damn near unsinkable. I take it out with my wife and son (toddler)...moves along nice and quick when my wife is paddling with me, but is totally controllable when she's busy watching out for him. To date, it's all been flat water, but I'm looking forward to some estuary tours and a little surf action.

The perception tribe tandem…

Submitted by: ss_a7x on 8/5/2019

The perception tribe tandem kayak is a great versatile kayak. With the narrower hull, it slices through water like a hot knife through butter. I've used this kayak on the open ocean, in canals, and in lakes and bays and I can say it does the best when it's calm, but it can definitely handle some roughness. It has two small dry storage spaces, one for each person, along with straps in the front, and a rear storage area also with straps. This kayak is difficult to fit fishing poles on without extra attachments or accessories. All together this kayak is great for going out in multiple environments and to bring someone else along for fun, but I would not use it for much else.


Love this kayak. I can take…

Submitted by: KristinaJH on 7/31/2018

Love this kayak. I can take my two smaller kids out with me and it's totally safe and easy to maneuver. The colors are fun and my kids absolutely love it. There is a lot of space to take dry bags, bring water and drinks, and a small cooler. It's not that heavy - I can get it up on top of my car by myself (after a couple tries, easier with two people but can do it alone). Highly recommend.


I bought this kayak over an…

Submitted by: paddler437296 on 6/4/2018

I bought this kayak over an Ocean Kayak Malibu Two XL because of the improved storage and seats. It's been great fun paddling in this boat; there's plenty of room for two people, the boat tracks well, handles waves well, and is all around well made. It is a bit heavy, but that's expected for a tandem kayak this size.

The storage is not as great as I'd hoped; the bags hanging from the screw-on covers do get wet and the opening is sort of small. After one trip on the ocean (a few hours of salt, sand, and sun), the threads got stuck and I had to remove the entire cover piece (remove the screws holding it to the boat's body) in order to unscrew it with the help of a vise.


I love this Kayak, I bought…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/30/2018

I love this Kayak, I bought this kayak in January of 2014. 4 years later we've got good family stories and adventures together. We have taken it to: the beach on some pretty choppy water in the Gulf of Mexico; Choctawhatchee Bay, one of those times was real choppy too; and then rivers, creaks, streams, and lakes. Never really been on white water rapids with it. Not sure it's really rated for that though.
It is rated for recreational use and we have certainly proved that.
It is very versatile and has stood up to quite a beating.

This tandem sit on top kayak has three molded seats. Not one, not two, Three! It is called Tribe because of that I think and we have put our Tribe in this kayak. My large family has fit 4 adults on this kayak. We moved a lot slower but we were still floating and we made it back and forth across the three acre lake. Pretty sure we were over the weight rating, which is 500 lbs.
Another time, my parents and I took my four children down a calm river/creek to see the Real Florida. So that was 3 adults and 4 elementary age children and snacks and drinks. My little daughter liked sitting up front on the bow. Again, we moved slow and we were sitting pretty low in the water but it was another enjoyable time, and the kayak held up.

At 2.8' wide it has been plenty of room and comfortable enough for the larger family members riding with us as well. Multiple molded foot rests at each of the three molded seats for the short family and the tall family alike. Also, with the width and length my kids have used it as a floating dock jumping off and climbing back in when we are out on the lake.

For 13.5' boat it can be difficult for a small one person to load and unload off of a vehicle, but, not really a problem for two, or one adult and a couple little helpers.
It tracks a straight line. Turns like I need it too. When paddling alone I sit in the middle molded seat. I think that helps with maneuverability.

Front and back bungee areas for cargo. The back is nice and deep w/ scupper holes for a cooler or tackle box. My daughter and I have used the scupper holes for rod holders as we get in and out of the tackle-box for bait and hooks,etc. I believe there are 8 scupper holes; makes it real nice when you're out in the choppy water on a warm/hot day. I bought supper plugs separately so on colder days you can stay dry and warm on calmer waters.
It has molded handles on both sides at the middle of the boat that make it very handy when getting the boat where it needs to go on land.
It also came with bungees and ergonomic handles at the bow and stern to help with handling the kayak as well.

So, if you are looking for a versatile sit on top kayak to fit a small and possibly growing family. I highly recommend the Perception Tribe 13.5' kayak. One might say, why not just buy a canoe? I have a canoe also. You can't tip the Perception Tribe like you would with a canoe. And with the self-bailing scupper holes you definitely can't flood this kayak like you would a canoe. Again, so versatile you can take it to the beach out on the waves or cruise up and down the lakes, rivers and streams.


Had this kayak for 4 months…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/25/2018

Had this kayak for 4 months now and I love it. It's perfect for family kayaking. I usually paddle with my 3 year old and my 70 lb lab. I have had no issues with stability and I have no problem being the only paddler. This boat seems like it holds up better than the cheaper options and I believe it will be a beloved adventure friend for years to come.


Pros: Tracks well,…

Submitted by: Paddle_Marco on 11/14/2017

Pros: Tracks well, comfortable seats, straps for storage, replaceable plastic in back for scraping/dragging., stack-able.

Cons: Fills up with water no matter what - even when storage lids are closed. Straps break easily when carrying them. Not as thick as the Rambler/Rhumba model, so it will crack easier.


Our go to kayak for Tours and Rentals

Submitted by: paddler309301 on 2/13/2017

We use this kayak for all our Austin Kayak Tours and Rentals in Austin, Texas with . It is a quality kayak that can be paddled single or tandem.


Amazing kayak, we rented one…

Submitted by: paddler237052 on 8/18/2016
Amazing kayak, we rented one on Daytona beach and paddled it in the surf. Super stable and a lot of fun hitting the large surf head on. We are planning on buying one of our own now that we have tried the kayak out. can't wait to get one back out in the ocean.

Got this for my wife and I. …

Submitted by: amjretired on 8/10/2016
Got this for my wife and I. Extremely stable tandem and has a spot in between the included, fold-down seats where a large pet or child could sit as well. with both of us paddling it is certainly faster than my solo Hurricane Phoenix 14 despite the Tribe's ample beam. In a good bay chop, the front seater does get a little spray, but nothing out of the norm. We got ours in a bright lime green for visibility and safety as the wife did not want another bright yellow. There are scuppers bow stern and midships. The molded in carry handles on the sides amidships are only slightly off the exact balancing point and not a problem to lift it up onto the roof racks of my pickup. Weight-wise, its a bit hefty at 65 or so lbs but as a tandem with two people loading or unloading its not a problem.

Handles very well and is stable under most conditions that we encountered. The…

Submitted by: Artandsusan on 5/9/2016
Handles very well and is stable under most conditions that we encountered.

The third seat and other space is great for our grand kids and a dog. We found it easy to carry due to the side and end handles and its light weight.


Pros: It is stable and it has…

Submitted by: ggazcamper on 3/30/2016
Pros: It is stable and it has 3 seats. The middle seat does not have a pad, but is suitable for a child or pet.
Cons: As mentioned in another review, the front person gets quite wet. The kayak is very wide, suitable for someone with long arms in front, but challenging for someone like me with short arms!
Biggest Con: It is so heavy that it takes a rachet lift and two very strong men to lift. At 67 pounds, it is a handicap for average men and women. I would think it would not be portable, except if you are a heavyweight lifter.

All around this is a great…

Submitted by: Jtribe1 on 8/26/2015
All around this is a great boat! I'm able to take two of kids with me every time we go down the river. It's very stable and is able to get through some of the shallowest areas with ease. I would recommend this one to anyone. And for the price it's hard to beat!

We got to test this AWESOME…

Submitted by: lmhernandez78 on 7/13/2015
We got to test this AWESOME tandem at a "Day at The Park" outing. They wouldn't let me paddle with my daughter, and they wouldn't let my son paddle alone. Solution? This Awesome Kayak!!! I was a bit nervous because I have not paddled such a long boat in some time. My son is a beginner and my daughter is a rambunctious preschooler. I thought that at best we would end up out in the middle of the lake, capsized, bobbing until we got rescued. (the mom mind!)

I am so impressed with this kayak. It was a joy to paddle. My son and I had no problem paddling this yak at all! It was very easy to handle and maneuver. We fit in it VERY comfortably and it was very stable. My daughter was bouncing from side to side, so excited to be on the water. never once did I feel that we were going to tip, let alone flip it over. This is my dream yak and someday I am going to have one!


I bought the kayak for my…

Submitted by: paddler236276 on 6/18/2015
I bought the kayak for my boyfriend and I to take long river trips. We've been on a few now and I'd like to inform everyone about this boat. First off I love it! I would like to explain all about this boat for those who can't see one now. It comes with two seats that are bolted on the boat. It has a bungee x pattern over both ends of the boat for storage. The back end storage stance is deeper then the front end storage space. Also the end handles are bungeed to those bungees. It's quite a weird concept and I for one am not a fan. I haven't had any problems with this design. I'm just not sure the bungees won't wear out and stretch and/or break. The side handles of this boat are actually a built in part of the boat shell which I think is pretty neat but it doesn't ratchet to the top of my SUV very well.

One thing I really do love about this boat is the front end of the boat is deeper then the back end. So the person in back is kinda sitting up higher then the person in front. There is also so much leg room in this boat for both people. We haven't had the chance to strap a third seat in and go down the river with three people yet but I'm sure it will still be comfortable. Infront of both seats there are turn caps that go down into the boats insides. The screw tops are tied to the boat so they will not be lost and there are little storage bags inside which I think are really neat.

One more downfall that I can't get over is there are 4 scupper holes in the front of the boat. I sit in front normally and two of them are directly in front of the seat and every time we paddle or hit any small waves (which is all the time) water splashes up and gets that whole area of my seat and my legs and everything all wet. The front of the boat is deeper so the holes are not as deep. The front holes by my feet let in a lot of water also and when that water comes in it comes in in little splashes and those splashes hit me I my face a lot. The poor design of these holes are a huge turn off. But there is a very simple cheap solution. Get scupper plugs and plug the holes! I haven't done this yet but I'm sure it will make a world of difference. The scupper holes are meant to help keep the water out of your boat so it doesn't flood so I suggest only use these plugs if your in low tides. But please don't let my scupper hole explanation scare you away from buying this boat. I love this boat!

There are 3 other sit on top tandems at our house we've used many times including two cobra kayaks and an emotion kayak and I love the Perception Tribe 13.5 the best by far of all our boats! It is an amazing boat for many reasons and I highly recommend it (and some scuppy plugs)!!!


I am satisfied with this…

Submitted by: aguyinct on 9/3/2014
I am satisfied with this kayak. It is stable and feels sturdy. It fell out the back of our pickup onto the road and was not damaged. We have used it on flatwater and some calm ocean with no problems. We did see some kayaks with extra features but they cost a lot more.

The Perception Tribe 13.5 is…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/25/2014
The Perception Tribe 13.5 is the best sit on top tandem kayak period. Stable, tracks well and it has a 3rd center jump seat so you paddle solo a must have on any tandem kayak. We use this kayak on springs, rivers and the gulf and island hoping. Great kayak!

Rented this unit for a 2 hr…

Submitted by: Ernieinpilot on 7/11/2014
Rented this unit for a 2 hr trip down the New River launching near Radford, Va. My wife and I are evaluating kayaks for a future purchase. Overall, it was OK. But, our initial observations, immediately upon launching, was this boat was lacking in control and maneuverability of single kayaks. Towards the end of our 2 hour trip we encountered strong winds blowing upstream. It was a chore to keep pointed on our mark.

The standard seat supports are weak. I wish they were stiffer and higher.
The kayak we rented had no dry storage, paddle holders or adjustable foot rests.
I sat in the stern but felt as thought I was sitting higher than my partner in the bow.

May be OK for recreational use on lakes, but we will continue looking for our dream kayak (light, dry storage lockers, paddle holders, adjustable foot stops, easily controlled in strong currents and wind).


Our family tribe 13.5 has…

Submitted by: mjlanger on 3/27/2013
Our family tribe 13.5 has been a part of the fleet for a year now.
Con: it is heavy.
Pro: it is stable.
The tribe has been down the river and did great with two adult. It's been on lakes with an adult and two kids, and again it did great. It's also been paddled solo and stable enough for adults to stand and fish from. I've added hatches and rod holders and for the money it's a great versatile boat! The only addition I might consider in the future is a downwind sail! It's definitely a keeper in my fleet.

Wow!! I don't mean to sound…

Submitted by: paddler234628 on 6/29/2012
Wow!! I don't mean to sound too enthusiastic but I went to Pelican Sports in Morris Hills, New Jersey to buy a OK Malibu Two XL. On my way out of the store I noticed the Tribe 13.5 tucked into the back corner. I inquired about this kayak to the sales rep (Jim), who was very very helpful by the way and he told me that is was Perception's answer to the OK Malibu Two XL. Upon closer inspection I noticed the apparent build quality of this boat was excellent. The hull was shaped in such a way that made it feel sturdier and less likey to warp under heat and pressure whereas the OK Malibu Two XL's hull was flat in the front quarter making it susceptible to warp. In fact the model that was on display at the time WAS slightly warped and it hadn't even left the store yet!!

I have nothing against OK and have heard nothing but positive reviews about them. However I believe that the Perception Tribe 13 is the clear winner as far as a tandem that can be converted to solo goes. I took her out for a day trip in the Raritan Bay solo with about 40 lbs of gear. She tracked well for a big wide boat and wasn't as slow as I expected either.

I am sold; extremely happy about my purchase and here are my two favorite things about this boat. 1) it's $200 cheaper than the Malibu Two XL!!!!!
2) go solo and take the two seat straps off and lay down, you wouldn't believe how comfortable it is!!!

I do not work for Perception and am not affiliated in any way with Perception. This glowing review is here because I was overwhelmingly compelled to tell people about it. I did a lot of hemming and hawing and researching before deciding to buy a new kayak and the OK Malibu Two XL appeared to be the best one on paper. Maybe it is a good boat, but if you get a chance to see both of the together you will know why I went with the Perception Tribe 13. Can't wait to outfit it for fishing!!!!


Just bought the Tribe 13.5. …

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/25/2012
Just bought the Tribe 13.5. Considered an number of other recreational tandems. VERY pleased with the purchase. Adapts very quickly and easily to a competent solo. Not great for speed but face it that's not the target market. Would have gone "10" but for the weight. Several competitors are about 10 lbs. lighter.

A couple of concerns…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/17/2011
A couple of concerns first: top surface could be better for washing dirt off, sides of kayak are little high - wind catching.

Positive: Tribe 13.5 is very stable, tracks very well, but is good enough maneuverable. This kayak is very comfortable for 2 adults + child, or 1 adult + kids. Having tankwells with bungeed are great for short fishing trips or small picnic items.


Just purchased this boat as a…

Submitted by: BriYak on 7/21/2011
Just purchased this boat as a general use boat for my family, We have used it on local lakes and rivers with great success, it is very popular with the kids, they kick my wife off when ever they have a chance. It seems to handle well even for a big SOT, it is very stable (naturally) and the seating flexibility is excellent, it can be paddled as a single, double or even triple if you can get the kids in sync :-)

If you are looking for a stable and flexible family boat, this one deserves a good look. We can't wait to try it in ocean surf!