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Name: paddler237133

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I was initially very skeptical, and thought that I made a huge mistake when I bought this kayak. The whole packaging was so small, that I thought that this was a toy. After using this kayak about 20 times, my opinion has become very positive.

+ Stores inside of a small car
+ extremely durable (won't crack or split open like a hard shell fiberglass
+ as fast as any hard shell with excellent glide ability
+ incredible acceleration probably due to the light weight and low hull to water friction
+ takes on big waves easily and has very good stability through rough waters.

- Long learning curve to fold and unfold in which mistakes could damage the kayak.
- Gets blown around by the wind fairly easily (probably due to the light weight, low hull/water friction and fairly flat keel)

once you get the hang of it to fold and unfold, and with some minor modifications to suit your personal needs, can't find anything bad to say about this kayak.