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Name: Gheazey

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Picked this up a couple days ago from Kittery Trading Post in Maine. I'll update this review as I go, as I'm a total noob to trailering, and will need to learn as I go. What I like: Pretty much everything. It's solid and steady under load, while light enough for me to lift it and slide it a foot or two when I do a back-up fail. Shock absorbers are great and there are good attachment points at the bar-ends. What I don't like: not a lot. The only pointers I'd make are to be aware of the dimensions. My tandem SOT Kayak (a 13.5 Perception Tribe) is too wide to rest on it's side on the bottom level (what I originally envisioned). That said, that "issue" is nichey as hell. The only other thing to consider is the price. I got it at 20% off. I've seen that price in several locations, so definitely keep an eye out. At full price, you're creeping into some other trailer options, but the Yakima Easy Rider was a good fit for me. So far so good. I'll keep you updated.

I love it. I wanted something that didn't limit my range of motion, but had to be honest with myself about the amount of maintenance effort I'd put into a self-inflating PFD ('d be close to zero). This gives me a lot of freedom and a nice little pocket for phone, wallet, and keys. Keep it simple, baby. This is a great PFD.

I'm a noob to kayaking. This thing is noob paradise. Solid, stable, rugged and damn near unsinkable. I take it out with my wife and son (toddler)...moves along nice and quick when my wife is paddling with me, but is totally controllable when she's busy watching out for him. To date, it's all been flat water, but I'm looking forward to some estuary tours and a little surf action.