Name: MGNkayak

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I have been using the women's version of this wetshoe for at least 8 years and must say that it's the absolute best. I've tried others, but none can compare. It's ideal for paddling all-day long distances (both kayak and SUP) because of the soft interior, firm rubber supports on the heel, and padded ankle protection. It's equally ideal outside of my kayak, providing ideal protection on rocky shores. It's a joke in my house that I would wear them all the time if I could! Note that they intentionally run slightly small, which is ideal when placing pressure on your heel while sitting properly in a kayak. If you're between sizes, order up.

Incredible paddle! Making the transition from a top Euroblade paddle to a Greenland style blade was tricky for me until I discovered Gearlab's awesome paddles. Compared to a clunky wooden paddle, these Carbon fiber wonders are light, sleek and sharp when paddling for long distances under all conditions. Their two-part construction (virtually seamless when together) and the replaceable tips make it all the more versatile. The Akiak is Gearlab's shoulderless model, while the Nukilik is the same construction with shoulders. Both are fantastic; it's a personal preference which to choose.