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I bought this kayak as an…

Submitted by: LJ64 on 7/9/2020
I bought this kayak as an extra for grandkids and for fishing. It is light and easy to handle by myself and it paddles and tracks pretty well. This is my fourth Pelican, the other three are Premium RamX, this one is not. It flexes more than the Premiums and is not as stiff. The seat is very uncomfortable and slopes to the back too much. I put an inflatable seat out of a Intex inflatable kayak in it and is much more comfortable. It is not as good of quality of the Premiums, but for the price difference, it is still a good value and it gets the job done.

Bought my quest 100 from…

Submitted by: Daveddy on 4/29/2016
Bought my quest 100 from Costco after trying my friends Quest.I tried another brand that day as well but the Quest was perfect for me from the first moment I sat in it. As a beginner it was important that it was stable and gave me confidence, unlike the other brand I tried.It has made me fall in love with being out on the water and everytime I get out I cant wait to go again.Also the Costco package and features in the boat are unmatched by anyone for price which makes it a great starter.Happy paddling and if you choose this boat and are just getting started you will be happy with your choice.

I have paddled the Quest 100…

Submitted by: mbhockey on 8/31/2015
I have paddled the Quest 100 for two years. It is a great entry level kayak and also great for teenagers starting up. It is very stable, easy to turn due to it's short length and it's dry compartment can accommodate enough gear for a week-end kayak-camping trip. If you are looking for speed the Quest 100 is not for you. It is slow and doesn't track very well. The large size cockpit allows for larger paddlers.

I tried my sister's and loved…

Submitted by: paddler236355 on 7/13/2015
I tried my sister's and loved it. Great for beginners as far as balance and movement, and size. Best features is the storage, there are 3 waterproof bladder areas (small in front for camera or phone) and cup holders. Easy to reach in front compartment and one in back. It has everything a beginner/intermediate kayaker would want. I am eagerly searching the net to find my own. Her price on sale at Costco... 399.00! amazing

I purchased this kayak for my…

Submitted by: rcawson on 7/7/2015
I purchased this kayak for my first season when taking up the sport. The stability is superb and builds up confidence especially when the wind picks up and the water gets rough.

The Quest 100 has plenty of storage which is very handy for being on the water for a considerable time. The drink holder is a very good feature and the water bottle is always accessible.

My first season with the Quest 100 was so successful in building confidence and skills that I bought my second kayak at seasons end. I now have this kayak to invite friends and family to get out on the water and try the sport of kayaking knowing that they will enjoy the stability and feel confident out on the water. The Quest 100 was instrumental in me falling in love with kayaking and adding other equipment going forward.

I highly recommend the Quest 100 kayak.


Our family purchased 2…

Submitted by: rmblaber on 9/12/2014
Our family purchased 2 Pelican Quest 100's from a big box store that came complete with paddle, spray skirt & car top carrier. We have used them 2 seasons now & always enjoy them.

The hull is a RAM-X polyethylene & seems quite durable. They are very stable for beginners (my 13 year old son can stand in it). We find they are relatively light, maneuver well & are reasonably efficient considering the hull design. There is a nice amount of water resistant storage (they do leak a little) & the molded dash storage/cup holder is very useful. Great beginner/recreation kayak for the price ($400 each).


As a beginner and not a very…

Submitted by: Daveddy on 8/19/2014
As a beginner and not a very good swimmer stability was most important when shopping for a boat. This model was perfect and i am more comfortable every time i use it. Much better that other brands i tried were not nearly as confidence inspiring. I recommend it for beginners and budget minded individuals as a great starting and intermediate boat