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Oru has Quality Control Issues

In July of 2016 I purchased two Coast+ boats direct from ORU.

Boat number one was missing all of the u-channels that hold the bulkheads in place. This boat was sent back to ORU. Two months later they got around to shipping the replacement model.

Boat number two developed a leak deep in one of the folds. This leak could not have been caused by the user. It developed deep within the seam. It wasn't until early summer 2017 that the cause of the leak could be determined by me. I contacted ORU and they agreed to repair the leak under warranty. I sent the boat back, and two months later a brand new boat arrived. Unfortunately this one is unusable as well. It is missing one of the u-channels, and two others are installed in the wrong location. Also, the seam channels are too long to span the distance from the cockpit to the bow. This is where the story currently stands.
My advice to perspective ORU purchasers is this: DO NOT buy directly from the manufacturer. Only buy through a trusted retailer such as REI. DO NOT leave the store until the boat can be fully assembled to your satisfaction. If you are keeping score, ORU has sent me 4 Coast+/xt models and 3 of them have been defective.
About the boats. They are very difficult to assemble. It usually takes me 20 minutes. The plastic is easily damaged. The folds cannot be trusted to last the life of the boat. Numerous components of the boat can be broken or lost ruining a trip.
What is good about the boat? It can be easily stored in the basement out of sight.