NRS Men's Paddle Wetshoes

by  NRS

NRS Men's Paddle Wetshoes Description

One of the most versatile shoes, the warm and comfortable NRS Men's Paddle Wetshoe, with side zipper entry is easy to put on over bare feet, wetsocks or drysuit socks. The gusset-backed YKK® entry zipper opens wide, making the Paddle Wetshoe easy to put on and take off.

NRS Men's Paddle Wetshoes Specs and Features

  • Material Description: Neoprene & Rubber

Additional Attributes

  • High-top, low-profile design provides outstanding warmth and protection without bulk.
  • 3-mm Terraprene™ neoprene with heat-reflecting titanium adhesive keeps feet toasty when the water's chilly.
  • Soft, fleece-like VaporLoft™ lining repels water and dries instantly for superior warmth and comfort.
  • A 3-mm thick high-traction sole, paired with a 5-mm neoprene insole, protects your feet from rocks and roots.
  • The sole wraps up around the heel and toe for extra protection.
  • Extra padding over the outside ankle protects that pressure point inside your boat.
  • A roomy, naturally shaped toe box frees your toes for all-day comfort.
  • Stretchy rubber support bands improve lateral stability without adding volume.
  • Whole sizes only. 1/2 sizes order one size larger.

NRS Men's Paddle Wetshoes Reviews

Read reviews for the NRS Men's Paddle Wetshoes by NRS as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

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This shoe keeps my feet warm…

Submitted by: paddler819909 on 7/13/2020
This shoe keeps my feet warm in cold water yet does not bake in hot weather. The thick sole protects me from sharp objects like oysters and devils claw seed pods that can easily pierce thin soled shoes. The zipper allows me to put them on and off without stressing the cuff area. It also makes for faster drying inside. Enclosed nature and expandable cuff allows for no sand penetration.

I have been using the women's…

Submitted by: MGNkayak on 4/10/2020
I have been using the women's version of this wetshoe for at least 8 years and must say that it's the absolute best. I've tried others, but none can compare. It's ideal for paddling all-day long distances (both kayak and SUP) because of the soft interior, firm rubber supports on the heel, and padded ankle protection. It's equally ideal outside of my kayak, providing ideal protection on rocky shores. It's a joke in my house that I would wear them all the time if I could! Note that they intentionally run slightly small, which is ideal when placing pressure on your heel while sitting properly in a kayak. If you're between sizes, order up.

These aqua shoes hit the mark…

Submitted by: paddler543837 on 4/7/2020
These aqua shoes hit the mark for their designed purpose. I love the zip side entry it makes putting them on or removal very easy quick and efficient. The soul is very thick and offers great traction on slippery rocks or wet peers or docks. They keep your feet very warm by themselves and I would recommend them for temperatures down to about 35*, for colder weather I just slip on the NRS neoprene socks and I’m good to go for very cold weather.

The NRS paddle shoe is one…

Submitted by: TG1 on 1/14/2019

The NRS paddle shoe is one of my go to pieces of paddling equipment. When I paddle for any length of time without them my heal gets sore without the cushioning effect of the neoprene, Additionally, the sole is substantial enough that they allow me to walk around on uneven ground as I move my kayak from place to place or walk back and forth from my car to kayak as I load it. Great shoe and great design. The only downside to the paddle shoes is they get pretty stinky when I'm doing a trip and I have them on my feet for days at a time, and the zipper of one them has gotten a little finicky; it still works fine, it just takes a bit to finally get it to unzip from time to time.


i use to go barefooted all…

Submitted by: paddler470925 on 10/2/2018

i use to go barefooted all the time when we went kayaking. i could never wear water shoes or anything in my kayak. my aunt showed me these online and she ordered me and her a pair and we tried them out. now we dont go anywhere in the kayak or the boat without them. they are so comfortable and lite. if i could i would wear them everywhere but dont want to ruin them.


As a plus size paddler, I…

Submitted by: dragonswar84 on 7/19/2016

As a plus size paddler, I have difficulty getting my big feet into and out of my kayak. As such, using bulky water shoes is a no go for me. So, my only options are, go barefoot, or wear my dive boots. However, walking around barefoot in the D.C. area water shed is a non-starter(eww!) so, dive boots were really all I had.

Using my regular dive boots revealed that the soles were too flimsy and as such did not perform well on shore or in the boat. On shore, the deficiency was obvious as I could feel the pebbles in the parking lot digging into my heels. In the boat, the thin soles reared their ugly head after just a few hours working the rudder, as the pressure on my foot through the thin sole actually began to make my toes fall asleep.

Enter the NRS Paddle boot. These boots have a sole somewhere between a dive boot and a hard rubber soled wet shoe. Which proved to be the perfect balance. They allowed good feel on the rudder pedals while not being too thin.

Also, I could walk around the parking lot at Occoquan Regional park without exclaiming ouch from the gravel digging into my heels. The padding from the thick neoprene on the bottom proved extremely comfortable and, so far, my toes have remained awake.

A true judge of a product though, is in the companies attention to detail. NRS did not disappoint with these boots though. From the velcro tab that keeps the zipper up, and the very soft, almost fabric like liner, to the rubberized material at the top that keeps water from dripping into the boot. NRS has made a very good product, and I will likely buy more from them in the near future.


I purchased the NRS Freestyle…

Submitted by: Scottaorlando on 4/29/2016
I purchased the NRS Freestyle Wetshoe to paddle my Stellar S16 Advantage. I was using Teva River Shoes and I was having a hard time feeling the rudder pedals so I wanted something with a flexible bottom that also provided warmth for cold water kayaking.

I have been very pleased so far with the NRS Freestyle. The Vapor Loft keeps water out and my foot warm. They are very flexible so I have great feel and command of my rudder pedals. The NRS Freestyle has a reinforced rubber toe that provides support and protection against wear. They look and feel great. I found the sizing to be true to size. The tab on the back of the shoe makes it a little easier to slip on and off your feet.

I recently used the NRS Freestyle Wetshoes in a 39 degree kayak race and they performed great keeping my feet warm, dry, and gave me the feel and response that I needed. Great product a highly recommend.


This is a great, functional…

Submitted by: paddler235776 on 12/29/2015
This is a great, functional paddling shoe. They feel true to size. They're warm enough for colder temps, but not so warm you can't wear them in moderate temps. There comfy for paddling in temps below 60 F degrees.[In warm temps I usually go barefoot.]

They're durable and comfortable enough to walk around in. I'm puzzled at the previous reviewer's criticism that they don't offer arch-support. This is a paddling shoe, not a running or hiking shoe. While I wouldn't go hiking in them, they're perfectly comfortable for walking around the shore, in water, and setting up camp.

A paddle shoe is a simple, but but essential accessory for walking on wet, rough/rocky terrain, either on shore or in the water. These shoes perform this simple function as perfectly as can be expected.


I have had the NRS Men's…

Submitted by: WaterHorse on 8/17/2014
I have had the NRS Men's Paddle Wetshoe for 8 months and have found it to be durable and comfortable. I bought a slightly large size so that I could put it over my dry suit with thick wool socks for cold water but the sizing seems fine when worn on bare feet.

I think a wetshoe is an essential piece of equipment and this one works well. The zippers seem durable and haven't shown any sign of failure yet. The quality of the workmanship is good and the sole adheres to the neoprene booty well. I like the higher form factor above the ankle for extra warmth in cold water. The only flaw is that I would like more support for my feet for walking around on the ground (more arch support as well) ...hmm I will have to try an insole and see if that helps.