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The Vector 13 is a kayak brought to you by Necky Kayak. Read Vector 13 reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

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This is as close to a do…

Submitted by: JPW062 on 7/18/2020
This is as close to a do everything SOT as can be found IMO. It works great in open water, can make the trip on rivers, probably not so good in whitewater. Plenty of storage for multi-day trips. Very agile. Great secondary stability, but it can feel a bit tippy to someone used to a wide flat-bottom boat.

My wife and I both have these…

Submitted by: rldanner on 9/3/2015
My wife and I both have these boats. We have had them since they first were introduced. We have found them to be fast and stable. We ordered them with rudders which have proven useful when caught out on open water during a small craft advisory. The rear storage cover looks cool but I found it to be a nuisance so I replaced with bungees. I also added paddle keepers and changed out the bow & stern carry handles which were painful to use and the boat is heavy. We are very pleased with them. As a previous reviewer said it's a "keeper".

I bought this boat used about…

Submitted by: paddler235801 on 7/31/2014
I bought this boat used about a year ago. I'm 6-0 215. not much experience but i pick things up pretty quick. The boat has good initial stability and good secondary. I mainly paddle in salt creeks and the Intracoastal waterway. it cruises nicely in flat and is stable enough for relaxing or photography. I've also had it in the ICW in poor conditions (windy, 2' chop…etc) and it performed very well. cut through the top of the chop nicely.

I did not have problems with weathercocking and i don't really have any refined strokes. I did not feel uncomfortable in boat wake or poor conditions. handled like a champ. It's a pretty dry ride for me, but in chop and wind you will get wet. a fair tradeoff for staying in the boat when things get rough. The boat tracks very well for a 13 footer. I'm comfortable in the boat for hours but its not quite big enough to bring my 50# dog on anything but a few minute paddle...

My only two issues: the carry handles at the cockpit are directly across from one another, which makes balancing the boat in the air difficult when picking the boat up and loading on a car top by yourself. I wish the foot pegs were more angled for comfort. I've never used the storage but no water has entered.
It's a keeper.


Stable, comfortable and great…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/18/2014
Stable, comfortable and great performance. Seniors seeking easy launching..this it perfect. The vector 13 handles whatever mother nature serves up if you take the time to learn a few paddling skills. This is an SOT that will keep a smile on your face!

First off I am 6'1" and 240#s…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/29/2013
First off I am 6'1" and 240#s with an athletic build. I bought this boat to fill two very different needs. First, I wanted something I could paddle around in and fish or take photos without any concern of flipping. Second, I started racing canoes and kayaks on lakes and rivers. This is not going to compete with any ICF boats or sea kayaks, but the boat will hold its own in most recreational classes.

I can comfortably paddle this boat 4.5 MPH for an extended period of time and can hold 5 MPH for over an hour on flat water, with a sprinting speed topping out just over 6 MPH. The only other boat I can compare it to is a 10' WS Tarpon 100, which I could comfortably paddle between 3.5 to 4 mph but not over 4 for long.

For my needs, I need a faster boat as I found I enjoy racing. However, I will keep this one for leisure paddles because it is comfortable, very stable, and despite some reviews, relatively dry despite my weight. On a calm day, I will not take on any water.

One thing about this boat is that is handles more like a touring boat and is not nimble at all so don't think it will handle tight turns down whitewater unless you are an advanced paddler.
All in all a great boat.


Pros: stable, fit and finish,…

Submitted by: paddler234844 on 11/20/2012
Pros: stable, fit and finish, comfy seat, tracks very well in all sea conditions, fast, storage
Cons: the bottom deforms easily but return to the original shape, a bit heavy, no cup holder, no paddle keeper.
luck with your research!!

After owning a Prowler 13 and…

Submitted by: paddler234669 on 7/20/2012
After owning a Prowler 13 and 15, a Tarpon 160, and a Perception Search 15, this Vector is my all around favorite. Really good speed and easily as fast as the Tarpon and Search. For cruising on a lake or paddling on a fast and treacherous river,this is a lively yak that is very maneuverable and quick. My only negative is it's a wetter ride compared to the Tarpon and Prowler in big whitecaps with it's lower bow. Fit, finish, and seat comfort is really top notch.

I paddled the Vector for all…

Submitted by: string on 7/5/2012
I paddled the Vector for all of 10 minutes at a demo day but I am no stranger to SOT.
  • Seat is comfortable, but not quite Phase 3 comfy.
  • More leg room than my Tarpon 140. I didn't have to remove the footbraces for it to fit.
  • Fast for a 13' plastic SOT. I got it to a max of 4.7 mph. Wish I could have paddled the 14'.
Definitely worth a look if shopping for a SOT.

I went to demo day yesterday,…

Submitted by: paddler234567 on 6/4/2012
I went to demo day yesterday, and this was my favorite of all that I tried out. It was fast for a recreational kayak. I found the Vector 14 to be noticeably faster. (I was comparing with a gps; see that review)

That said, I really did like this boat's combination of features. It was a bit quicker and tracked straighter than the other kayaks of comparable size. Speed wise it a little faster than the Tarpon 140 for the same effort.

One clear difference was the seating. The Vector has a seat straight out of Necky's sit inside kayaks. There might be pros and cons to this. I really thought the seat bottom was very (as in all-day) comfortable, but the seat back might be low for some people. You really won't know unless you take it out for a few hours I suppose.

The end result? I'm ordering one of these. It's perfect for my open bay use, not too tiring for my coastal touring, and not too long for the occasional river run.

I'll update this review or submit another once I have more hours on it...