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Pursuit 140T (tandem) Reviews

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I purchased a 140T (tandem) Kayak by Pelican International. We have used the…

Submitted by: paddler237075 on 8/29/2016

I purchased a 140T (tandem) Kayak by Pelican International.

We have used the Kayak now for over 2 years and We are very happy with the performance of this 2 person Kayak.

No it's not for white water but it is about the best for 2 person Kayak on the market.

I and my Wife are retired now and we use this Kayak almost every month. It fits all of our requirements when we go camping or just for a great trip on the lake.

I my 64years I have tried out many Canoes and Kayaks and I still like the Pelican brand the best.

It's the overall Best for the money and performance.


I purchased this Pelican…

Submitted by: rpelljr on 8/19/2013
I purchased this Pelican kayak from BJ's solely based on price and the fact that it was a tandem kayak. Paid $300 for kayak, paddles and car top carrier. I was excited to use it. Wifey was supposed to join me on trips but that never happened. I kayak mainly in protected waters such as rivers, harbors and bays so ocean currents were not a factor.

First time out the carry handles on the ends broke. Next the drain plug came apart. The dry storage bag in front is totally useless. It kept falling out. The hull is poorly designed and you get soaked while paddling. On the water solo I noticed it was not tracking properly. Also tried using the skeg and that did not work. Contacted Pelican and they sent me a new skeg. I installed it, took the kayak out again and of course it did not work. Each time I used this kayak I became more frustrated.

Yesterday went kayaking with my daughter again in a protected river with little wind and no tide to deal with. This kayak was all over the place. Could not control it and we were constantly correcting our paddling technique. Again skeg not working. Would not track straight. Also we were getting wet. So I decided to cut my trip short and made a bee line back to shore. Quickly loaded up the kayak and made a decision to return this kayak back to BJ's.

I only had this kayak for a month. So In the end I returned it and realized, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! I enjoy kayaking so much I will be looking for another kayak that is a much better quality and has the features I want.


For the price I paid I am…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/27/2013
For the price I paid I am happy with the boat. I paid $250 and we have gotten many years of use out of the boat. It gets me and may wife out on the water together so it does what it was intended to be used for, for very little investment. The plastic is easily compressed so you have to watch how tight you lash it down and the bottom is easily scratched from rocks and boat ramps.

The boat tracks terribly. We bought the boat when the skeg was still an option and it was no fun to paddle for very long but I bought a skeg and installed it myself. I do not have to fight the boat as much in perfect conditions but it is still a lot of work in wind and waves.


This is a decent boat for…

Submitted by: clansweeney on 7/24/2013
This is a decent boat for recreational paddling on fairly calm waters. It's exceptionally stable (easy chair stable). The skeg helps with tracking. Skeg up performance is a function of paddler skill and currents. Personally, I prefer the extra maneuverability of NOT deploying the skeg.

I have a couple of performance kayaks and bought this boat (used) exclusively to take grandchildren and new paddlers out on the water. For that purpose, it meets all my (limited) expectations. Additionally, I paddle sloughs where there is an unfortunate amount of floating debris (boater trash). The large hull and open design of the 140T makes it an awesome 'pick up truck' on the water.

A couple of reviewers have mentioned Pelican's (in)famous foot peg attachment quality. Someone in Canada REALLY should take a hint since this has been a complaint for years across most of their products. On the other hand, a few bucks of stainless fasteners (and maybe some o-rings) resolves the problem and you can enjoy an otherwise nice boat.


Purchased this boat at Costco…

Submitted by: paddler234992 on 5/8/2013
Purchased this boat at Costco last summer. For the price, you can get two people comfortably out onto the water. Paddles well with two or solo. After my first spin I noticed some water down below. Didn't think too much of it. After three or four more short trips, we had a major problem. Had to make it to shore carrying several gallons of extra H2O.

Costco graciously took the defective vessel back. Problem? The foot braces are very weak and begin to leak more and more. I wrote a review for the Costco site warning customers of this problem. It was posted for a while. I notice that this year, it has been taken down, probably by Pelican. Now I am not sure if Pelican can be trusted. Going out onto the water is a serious thing. Trust should be everything.


I was very excited when i…

Submitted by: paddler234173 on 7/27/2011
I was very excited when i received the Pelican Pursuit 140T Tandem Kayak. I used it the day I got it and again on the second day. On the second day, two screws fell off in the river on either side of the foot peg tracks on both left and right side. Later on the strap on the seat broke. The plastic piece broke and it broke in a spot where it is impossible to repair.
I am kind of disappointed but what can you expect with cheap plastic parts...

We are very happy with our…

Submitted by: paddler233808 on 9/9/2010
We are very happy with our Pelican 140. We have used it for both two person trips on both rivers and flatwater, and one person trips for fishing, and it works great for both applications. It is light and easy to steer, and paddles relatively fast. The lightness means that one person can put it on the roof of the car with no trouble. In addition, it rides nicely with only one person; the bow up gives it a nice wave taking ability that is really useful in chop on lakes or sounds, and the extra seat is great for a cooler or fishing equipment.

With two people, it is responsive and easy to maneuver, and has plenty of leg room. It paddles well in both river and lake environments, and the rudder helps keep it straight so that there isn't much side to side movement from each paddle.

I would be careful about using it in rougher or rocky water; I don't think the plastic is built to take a lot of impacts or scraping. However, you'll make up for lack of whitewater capability with smooth paddling in open water chop, where it really excels.

For the price, very hard to beat.