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Coast XT Description

How is the Coast different from current Oru Kayaks?

It's an expedition kayak, 4 feet longer than the original 12' models, the Bay and Bay+. This makes it considerably faster and more efficient to paddle—the longer waterline helps the boat fly across the water. It also has more stability and a lot more space inside — you can pack it with enough gear for days, or just stretch your legs!

Who should paddle The Coast? Adventure is a state of mind, not a level of difficulty. The Coast is capable of serious expeditions and pro-level performance. It's also amazingly smooth, stable, fast and fun for anyone — even novice paddlers, and taller paddlers up to 6'7". It's at home in water from the Pacific Ocean to your local pond.

Coast XT Specs and Features

  • Structure: Folding
  • Cockpit Type: Sit Inside
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Additional Attributes

  • Adjustable footrest
  • Large rear bulkhead\
  • Ratchet buckles for easy assembly
  • An ergonomic seat for long paddles
  • Thigh braces for control and comfort
  • Full decklines and rigging for storage and rescues
  • A super cool folding hatch for gear storage

Where to Buy the Coast XT

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Coast XT Reviews

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Submitted by: paddler2398635 on 10/4/2022

This is a surprisingly…

Submitted by: pierreEJ316 on 8/16/2021

This is a surprisingly reliable foldable kayak that allows for pretty unique possibilities. It's a touring kayak, but especially with the inlet pack, it offers some pretty incredible portability.

  • Assembly - I debated giving this review four stars for the assembly portion, but without this folding ability, I wouldn't be able to store or transport my kayak so readily, so I'll keep it at five. What Oru has created is pretty amazing, BUT ... assembly is tough to master at first. Initially, it is not intuitive. I had to watch their instructional video a few times at 0.75 speed to figure it out, and my first successful set up took around 45 minutes. However, after a few more times taking it apart and putting it back together, I can have it assembled in 15 minutes (with float bags and a few other add ons).
  • Performance - The first time I set this up, I thought "There's no way this will perform well." The hull seems so flexible and pliable until you get it fully assembled. And it just ... comes together. And it performs incredibly well, just like any touring kayak. I have had zero issues with taking on water, and it handles just fine.
  • Portability - This is one of my favorite features. I have the inlet pack, and I store everything I need in there. It can fit in most closets and definitely doesn't take up as much room as a full-sized kayak would. I can also fit the entire pack into the backseat of my commuter car (Mazda Protege), which is pretty fantastic considering it's a 16 ft coastal kayak. No rack needed! The inlet pack is pretty handy - I will say that since the "box" shape it folds into is pretty bulky, it does feel a bit off-balance, even with the straps and waist support. But it is a small price to pay for being able to backpack in a 16 FT KAYAK!!!
  • Price - Yeah, it's going to be some sticker shock - especially with some of the add-ons, like the inlet pack or float bags. But, after taking it out on several adventures, I've decided that the price is well worth the benefits! I feel like I'm getting the best of two worlds - a high-quality kayak that can handle coastal trips but can be stored anywhere and be transported by pretty much anything. I can hike it in solo with little difficulty, assemble it on the coast, and push out where others may have a harder time reaching.

Overall, this is a great find. I haven't had any issues with my purchase yet, so I can't speak to any customer support features, but I've gotten a lot of enjoyment and adventure from my kayak and I highly recommend this to those who are starting out with coastal kayaking AND those with a lot of experience.


Based on other reviews, I got…

Submitted by: paddler765496 on 4/28/2020
Based on other reviews, I got lucky with my boat. I bought from REI on a slight sale at $2000, which is definitely sticker-shock level pricing. Despite how scary the price was and the occasional review citing quality issues, I knew REI would honor a return if I had issues. And I had no issues with the boat that I see others mentioning (missing pieces, leaks, misaligned pieces, whathaveyou) That said.... I've taken the boat out for a few mutli-day camping trips in the San Juan Islands with 0 issues. It packs gear so well I've ended up taking other people's overflow on every trip. The only time loading it has been an issue is when I stupidly put a gallon of someone else's water right up front (so we could hurry up and get going). That was a long hour paddle, I paid for that mistake. I've also taken it out on lakes/in the Sound several times. Without any extra weight in it, this boat glides along quite well. I always use a float bag in at least the bow, which I think helps a ton. It's pretty trippy feeling it flex going over waves, but not enough to be scary. Myself and my partner (6'3" and 5'8") have no issues doing self rescues in a variety of methods, though due to the amount of water it can take on it can be really difficult to try to hoist it up to drain it before you get in. You're going to have to use a bilge pump. I've been able to do it without needing a pump in a few other boats. Pros: - Obviously the portability/compact nature of the thing is huge. If you don't have a place to store a hard shell 'yak, this is a great choice. - Storage is excellent - you can pack way more in this than your average hard shell. - Very stable. I've yet to have a swim. Yet. - Super easy access to storage. If you stop on a beach you can get to anything in the kayak in under 60 seconds and have it put back together in under 60 more. - Pretty easy to assemble after you've done it a couple times. My average is under 10 minutes from box to boat. - You'll have some interesting conversations while assembling/disassembling from curious onlookers. - In and out is easy, cockpit isn't super restrictive (but does fit a regular large sprayskirt just fine) Cons: - Seat is garbage. You're going to want to get more padding. MORE PADDING. - No, really, the seat is utter garbage. - No day hatch, so whatever you want easily accessible but not on the deck is going in your lap (which means popping the spray skirt to get to it) - Seems more susceptible to degraded performance from a bad packing job than a hardshell - though that may just be because it's easier to shove stuff further out than normal - Putting it together the first few times is worse than your average IKEA dresser, expect it to take 30 minutes until you get it down pat - I can't manage to fit much in the way of waterproof shoes in the boat with my size 12 feet, anything with extra bulk is probably going to be an issue - "Real kayakers" will probably give you a little bit of side eye when they see it All in all, I think this boat is excellent for what it is. I still want to get a hard shell when I can, but for now it fits in my apartment and my hatchback and gets me out on the water. I'd give it 5 stars, but honestly the seat has caused me enough torture and the price is high enough to drop it a star.

I owned the original Coast…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/31/2019

I owned the original Coast and the newer XT. The XT assembles much quicker, is a bit more rigid, has more space and appears to glide a bit better than the original thanks to the rounder cabin curves. The original cabin was a box. The XT has more folds around the cabin, giving it a better and more efficient glide. The weight of the XT is less than a kevlar equivalent, at half the price. If you complain about the XT, well than you are just a natural complainer.


This thing is as good as it…

Submitted by: paddler528431 on 7/29/2019

This thing is as good as it gets. To have a 16’ yak that fits in the back of my car is priceless. Some May complain about the hefty price, but when you consider not having to have roof racks on your car, storage racks in your garage or simply the inability to own a yak longer than 12’ it all makes sense. This is a sea worthy craft. There is a bit of a learning curve with first assembly. That quickly becomes instinctual as you become familiar with the genius of the design.


The kayak assembly is not…

Submitted by: paddler522287 on 7/2/2019

The kayak assembly is not difficult but the disassembly can be a challenge. Once you get it down its ok. It is not a fiberglass boat so don't expect it to act like one. It is light and travels well. It is overpriced for the lack of customer service. That will do them in if they continue to be slow at service, ignore customer calls or texts to their service department and charge so much for their accessories. Overall it's a folding kayak that won't last as long as a Klepper but costs less. It's tough to skimming over rocks but not sharp ones. It weather cocks and has no skeg. It has a bad deck bungee you have to remake. But it's a portable kayak. Again, it's a good idea and if you travel its easier to take with you. Just buy from a dealer and not ORU due to their terrible customer service.


After a poor paddling…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/28/2018

After a poor paddling experience with the Bay (flexing, poor tracking, broken combing), I was in REI and in speaking to a salesperson, she stated they had a Oru return on their upcoming used gear sale. It looked good and paid $550. for it..a deal right? Nope. I took it out and quickly found out that it leaked badly at the hull fold. What the heck? This kayak was under a year old and appeared to have been paddled very in really not paddled. These Oru's are poor quality and have very little customer support. I called Oru and got the brush off and was told that they have rarely seen a leak..I call BS on that as there are many unhappy people who say otherwise. I tried two different adhesive materials to seal it, but no, both failed. I took it back to REI and never again. If you buy one, make certain you can return it. I suggest you paddle one before buying and see first hand they are made with cheap materials. Getting it folded was a chore.


I own a seeker st and coast…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/12/2018

I own a seeker st and coast xt. The seeker is a bit faster and the coast is a bit more stable and accelerates better. The coast is much easier to assemble and to pack up.


Oru has Quality Control Issues

Submitted by: paddler396289 on 9/18/2017

In July of 2016 I purchased two Coast+ boats direct from ORU.

Boat number one was missing all of the u-channels that hold the bulkheads in place. This boat was sent back to ORU. Two months later they got around to shipping the replacement model.

Boat number two developed a leak deep in one of the folds. This leak could not have been caused by the user. It developed deep within the seam. It wasn't until early summer 2017 that the cause of the leak could be determined by me. I contacted ORU and they agreed to repair the leak under warranty. I sent the boat back, and two months later a brand new boat arrived. Unfortunately this one is unusable as well. It is missing one of the u-channels, and two others are installed in the wrong location. Also, the seam channels are too long to span the distance from the cockpit to the bow. This is where the story currently stands.
My advice to perspective ORU purchasers is this: DO NOT buy directly from the manufacturer. Only buy through a trusted retailer such as REI. DO NOT leave the store until the boat can be fully assembled to your satisfaction. If you are keeping score, ORU has sent me 4 Coast+/xt models and 3 of them have been defective.
About the boats. They are very difficult to assemble. It usually takes me 20 minutes. The plastic is easily damaged. The folds cannot be trusted to last the life of the boat. Numerous components of the boat can be broken or lost ruining a trip.
What is good about the boat? It can be easily stored in the basement out of sight.


Ended up buying two!

Submitted by: paddler376890 on 7/20/2017

I own the Bay from 2014 which was somewhat improved over the kickstarter version. Three years later, having gone paddling over 30x, I wanted to upgrade. The coast xt is a much better handling boat and allows for controlled edging and advanced turns. Edged rudders are also easy to accomplish. The coast xt is a much tighter fitting boat with good padding around the hips due to the updated seat back.

The coast xt is stable on chop and is an excellent boat for long trips.

I have since purchased a second boat for the wife so that we can enjoy paddling together. She is still a novice and finds the boat stable enough for learning, but is also able to manuvure.

Assembly is easy if one follows the simple instructions. Similar to the Bay, the folds on the coast xt takes some breaking in. Once this period is over, assembling the boat is super quick and easy and is much simpler that most skin on frame folding kayaks.


I bought the Coast after…

Submitted by: paddler237191 on 10/31/2016
I bought the Coast after watching the videos on Oru's website. I had to watch the assembly video about 30 times before I finally got it. Putting it together isn't a one person job. Out on the lake, the Coast is a slow but stable ride. The seat is horrible. The deck strap broke within 15 minutes of assembly. I returned it. Guess it's fine for someone who doesn't have a car and wants to paddle around for 30 minutes or so on a calm lake. If you take it in the ocean, stay near the Coast.

I was initially very…

Submitted by: paddler237133 on 9/21/2016
I was initially very skeptical, and thought that I made a huge mistake when I bought this kayak. The whole packaging was so small, that I thought that this was a toy. After using this kayak about 20 times, my opinion has become very positive.

+ Stores inside of a small car
+ extremely durable (won't crack or split open like a hard shell fiberglass
+ as fast as any hard shell with excellent glide ability
+ incredible acceleration probably due to the light weight and low hull to water friction
+ takes on big waves easily and has very good stability through rough waters.

- Long learning curve to fold and unfold in which mistakes could damage the kayak.
- Gets blown around by the wind fairly easily (probably due to the light weight, low hull/water friction and fairly flat keel)

once you get the hang of it to fold and unfold, and with some minor modifications to suit your personal needs, can't find anything bad to say about this kayak.


The Oru 'Coast' is light,…

Submitted by: paddler235776 on 8/29/2016

The Oru 'Coast' is light, highly portable and assembles fairly easily. It also seems very durable. However, relative to it's price it doesn't perform very well, and has several other shortcomings relative to similarly priced folding kayaks.

At 32 pounds, the Coast is one of the lightest 16' folding kayaks. With practice it assembles in about 15 minutes. The polypropylene material is highly durable and easily repaired.

While the Coast is more rigid than the previous Oru 'Bay' model, it's still fairly flexy. This flex, along with it's 25" beam make it's overall performance adequate, but unspectacular. It's primary stability is very high, secondary stability is fair, and speed is also only fair. The seat comfort is average.

One it's major shortcomings is it's foot-bracing platform, which consists of a bar connected to cord. It's just not very solid, and isn't very functional for maneuvering and control.

Another major shortcoming is gear access. In order to access gear stored inside, it's necessary to partially disassemble it, which is cumbersome and time-consuming. Storage capacity is decent; enough for a few days.

Like it's predecessor, the Coast is an interesting, novel design that is only practical in terms of low weight and portability. It has significant shortcomings compared to other similarly priced kayaks. Pakboats kayaks are about the same or a little less, and are more practical. The Trak Seeker is a little more expensive, but significantly better overall. Apart from the novel design, the Coast doesn't offer much in terms of practicality.


I think it's very nice for…

Submitted by: ekittell on 3/17/2016
I think it's very nice for what it is, but it feels like what it is, like sitting inside a big cardboard box with 2 long triangular boxes attached to either end. I bought it and tried it once and returned for refund (-15% restocking)

I found it weather cocked a lot but it tracked pretty well and wasn't too slow and seemed to do well straight into the wind, much better than an inflatable. I found it extremely uncomfortable and was in pain the next day after only a of couple hours messing around in it. The backrest is way too high for real paddling, but easily modified. The footrest arrangement is horrible. You might be able to modify it enough to make it comfortable enough but I just didn't like the boat enough to want to get into that.

All the plastic parts seem kind of toy like, I'm concerned how long this will hold up, the whole concept is still very new. Also I really don't know how you're supposed to be able to access any cargo stowed inside the hull without just about taking apart the whole thing every time.

Oru customer service can be friendly and helpful but not really on the ball, seems like poor internal communication, they say their getting back to you tomorrow and then they ignore until next week. I found them frustrating to deal with though they seem like the try to do a good job, sooner or later, that's good enough I suppose...

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