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Native asked owners what they could make better; and they delivered. Having tried a Mariner 12, I couldn't reach the pedals and it was too heavy to lug on top of my car, but the concept is great for flat water fishing. The Slayer 10 is light, I can reach the pedals and "zip" along to my fishing holes, and it's stable enough to stand. It has the famous comfy seat that other manufacturers now mimic, but no one else has something in this weight class (light with 500lb capacity) with pedal or paddle!

After owning my 2011 Ride 115 for about a year now, I can finally write a review. I have both the hi and low seats for the boat and it's rigged for fishing.

Pros: it is super stable, it's easy to stand and fish, has a weight capacity of a barge, and tracks well. I trust the boat in the biggest of waves and with inside storage I know my gear is safe. Did I mention that rod and reels can be stored inside the hull, that's a huge bonus.

Cons: It is heavy, with the shape of the hull and weight there's no way I could car top it like my Native Ultimate.

If it weren't for the weight and I was limited to only one kayak in my fleet, this would be it. It has awesome storage capacity, a comfy high seat, stable, tracks well, and in general a very well thought out design.

Final thought, I put it in the same category as a Native Slayer, but it's a good bit cheaper with more storage for your gear!

Our family tribe 13.5 has been a part of the fleet for a year now.
Con: it is heavy.
Pro: it is stable.
The tribe has been down the river and did great with two adult. It's been on lakes with an adult and two kids, and again it did great. It's also been paddled solo and stable enough for adults to stand and fish from. I've added hatches and rod holders and for the money it's a great versatile boat! The only addition I might consider in the future is a downwind sail! It's definitely a keeper in my fleet.