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This is a really nice dry suit and well worth the price. I actually ordered mine from OutDoor Play without trying it on and took the risk . I’m glad I did as it’s served me very nicely on six outings now here in the great Pacific Northwest. I did have some mandatory requirements for a dry suit. For starters I was in need of good storage amount . It has two sizable pockets on each leg and another good sized pocket on a arm . I required a hood as our skies rain quite a bit here in the winter. The most important thing I was in need of is the inseam as I’m on the taller side ( 6’5” ) with a 36” inseam . After viewing the manufacturers size chart I ordered a size XL and the inseam is just long enough. The only complaint I have at this time and it’s probably because it’s still rather new is the zipper is impossible to close or open completely by myself. I’ve added a lot of zipper lube and it’s helped but I still need a fellow kayaker to either help seal me up or open all the way . There is a very good YouTube video on this suit and I highly recommend you watch it if you’re interested in this suit . I love the gasket protection on the cuffs and the neck and the suspenders are nice but I’ve removed them and probably will keep it this way as I can’t see myself lowering the suit while out on the water . It’s a sharp looking suit that does what it’s designed to do and it’s pretty tough to boot .

Excellent cod water wet boots . These are perfect for the times you need to hop out and portage your yak over wet/slippery or mucky conditions. They have very good traction and I really like how the boots can be rolled down once they’re on . These boots offer fantastic mobility and when combined with some NRS wet socks it’s a winning combination. Sometimes you need to hop out in shallow water to prevent your hull from getting all scratched up. These boots are waterproof and come on/off very easy . Recommend.

These socks are fantastic. They keep your feet very warm and toasty in very cold weather under my nrs paddling shoes. Very much recommended.

These are really great warm/hot weather boating gloves. They offer mid range sun protection. They dry out very fast when they get wet , have excellent ventilation and like all my other NRS boating gloves they have an amazing grip. The fit is very true to size they slide on and off with ease . This is my second pair of these gloves as they are very Well made and do what they are designed to do , highly recommended.

The NRS Boaters sponge Holds a surprisingly large amount of water for size. The material won’t scratch your ride and the little loop string is convenient if you need to clip it hang it somewhere. I Always keep one with me in the cockpit while I’m out and usually have another one in one of my bulkheads for use after I’m done to wash up my kayak and give it a quick rinse. Highly recommended.

These gloves gave the ultimate grip. I am in a lot of paddling gloves and these ones are arguably give the best grip of any glove. They keep your hands very warm as well. If there’s a downside to these gloves it is that there are a little bit on the bulky side and all my gloves from NRS are the same size and these ones seem a little bit larger than normal.

I’m giving this kayak a solid four star rating. This kayak has lots of pros and a few cons . On the positive side this yak is clearly made to take some punishment. It invites play and it’s definitely a yak you can grow your skills in . For a size comparison I’m 6’5” and weigh around 212 lbs . I wear a size 13 shoe . The adjustable/ sliding wall behind the bow bulkhead is a really great feature. Instead of foot pegs your entire foot can rest against the wall and this gives additional contact control and helps in preforming leaned turns . I’m very confident a person who is about 6’”8 or maybe even 6’9” with a size 15 shoe can fit in the cockpit but it’s already a very “ snug “ fit for me after I removed the hip pads and I keep them behind the seat . The drop skeg is required when trying to maintain tracking otherwise it fishtails a bit . There’s enough rocker built in to really encourage you play in this yak and the secondary stability allows for quite a bit of leaning before it’s past the tipping point. I’ve taken my Stratos out in three torrential downpours and so far the hatches are keeping my belongings dry . On the downside, this yak weighs in at 53 lbs so it’s not light and I usually am solo loading and unloading and the balance seems off while shoulder carrying. The worst thing about this yak for me is the seat or actually it’s the complete lack of back support. The seat itself is ok , not super comfortable but it’s good for a four hour trip . Every time I take my Stratos out my back hurts afterwards. There’s just no back support. If I can work something into the seat back and improve that than this would be a really great yak . Btw I’m also the owner of sandpiper 130 and a riot Edge 11 and their seats are far far more comfortable.

These are very sturdy and durable high-quality wet shoes. They are very stretchy allowing for a wide range of feet to enter and exit them with no hassle. The souls are very stiff and durable they are rather thick as well and have fabulous traction on the bottom. Combine these with some NRS wet socks and you have a perfect William combination for an enjoyable day out on the water. They dry out very fast as well.

This is the best locking and release system knife on the market today. When you need your knife just grab the handle give it a squeeze in a pops right into your hand very naturally ready to go. You have several mounting options and a lot of extra hardware as well.

These are very good warm weather paddling gloves. They provide plenty of padding in all the right places. The fit is very snug once they are on they are not coming off. Sun protection is about 30 . They have pretty good ventilation and offer some degree of reflection as well. Recommended .