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Name: paddler204981

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Update, after a season, boat is fantastic. One concern about installing fish finder inside the hull. The hull is strong and I have had problems getting a good read on the fish finder. I have switched to the Mad Frog Gear mounting system with the transducer in the water. much better set up. If you have a long walk to the water where you launch, a cart is a good idea, as this is not the lightest or easiest to carry. Still a great fishing machine

Great kayak. Can't say enough good about the Manta Ray 14 Angler. I did not get the rudder option, and can't say as I think its needed on this boat with the cut of the hull. She tracks super straight. I do a lot of fishing in Lake Erie and have not had any problems. You can sit side saddle and not worry.

Installing my Hummingbird fish finder was easy with the large front hatch, and the way the dashboard is made, its easy mounting the fishfinder there. The anchor trolly is easy to set up and use. The rodholders are placed well. The boat is very durable, and rides very dry. Great boat for fishing in big water and also loves glass smooth lakes. Can't beat it!

Got this LITTLE boat for my 5 year old daughter to play at the beach and learn about kayaks. For that purpose, its fine. I made pvc/pool noodle outriggers for it to aid with stability. It needs it. It is really just a toy boat. Do not get one if an adult plans on paddling it. My daughter is having fun, and learning. If you are over 140 lbs...skip it.

This is a super fishing machine. Same as the G.C. Ripple, with rod mounts included. Foot pegs work great. Rides a chop will in Lake Erie and turns on a dime. The hull shape allows for easy paddling and a dry ride. I did add extra rod holders behind the seat, and the square hatch is the perfect size for square litter buckets to fit down in. And, the molded grab handles allow for super locking when on the roof of the truck.

This is a super boat. Its a boat you need to plan you moves early. She is a little heavier than some, put absolutly indestructable! I love mine and I know if I can find another, I will pick it up. Its a ball in the waves on Lake Erie too. Highly recommend this if you want a big, creek boat.

I bought mine in '99, and have never regreted this. Its great tandem or solo, paddled in the front seat facing the rear "Bill Mason style". Its great on inland lakes, and we have had in on lakes and rivers in the Adirondacks and out on Lake Erie too. Its a great all-around boat.

I have to say that the Mad River Explorer 17 is one fine boat. I have an O.T. which I also love, but the big boat is a dream for the wife and our child. It paddles great, but is really a tandem boat, just a little big for solo. The frequent treatments with amour-all has kept it looking like brand new for many seasons.