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Name: rpkellyoutdoors

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I own a Clipper Solitude in the Fiberglass lay up. Bought the canoe as a calm weather coastal solo boat. I am a big guy and with no extra weight in the bought it is a little squirrely in rough wind/waves. On flat water it is an absolute rocket ship and a joy to paddle. Can comfortably paddle single or double blade with it. I haven't packed it out for a camping trip yet, but I imagine that is where this canoe will shine. Nicest fiberglass constructed canoe I have ever seen and it feels much lighter than it's advertised weight. Really nice solo boat.

Great work horse of a canoe. It is a little short but for its size it tracks surprisingly well. Use this boat for a lot of coastal and blackwater trips on the coast of North Carolina. It's very stable and versatile and have been in some pretty rough stuff with it and managed just fine. It's a little heavy, but it is a plastic boat... so no surprise there. Tough as nails. Great boat if you are looking for a sporting canoe. Done a lot of fishing and duck hunting out of this boat.