Name: Spectre

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The Apex 100 is a great kayak for calm lakes and slow-moving rivers.

This kayak tracks well in calm waters. The kayak can sometimes get off course in rivers that are moving at a brisk pace. It is still possible to get it to track well when water is moving briskly, but it will require a lot of paddling.
For a 10 foot kayak, this kayak is quick. It can also turn on a dime which is handy for avoiding obstacles and preventing collisions. It takes very little effort to get the kayak up to speed.

This kayak cuts into waves very well if you face the bow towards oncoming waves. As with any other kayak, take care to not get hit on the side by a large wave. In one instance, my father was using this particular model and he was blindsided by a wave that came from a passing boat, and it caused him to flip.

This kayak has two rod holders, and it is possible to install a small hatch directly in front of where the seat is located. The seat it comes with is actually pretty comfortable. Back support on this kayak is excellent. This is probably due to the stern deck of the kayak being high up in relation to where you are sitting (it is quite easy to push the back of the seat against the stern deck; this provides firm lower back support.
This kayak is very light and is easy for one person to launch. I would say that this is one of this kayak's biggest perks.

This is a good kayak for a $250 price point. There are more stable kayaks, and there are ones that have more bells and whistles, but this kayak maneuvers well, is stable enough to handle rivers, lakes, and sheltered waters on calm days, and it is easy to launch even when you are by yourself. If you are someone who is looking for a kayak that is easy to use and easy to move in and out of the water, this may be the kayak you are looking for.