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Co-owned this canoe in the…

Submitted by: paddler2120407 on 6/28/2022

Co-owned this canoe in the 80's. On a lake, like trying to ride a bicycle on a sheet of ice but in white water... a different animal. Have a lot of experience on the Yough in PA both in class 3 and some class 4 at higher water levels. Brilliant boat if this whitewater.... fisherman stay awy.


This is an awesome boat for…

Submitted by: AL_canoeguy on 11/14/2017

This is an awesome boat for going down river. If unloaded it is very very (not just very) susceptible to winds. That said, it was not meant to be out on big open water. Other than getting blown about with the least bit of wind, the boat does not come with a proper carry yoke and the seats need to be lowered a bit (both corrected with the Appalachian). I really wish Old Town would produce another whitewater boat as mine is 35 years old and has more Krylon than royalex anymore...


This boat was designed in the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/31/2014
This boat was designed in the era before kayaks took over white water and crazy folks in open boats ruled the standing waves. This hull has a load capacity of 1100 lbs. with 6" of remaining hull above the waterline...that displacement volume translates to 133 gallons of water in your boat and your still afloat... which is the blessing and bane of this boat... it can take on so much water as to become very difficult to maneuver.

It is a practically indestructible yet very maneuverable boat when it's dry and handled properly, even as solo boat. Maximize your spray skirts and fill every available space with flotation to prevent that same space from filling with water.


This is a great white water…

Submitted by: paddler234032 on 6/1/2011
This is a great white water canoe. I have had mine since the mid 80s and have taken it down some great water. Very responsive when handled correctly.

I found this canoe very…

Submitted by: paddler233805 on 9/8/2010
I found this canoe very durable, but extremely tippy in windy conditions or on big water. On a calm river it is fine, but surprisingly in open water with wind it left a lot to be desired. So unfortunately overall I would not recommend it.