Name: AL_canoeguy

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I purchased this boat online and it shipped directly from Old Town. It was packaged well and I damaged as received from Old Dominion Freight. Upon inspection, there were two holes in the bottom of the hull going all the way into the foam core. I contacted Old Town about the issue, and after nearly a week, I called them back and they advised that this is a common issue with their boats and affects neither performance or durability. I guess time will tell, as their solution was to mail me a piece of plastic to melt into the holes.

Furthermore, the specs listed by Old Town are off. The depth is listed as 19” at the bow and stern and actually measures 18”. Amidships, Old Town advertises 13.5” and my boat measures 12”. Additionally, the width is advertised as 32.5” and is actually 31.5” on my boat. Not huge differences, and will be of benefit 25 percent of the time, but if someone is looking for a small river runner could make a difference (especially when coupled with the useless keel on the boat).

The only reason I purchased this boat was for a cheap knockabout boat to drag over the shoals when the river is low, but I wasn’t expecting to be patching one before I even hit the water. Or pay full price for a factory defect.

This is an awesome boat for going down river. If unloaded it is very very (not just very) susceptible to winds. That said, it was not meant to be out on big open water. Other than getting blown about with the least bit of wind, the boat does not come with a proper carry yoke and the seats need to be lowered a bit (both corrected with the Appalachian). I really wish Old Town would produce another whitewater boat as mine is 35 years old and has more Krylon than royalex anymore...