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I got the ten ft. Kayak for fathers day this past year from Dicks Sporting goods. The first time we went on the river I knew that this was a winner. Tracking is good and in a choppy sea it's better. They say that this is for the person less than 185 but I have friends that have used it and it was fine with over 250 plus man.

The kayak is easy to paddle and there room for lunch and drinks in the back as well. Best part about this kayak is the clean up a little soap and water and it's ready for the next trip I use this one when I am just running off for a quick paddle (I also have a 12 Woodduck) this keeps it simple. Try it and you'll see.

Got my newest pfd from a web supplier this past spring to add to the group of equipment I have on hand to take the grandkids kayaking. This pfd is worn anytime I or the ones with me are on the water. Comfort is king and here in the heat of Florida it means a lot to be cool and be ready for any spill in the water. Pockets abound in this lifesaver, fishing the backwaters it a must to have all of the things close and at the ready. Casting is easy and the pfd doesn't ride up.

I give this pfd a hearty ten. And remember they should always find you handsome, even if you don't catch any fish.:(

The Wood Duck is by far an all around kayak. The style of the wood bending over the bow has people stopping to ask if it's real. Smooth on bay waters and ready to take you as far as you want on any day of the week. It's lite strong and stays up with any it's size. Roomy, with lots of area to keep things inside away from the laments. You'll be glad that you built it, when any thing goes wrong you only need to fix it and why not you made it.

My first thoughts of building a kayak were that if you build it you can fix it. So true. Smooth riding stable and ez on the eye. Want to build one more just because each time is better.

I picked up this great little kayak to use when the kids come home . Now I use it more than my Woodduck, from just throwing it in the back of the Explorer or towing it with the rest this one fills the bill. Lite weight, stiff on the water, and it holds me and a full days supply of whatever I bring. I'll buy even more and make a fleet.

Got this light last year and used it on the river to navigate at night. It's true you can see it a longways off and it's bright! Don't be caught on the water without it, it could save your life and it's small enough to keep in your kayak all the time. Also works great in the tent.

What a kayak what a adventure. The kit shipped right to my door.very thing I needed was in the boxes,they even had u-tube instruction. On the water it's smooth ez to paddle straight and true. And more room to turn around inside if you have a need to or just want to. I'd like to build the 14 next.