13' 3"
Width (in)
Weight (lb)

Discovery 133 Description

The Discovery 133 is a versatile sporting canoe with an assortment of unique features. Paddle it tandem from the bow and stern nylon web seats like any other double-ender. Paddle or pole it solo. Row it effortlessly from the center oar sockets, or reposition yourself to the bow seat and use the forward oar sockets to ferry your passengers. You can even outfit it with Old Town's motor mount and a small outboard, making remote fishing spots just minutes away. True versatility should include the ability to scale back whenever appropriate, providing the same wide-bodied steadiness but with more room for the creel, decoys, or other important carry-ons.

As your needs vary, the patented Discovery 133 is a dependable choice for strength, flexibility, and lightweight manageability. With our 3-layer hull construction and a keeled design, and featuring a wide beam for rock solid stability and exceptional carrying capacity, the Discovery 133 is well-suited as a fishing and hunting boat, and could be equally useful as an outdoor photographer's workboat.

Discovery 133 Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Seating Configuration: Tandem, 3+
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Smaller Adult/Child, Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Smaller Adult/Child, Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Old Town Canoe and Kayak
Discovery 133 Reviews

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Great work horse of a canoe.…

Submitted by: rpkellyoutdoors on 7/21/2021

Great work horse of a canoe. It is a little short but for its size it tracks surprisingly well. Use this boat for a lot of coastal and blackwater trips on the coast of North Carolina. It's very stable and versatile and have been in some pretty rough stuff with it and managed just fine. It's a little heavy, but it is a plastic boat... so no surprise there. Tough as nails. Great boat if you are looking for a sporting canoe. Done a lot of fishing and duck hunting out of this boat.


Great boat sturdy light and…

Submitted by: Minn8325 on 7/13/2020
Great boat sturdy light and very stable, plenty of room for gear. You can set 2 people on the middle bench. In high winds open water or a river current you could easily put 4 paddlers in it. It has an 800 lb weight limit so it floats great for shallow water creeking with one or two paddlers, a cooler, and a lot of fishing gear. Because it is long and wide soloing in a narrow strong currents your going to want to be a strong technical paddler. I typically use it for deep water fishing trips and running class 1 and 2 water with my 2 kids(3 and 7) and dog. It’s also a great sportsman boat sturdy stable and you can haul gear, meat, and shoot from it easily.

Amazing canoe to pack up and…

Submitted by: dian on 8/11/2016
Amazing canoe to pack up and go long distances to inaccessible areas. We have a small indestructible seagull engine that we use at times. But the canoe is easy to paddle. Always feel safe in it, no matter where we are.

Almost perfect! The Discovery…

Submitted by: mfleming on 6/22/2016
Almost perfect! The Discovery 133 is a great boat for the rivers and lakes of Ozarks. I found the tracking and stability to be excellent and it's ability to glide over the water great. Using a kayak paddle helped me navigate the trickier parts of the Big Sugar. The space forward was perfect for gear storage and when loaded properly afforded an addition amount of stability. My only grief was with the seats. As a person with a bad back, i require some sort of lumbar support while boating so i use an after market seat. It would be nice if Old Town had an integrated seat. Otherwise an excellent craft for all ages and experience levels in my book.

I was paddling a local creek…

Submitted by: paddler236788 on 5/22/2016
I was paddling a local creek after high water and found a Discovery 133 wedged under a root. The water was still a bit high but I managed to free the boat. I tied my kayak to it and paddled it out. The hull was caved in so as you can imagine it did not paddle well. I took this boat home and after a little time in the sun popped the hull right back in place. I then looked and found no name or number on the boat. I posted a found boat on the local canoe club site. I paddled this boat one more time and fell in love.

It was stable and maneuvered well. I know it is rugged because of the way I found it. The owner saw my post and gave me a call. He talked very fondly of this boat. The boat is back home and I will be buying one for myself.