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The H2pro is the most…

Submitted by: paddler234017 on 5/24/2011
The H2pro is the most balanced hull I have ever paddled. A truly classic design, this undeniably heavy royalex boat makes up for it with classic lines and a super aggressive rocker for its time. This boat is a tank, best for wilderness camping, exploration, punching waves, being a giant brute...

I am mainly a hard core WW…

Submitted by: paddler232834 on 8/20/2008
I am mainly a hard core WW kayaker, but I bought a H2Pro from a friend I boat with. Just wanted something different. Well when I take it places the other WW open boaters give me that look "can't you afford a real boat", but I CAN 360, surf, and side surf class 2-3 and run 4 and stay UPRIGHT. I actually can roll this boat. It is heavy but bomb proof, slow but predictable, and with the Perception saddle I fish out of it. Beware, I fish from it but I avoid fast movements. Yep, nothing is perfect but H2Pro is easy and fun.

I bought my H2pro from a…

Submitted by: paddler232064 on 6/4/2007
I bought my H2pro from a river guide 7 years ago...and let me tell you, this boat rocks!!! It's been seriously beaten and I have patched it and repainted it more times than I care to tell. It definitely catches a lot of attention from other paddlers as being a "classic" boat. I've tried other boats but this boat is very stable and I have comfortably run class 3-4 rivers as well as rockin down narrow steep creeks. Like all the other reviews I'd love to find another because my boat is beaten beyond belief. Sure wish Old Town would reincarnate it! Wouldn't that be Awesome!!! Especially if it was lighter too.

This is a super boat. Its a…

Submitted by: paddler204981 on 6/5/2006
This is a super boat. Its a boat you need to plan you moves early. She is a little heavier than some, put absolutly indestructable! I love mine and I know if I can find another, I will pick it up. Its a ball in the waves on Lake Erie too. Highly recommend this if you want a big, creek boat.

I've had my H2Pro since they…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/15/2006
I've had my H2Pro since they first came out. It came with red air bags instead of the blue ones. I love the boat! Paddled II-IV in it without much trouble. It's a little wetter than some, but drier than others. Good all around WW boat. I bought an extra set of bag tie down strips that you pop rivet along the sides. Glad I did as after all these years, the plastic has finally given out. I'm wanting to know if anyone knows where I can purchase new deck plates and the H2Pro decals? I can't find anything anywhere! I want to spruce it up a bit before heading to the Okoee and others around there this spring! Anyone know of where I can find new deck plates, shoot me an email.

Don't let the Old Town label…

Submitted by: paddler231245 on 8/10/2005
Don't let the Old Town label fool you. This is a serious white water boat. It is similar to but shorter than the Dagger Caption and the Whitesell 14 foot boat. It has good hull speed and is quick to turn. It is not the driest boat around. It is a good big water boat, and feels very safe and stable. Mine is almost worn out and I am looking for another.

After paddling a Mohawk Probe…

Submitted by: paddler230682 on 7/19/2004
After paddling a Mohawk Probe for 6 yrs ,a Nitro, Dagger Caper and Whitesell,this canoe is not bad at all. I feel it turns and tracks well, has good speed. This canoe will also carve. I also like the lines of this boat,it looks like a canoe. Can even be used tandem. I will want another when this one wears out.

After my first use- I could…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/5/2004
After my first use- I could not be happier. I purchased this boat for only $250 complete with thigh restraints, a saddle, and end bags. I took this on the Nantahala for it's first ride with me. It is a strong and durable boat that handled quite well in the rapids. While I still have much practice to do with my J-stroke- it became easier as I went along to paddle and steer it where I needed to go. I am new at whitewater canoeing and feel that this boat will help me learn and take me where I want to go.

For me it is actually a 10…

Submitted by: paddler208092 on 3/1/2004
For me it is actually a 10 but I'm not a whitewater boater and I really don't use the boat for serious whitewater so I give it the 8.

I bought this boat used in the winter of 2002. I have used it for light duty white water - Hiawassee River, TN; Etowah River, GA; Cahaba River, AL; Current River, MO (not really white water). Mostly Class I, but a couple of Class II Rapids thrown in.

As the others have stated it is a very forgiving boat. I paddle it on camping trips also, minus the floatation bags. It handles well loaded with gear. I've considered getting a "touring type" solo boat but since most of my paddling is downriver this boat does just fine. I have to work a bit harder in the "flat stretches" but find the boat paddles well in a straight line when leaned. I use my own combination of "c" strokes and "j" strokes to keep it moving along.


I've been paddling my H2Pro…

Submitted by: Hwoodyfine on 11/3/2003
I've been paddling my H2Pro for almost 15 years. It's been down Hells Canyon twice, the Rogue River 3 times, the Main Salmon and lots of lesser known, less challenging water. There may be better boats but this boat is forgiving and handles big water very well. I'm 52, 150 lbs and not a powerful paddler. It's a great canoe for tagging along on whitewater wilderness trips while the rafters carry your gear! I'm still using the original Old Town outfitting. Oh yeah, I bought it for my wife, so when she comes along she has first crack at it.

I've received a lot of…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/4/2002
I've received a lot of questions since I bought this boat used just this year. It is about 30" wide with no tumlehome, it has about 4" of rocker on both ends, turns like it has 3" but paddles straight enough that you'd think it only had 2". It is a very solid boat with a bottom shaped like Captions but it does not handle as fast or quickly as Caption or Impules. It is also heavier than the Dagger boats but not so heavy it is much a a problem in car topping etc. It has been a good begginers boat for me and I know it is not anywhere near as quick handling or as adept at surfing etc as the new boats are but it will run a lot of waster. I have a nice e-mail from a well known WW open boater and writer that speaks well of this model. It was his first WW boat and he's kept it since 1990 and still uses it on big water out west. He indicated how well it punches through big holes! Some people think it is too heavy and sluggish and I suppose by todays standards it is. I got a lot of use out of mine. I rate it a 8 because for the $'s you pay it would be hard to beat as a beginners boat.