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Chair Seat

by  Onno

Chair Seat Description

The Chair Seat is a accessory brought to you by Onno. Read Chair Seat reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other accessory recommendations below or explore all accessories to find the perfect one for you!

Chair Seat Reviews


Read and submit reviews for the Chair Seat.

Chair Seat Reviews

Read reviews for the Chair Seat by Onno as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

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I purchased a fiberglass…

Submitted by: ksouders on 4/23/2008
I purchased a fiberglass contour seat to replace the original Perception Carolina 14.5 seat (2006 model). The seat that came with the kayak looks like its comfy but after a couple hours my lower back would start aching. Constantly shifting around helped but who wants to do that all the time. Cutting to the chase, my online searches lead me to onno. I sent an email with pictures to Pat. He assured me his seat would work. We talked for a bit on the phone and he set out making the seat. Making a long story short, the seat fits fantastic. Better yet, it is incredibly comfortable. I have done several paddles with it, the longest being in excess of 5 hours without a break. Pat made a couple mods to his standard design, sent all the hardware needed to install. It took me less than hour to install. I am a happy paddler. What more could I possibly say.

I had problems similar to…

Submitted by: c2g on 6/22/2006
I had problems similar to those described by the previous reviewer, but in a home-built kayak. I tried a number of different options, but could never find anything that was comfortable for very long. After doing a lot of research, I had narrowed my options down to two choices, one of which was the Onno seat. Franklin's statement that the Onno seat had alleviated the same problems I was experiencing was the deciding factor. After I asked Patrick to build me a seat, he had me provide a few measurements and some information on my boat to make sure his seat would fit. We then discussed my paddling and seating preferences over the phone to make sure that it would be a good match for me. The seat was a perfect fit for my kayak, but most importantly, it has been an outstanding solution to my problems. I have spent about 15 hours in it so far, including one 6 hour stretch without a break, and have been completely comfortable at all times. The seat provides exactly the right amount and kind of support. The built in back support is superbly designed as well and is very easy to adjust. It's great to be able to kayak without pain. It's a great seat and Patrick is a great person to deal with.

I own a QCC 700. The seat…

Submitted by: Franklin on 11/27/2005
I own a QCC 700. The seat that came with the boat has always made my legs fall asleep. This created a love/hate relationship with a boat I otherwise would be delighted with. The boat became a chore to paddle. Because a lot of my paddles are over twenty miles in distance, I can spend considerable time in the boat. My feet would go to sleep and a week later they would still tingle and were slightly numb (nerve damage I think). I first tried taking out the stock seat and replacing it with a closed cell foam contoured seat. My feet still went to sleep. I then tried a different back band and cut the hip pads off the closed cell seat. My feet still went to sleep but now my big rear end hung over the sides of the seat. I then tried a one inch closed cell sheet of foam to sit on. Still no good.

Asking for help on, Patrick at ONNO suggested that I give his seat a try. I did. The quality of the seat is very high. The seat can be bought in fiberglass or carbon. I got mine in fiberglass and Patrick beefed up the sides because I am hard on equipment. The seat is very light weight. It was also easy to install. Patrick's directions were very clear. The seat is dynamic and flexes with your body. It also fit so well I now am more connected to the boat. In larger steep chop on the beam or quarter, my 700 could be a handful. Becoming more connected to the boat (a good thing) has improved my boat's handling and stability greatly (I should have said my handling and stability, it's not my boats fault). The seat is also very comfortable. To date I have about eighty hours in the seat and am delighted. No more numb feet! It has turned my awesome boat back into a boat I enjoy paddling.