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NC 17 Overnighter

by  NC Kayaks
17' 2"
Width (in)
Weight (lb)

NC 17 Overnighter Options

  • STD

    52 lb
    Fiberglass Composite
  • LT

    43 lb
    Fiberglass Composite

    NC 17 Overnighter Description

    The NC17 series is an extremely fast and effecient touring kayak. With excellent Rough Water handling characteristics, great tracking and virtually no weathercocking. In Flat Water conditions it is incredibly smooth and fast! It's designed for large bodiies of water including Open Ocean. While still maneuverable enough for great fun on the lake. The NC17 series truly shines in Open Water. Designed to track arrow-straight without the assistance of a rudder or skeg. With as few as three paddle strokes you can go from a full stop to full speed. You can feel the boat accelerate with every stroke. While you may not be a racer, the speed is also pretty handy when you're battling currents or simply wanting to get from point A to point B with less effort and time. The NC17 series best fits paddlers measuring 5'0"- 6'2" weighing between 100-240 lbs. with up to a size 13½ shoe.

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    NC 17 Overnighter Specs and Features

    • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
    • Cockpit Type: Sit Inside
    • Seating Configuration: Solo
    • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
    • Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced
    • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
    • Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced

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    NC 17 Overnighter Reviews

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    My early experience shows…

    Submitted by: Jonathan-in-Vermont on 8/14/2019

    My early experience shows the NC 17 Overnighter is as advertised - a "fast and efficient touring kayak." I bought one used and have put it in four times in the first four days in four different bodies of water. It has absolutely met my expectations. It tracks very straight, paddles easily, and clips along noticeably faster than the 11ft plastic recreational kayak I've enjoyed for five years. Mine is the lightweight model, so it comes in at a delightful 43 pounds - noticeably less than my 11fter. At 23 inches wide, it is also 5 inches slimmer than my 11fter, but it is still has good stability. I'm 5'5, 155 -- so the 17'2 length is 3 times my length. Despite this, it is as easy to lift and load as the 11fter (you just have to be attentive to things farther away from you as you carry it, given its length obviously). I wondered about the intentional design without a true skeg (as I had a skeg in my head as a desired feature) and I'm pleased that it has lived up to its promise of tracking arrow-straight without one on my initial runs. The seat is molded in with a low back height. I'll have to get used to that, but it is comfortable enough and I may experiment with a bit of neoprene padding. Despite me buying a used model via a private internet listing, NC Kayaks has been very responsive to my two email inquiries. They promptly answered my questions before buying it, reassuring me that the listing sounded accurate and that there was a sealed front bulkhead for safety (just not a front hatch for storage on this particular model). Then, when I reached out after the purchase, they welcomed me (again, promptly) to the NC Kayak family and answered my questions about care and storage. I do have a learning curve on this boat - particularly on leaning and turning as that's different from my 11fter. I knew that coming in and it is what I wanted. This kayak is a meaningful step up from my very worthy recreational kayak and I'm anxious to advance my kayaking skills to match it. Fortunately, right off the first launch, it is very paddleable and enjoyable and "fast and efficient" with my recreational skills. I'm thrilled with it.


    I had a major issue with this…

    Submitted by: paddler235289 on 8/16/2013
    I had a major issue with this Overnighter 17 from NC Kayaks. I compete in races with kayaks, and I was looking into faster kayaks to purchase to help get my time down. I got online, and started doing some research. I came across NC Kayaks, and read some pretty nice reviews. Then, I read some about their customer service. At the time I was ready to make a purchase, there was $1,000 off of any kayak purchased. The discount was too amazing to pass up, and thought I would give it a go even though I had never seen any of their kayaks before. My purchase was based off the reviews I read, and how happy everyone was with their kayaks. Not to mention how great they looked.

    I sent out an email about purchasing, and ordered the LT version with the lime/yellow fade. I also got the black seat and coaming, with a white hull. It really does look much better in person than what these pictures tell you online! Once I received it, I took it out as soon as the ice thawed off the lake, and this is where it all started going downhill. When I paddled, the boat had a strong enough pull to the left to the point I was just annoyed to paddle it. I tried different lakes, in calm wind and strong wind. I went out in choppy water and calm water. I got online and researched everything that could make a kayak do this, and tried correcting it. Nothing was working! The boat just wanted to drift left! I literally had to paddle a few extra stokes on the left every 5 or 6 complete revolutions to keep the kayak on course. As one who competes in races, this was not acceptable!

    I got in touch with NC Kayaks several times about this issue, and was informed by the guy who actually built my boat as well as Doug that they would look into this, and find a solution to this problem. I guess I was blown off for a month or so. Maybe longer, I forget. I was irritated at this point, and figured I was stuck with this and started shopping for a new kayak, even though I was out the money I put into this. It wasn't until I off loaded the boat from the car one day. I flipped it upside down to clean it, and that is when I noticed what was causing this issue for so long! The funny thing is, my fiance noticed it at the same time as I did, and we just looked at each other and noticed the beam along the bottom of the boat was not straight! There may be a special word for this part of boat, but the beam (bottom of the hull) is responsible for the straight tracking. Towards the back of the boat, it had a curve to the left. I immediately grabbed my camera and took a picture.

    I wrote a review on this site to state my experience with NC Kayaks. It was not a good one at all! I sent my picture to Doug, and hoped that maybe I would receive a response from him this time. In the mean time, I was contacted by a couple different guys from this site (, and was asked about this, and if I wanted to post the review before discussing the issue with NC Kayaks. They, too, contacted Doug about this issue. I agreed to hold off on the review to see what happens.

    Doug finally got back in touch with me. He apologized about not getting back to me, and said, "I guess I really dropped the ball on this one, I'm really sorry". I was just happy to hear something back from them. He said he could clearly see the issue in the picture, and the only fix to this was to send me another boat. The only thing is, I am responsible for shipping the boat back, which is going to cost me another $335 dollars, or so. I'm not happy about it, but I'm getting the problem corrected. The math just means I didn't get $1,000 off the kayak, but $665. Still, this is a great deal for what this boat has to offer.

    I took delivery on the new boat today, and immediately took it out of the box and headed to the lake by my house to see how it performed. Night and Day! That is all I can say about this! It went straight! The box was not damaged, and the boat didn't have a scratch on it! I forgot to mention the first boat I received was scratched up from the freight company. The box was also damaged pretty good. The boat was still structurally sound, so I took it. God, it was an awful experience with that first boat! But as I said, the new boat arrived today, and I couldn't have been a happier guy!

    I was dealing with Doug through this whole issue, and was very helpful! Anytime I emailed him about how the boat was coming along, about shipping the boat back, and any other questions. I got a prompt response back! I was notified when the boat shipped, and it took one week to get here (I'm in western Massachusetts). The company who delivered it this time was Land Air Express, and even that guy was great along with their dispatch! The first boat was last left with Sweeney Transportation out of Chicopee, MA, and I picked it up at the warehouse. So I hope that anyone in my area who buys one of these gets it delivered by Land Air! I am not sure if Sweeney was responsible for the damage, or the transportation company out in the Boston area was. Both were not very nice to deal with anyways when I tried tracking it. They also told me at one point that they lost an 18 foot long box.

    Anyways, when all said and done, I got in the water with the new boat, and that boat was FAST, and it went STRAIGHT! They did an EXCELLENT job correcting this problem!!! Even though I have to pay return shipping on this first boat, I am still completely satisfied! I would rather complain about the return shipping for a week, than a boat that doesn't go straight for the rest of my time while owning it! True story!

    Would I buy from them again? YES! Yes I would! I would recommend them as well! Their boats are fast! Their boats track well! Their boats look amazing! And, if you have a problem, they do fix it! Why would you not want to deal with a company like this?? They may have lost a little money on this, but a company who takes care of their customers is a company worth buying from!


    I purchased this boat used…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/7/2013
    I purchased this boat used (new) three years ago, former owner hated it, Not a mark on her. At 6', 200 lbs, I love the boat, the seat, everything about it, except for the thigh braces of which there are/where none. I found a remarkable pair on line, which I installed, and can state that it makes the boat 100% better from a control aspect. NC should consider at least adding this as an option. No thigh braces, little or no control, hard to roll, managing in rough seas... I padded out the seat after a year and a half... it helps quite a bit on long trips. If the seat were a bit more ergonomic that might also help. I've put close to 1000 miles on her since purchase.

    And now the reason for the low rating. I called NC shortly after buying the boat to ask some questions about braces and to get a new gasket for the hatch. I e-mailed them, and called once or twice only getting their answering machine, and still have never received the courtesy of a return call.
    It's been three years, but who's counting?

    Boat gets a TEN, customer service – 0


    Pretty boat. Well built for…

    Submitted by: leebee9360 on 7/6/2012
    Pretty boat. Well built for the weight. Very stable I'm 6'4" 200 pounds and it is good in wind, and chop. My issue is the seat being a fixed shape and not adjustable and not very comfortable for me. I would have preferred a back band...

    I bought my Overnighter a few…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/29/2010
    I bought my Overnighter a few months ago when the company had their 50% off Christmas/Holiday sale. I was somewhat reluctant to blindly buying a kayak online, especially, one that I've never paddled or sat in before. So, fit was a question. Naturally, I would have liked to demo one, but at $1450 for a new glass boat weighing at a measely 43lbs, now that was hard to pass up...especially after pricing out heavier poly boats from the local shop!

    Well, I'm definitely glad that I made the purchase. As for fit, I'm 5'8" and a solid 200lbs and the kayak fits me great! The boat tracks straight as advertised. It doesn't actually turn on a dime but that's not important to me right now. I have less than a year in paddling experience, yet I feel confident in it. At the same time, I feel that I'll be able to grow with the boat as does my experience and skill level.

    I just love how light the kayak is and how I'm able to lift it over my head and onto the top of my car with ease! I also think it's one of the better looking boats available. As a matter of fact, when I picked up delivery of my kayak from the local trucking company, as I was unpacking it from the huge cardboard container, some of the workers on the loading dock even commented on how good looking it was! I would give it a 10 but my limited paddling experience prevents me from doing that.


    The NC Overnighter is…

    Submitted by: badpaddler on 3/23/2010
    The NC Overnighter is definitely one of the most well thought out innovative designs and great looking kayaks I have paddled in all my almost 35+ years of paddling a kayak or canoe. I can't say enough about this kayak.

    I have a $4800.00+ full carbon boat that I love paddling a lot, but the NC Overnighter performs just as well and in some areas, a little better. Prior to the last review written, This is the first kayak that I know of that warranted a "10" by each of it's reviewers and for good reason. I'm not going to repeat everything that they mentioned making this kayak a plus-up, but everything written by the reviewers and the Manufacturers, have totally been proven to be perfectly correct in my estimation...Now this is just my opinion, now there may be others that differ.

    Read the past reviews even the one prior to mine which was written by a relatively new to paddling person, they are all very, very good reviews.


    Not having ever kayaked much…

    Submitted by: paddler233468 on 1/11/2010
    Not having ever kayaked much and not at all in recent years, the bug to get a kayak would strike every so often to be dismissed after a review of the costs not only of the boat itself but of all the necessary accessories and support equipment. Until a month or so ago, when I, in perhaps a small fit of temporary insanity, placed an order for an NC 17 LT Overnighter kayak from Novus Composites in Tacoma, WA. Why did I choose that kayak? Hard to say now; I suppose I was persuaded to some extent by claims on their web site, in part by the fact that they have a feature of heavily discounting some particular model every week.

    Since receiving the kayak (it came well protected in an enormous carton box) I have taken it to the local harbor 4 to 5 times after trying it out in the pool. I was impressed with the general workmanship and the fact that it came within a pound of the advertised weight. I have found only one minor problem, a water leak from the hatch cover which was solved by rotating the circular cover to a different position. I was somewhat surprised to find that the kayak had no knee braces as such nor any padding under the cockpit to protect the knees. That was fixed with some neoprene sheet, but I have seen other kayaks that have this nicely installed by the manufacturer. I am not sure about the seat yet, it is a hard molded unit without a flexible backrest — I did put some neoprene there as well, but have not paddled enough to determine if more will be required.

    In the water the kayak feels a little bit tippy right around the "0" position, but only for perhaps 10 degrees or so. Beyond that it becomes increasingly resistant to rotation, I found in the pool that it takes quite some effort to put it on edge so that the flange is submerged. This, I hope, will translate into resistance toward capsizing at the slightest provocation. Paddling the kayak immediately reveals its desire to go straight---so much so, that it takes some effort to turn it. It is an interesting consequence of the design which I found intriguing in that the prismatic coefficient is very low, suggesting that the kayak will paddle easily at low to moderate speeds but may require some effort to reach hull speed. The rather long bow and stern sections are very narrow acting, in the language of a novice not familiar with nautical engineering terms, like skegs both in front and back. By putting the kayak on edge, the water line becomes significantly shorter, and at that point it should turn quite nicely---I just have not been able to do that reliably yet.

    Yesterday I joined a group from a local paddling club for a New Year's Day outing in the harbor (Channel Island Harbor, Ventura, CA). I found I had no trouble keeping up with the group and, in fact, could keep up for a short while in a near-sprint with the fastest paddler, a very experienced kayaker in a Seda Glider. Since I am still developing basic elements of the forward stroke, I take that as a good sign.

    I was reluctant to write a review at first because I felt that as a novice paddler I really could not evaluate the kayak meaningfully. However, perhaps there is value to the impressions of a beginner for all those who are considering taking up the sport and might be confused or misled by esoteric technical jargon. In the final analysis, I really look forward to learning to paddle this kayak with greater skill and mastery. I have signed up to take a comprehensive course in kayaking skills and am very excited to take my boat out into the open ocean. In the meantime, I can take pleasure in the fact that it paddles very nicely in the harbor and that it looks very pretty, a consideration not totally without merit.


    I received my NC 17…

    Submitted by: lwireny on 10/15/2008
    I received my NC 17 Overnighter LT about a month now I was a little leery about buying one totally unseen or anyone locally having any experience with it. I live on Long Island, NY. I did research (The guys at NC deserve a place in Heaven after dealing with all my questions)and I always came back to it before I bought it.

    The first day I paddled with it I felt as if it was made for me. The boat makes you feel comfortable, I paddled with the Peconic Paddlers and the owner of the shop was impressed by it. I had six people test paddle the boat and they all loved it. I have since taken it on many trips and it still is a pleasure to use, it turns as stated and cutting through the wakes is easy even rough water it shined. The craftsmanship is superb I thought I would have to cushion the seat... it's more comfortable than my Pungo. I only have two complaints:
    #1 at 17'2" it is a chore to put on my Toyota Tundra Cab (any boat would be)
    #2 The season is almost over...


    I recently purchased and…

    Submitted by: paddler231938 on 2/23/2007
    I recently purchased and received an NC17 Overnighter from NC Kayaks. I cannot tell you how pleasant Greg, Doug, Mark and all the folks at NC are to work with. My boat was received in time for a big week end paddle with a local club at Lake Eufala on the Georgia and Alabama line. We arrived Friday afternoon and squared away the cabin in time for a quick paddle. Lake Eufala is about 40-60 miles long and pretty wide where we were located. Weather was 39 and clear with slight breeze. I got settled in for the maiden voyage of my new NC 17 following a local club member across the lake to a wildlife refuge. About two miles out the wind starts blowing a steady 20 mph with gusts up to 30-35 mph. By now I am getting acquainted with the NC17 real quick . The waves quickly rose to 15-16 inches with some white caps. The NC 17 felt right at home in these conditions and I felt my self surfing the waves in fact my partner said I was spanning two waves and rising up and over the oncoming third wave. Due to the curve of the bow the water was breaking right and left and not over the top . I was literally slicing through the oncoming waves like a knife. We were heading to an inlet to get away from the wind and changing course was breeze . Lift a leg and flick your wrist and the NC17 responds like it has a bridle on it. Weather cocking was never a problem even in the gales we were experiencing.

    This is my first composite kayak and after 6 years in a Dagger rotomold , I am really really pleased with this boat. The attention to detail, the super hatch covers and just the over all feel and look of the craft has totally renewed my interest in kayaking. Do yourself a favor. Seriously give this boat or it's sisters a look see!! You won't go wrong!


    We purchased two NC 17…

    Submitted by: paddler231116 on 6/8/2005
    We purchased two NC 17 Overnighter kayaks about a month ago, or my wife and me. These are the lighter glass layups, which I recommend. My wife and I both previously enjoyed whitewater kayaking, but are relative newbies to sea kayaking. We therefore spent considerable time researching kayaks, and finally settled upon Novus Composites for these vessels.

    We've been thoroughly delighted with our choice. The NC's have remarkable tracking ability (without external rudder or skeg), nimble action and they rarely weathercock. Our kayak instructor (who paddles a Necky) tried our boats and was impressed with the lightness, speed and stability.

    By purchasing direct from Greg and the guys at NC in Tacoma, you achieve pricing that can't be touched by mfgrs who go through dealers. The dealer's margin is yours. Greg at NC was fabulous to deal with. I couldn't make it down to Tacoma to pick-up our finished boats, so he drove them to us in Bellingham.

    The finish on the boats is beautiful. Greg allowed us to select custom colors, with two-tone fades. Everyone comments on the striking appearance.

    I've since tried other fiberglass and Kevlar boats (most at nearly twice the price). All have noteworthy merits, but I wouldn't trade our NC's for any of them.

    I don't consider myself an expert, but I'd recommend these kayaks to anyone. They are a remarkable deal for a top-tier boat, and the people at NC are solid straight-shooters.


    After a year of shopping and…

    Submitted by: paddler231015 on 3/31/2005
    After a year of shopping and comparison my brother and I both decided on the NC 17. Price was not a consideration for either of us and we did look at several boats that were easily $1000 more than the NC. After taking a weekend trip from Anchorage, Alaska to Tacoma for a test paddle we both ordered on the spot with no hesitation. My brother and I have since done several trips in Alaska both in the Prince William Sound and Kenai Fjords. We have absolutely no regrets. I can not think of one thing about my boat that I would change. (I did add a small piece of foam to the back of the seat, but I consider that more a fault of my boney hips than the boat) These boats are amazingly well built with an almost artistic attention to detail, they are fast and stable (especially fully loaded), and are simply gorgeous. If you are considering purchasing a touring kayak, buy an NC quick before they realize how much more they could be charging. If I had paid $1000 more my comments would not change. Thanks NC kayaks and thanks to my brother for coming across the NC web site (the pictures on the web site do not do them justice).

    I got very lucky when I found…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/17/2005
    I got very lucky when I found this boat. After much searching, I'm sure glad I took the chance and ordered it sight unseen. Greg was easy to work with and spent a lot of time with me on the phone helping me get an extra hatch. The boat arrived on time and looked tremendous. It weighed in 2 more pounds than stated but still very light for a 17 footer. Tracks like a dream and is fast. A local dealer was amazed when he saw it. The seat was more comfortable than I thought. I plan on getting the NC19 sometime down the road. You can't go wrong with this boat.

    Recently purchased an 17'…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/15/2004
    Recently purchased an 17' Overnighter, my first kayak. I am REALLY pleased! Lightweight - easy to handle - excellent price - and it looks really neat (lime green with yellow fade.)

    I live near the factory in WA…

    Submitted by: paddler230533 on 4/27/2004
    I live near the factory in WA and had the pleasure of visiting them to purchase my first "Real" kayak. These guys made the experience really fun and informative. They were all genuinely excited about kayaking. It made buying my NC 17 Overnighter LT that much better considering the expense for my limited budget. I am so glad I upgraded from a cheapo plastic shell to this beauty. It's faster, smoother, and 22 pounds lighter!

    Update to our review for the…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/23/2003
    Update to our review for the NC 17LT Daytripper: Installed a custom foam seat(courtesy of Joe Greenley, Redfish Kayaks) that pressure fitted beautifully. Improved stability, control, comfort for my back on long paddles, and just added enough room to drop into the seat cowboy style. Wife still happy with the original seat (may change her mind). Makes this yak even more enjoyable. Still a 10 for us.

    I am a veteran cyclist who is…

    Submitted by: Strokemon on 11/19/2003
    I am a veteran cyclist who is just getting into kayaking. After a lot of internet research I finally decided on the NC-17 Daytripper as my first boat because of its light weight and my size. This kayak truly is awesome and handles very well, even along the sometimes rough shoreline of Nassau, Bahamas. I was very nervous ordering such a large item on the Net and having it shipped all the way from WA to Fl and then on the way to the Bahamas! But it arrived without a scratch, thanks Greg!

    In July of 2003 I received my…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/15/2003
    In July of 2003 I received my NC 17 ovetnighter. I could not be happier with its looks. I was not ready for such a responsive boat. The boat handles the choppy waves of Lake Michigan with ease. This boat is inspirational. I am a novice yet this boat lets me charge thru waves and rides them back with very little broaching if any at all. I have recently started rolling classes in the Chicago area and the instructors have never seen an NC kayak. They were impressed with the boat. Thanks Doug and Greg at NC Kayaks, great kayak. Can't wait till next season.

    We will echo Ben's report.…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/13/2003
    We will echo Ben's report. Both our NC 17 Daytripper LT's(fiberglass composite)are awesome boats. The light weight was important to us for daily carry and use. Novus Composites were very responsive and a pleasure to deal with. Boats shipped from WA to FL without a scratch. We receive many compliments and inquiries when we launch or return. My wife's boat has a very female two tone color fade with a purple seat! Her only concern was that perhaps her PFD color clashed with the boat!!

    I recently purchased two new…

    Submitted by: paddler230159 on 6/2/2003
    I recently purchased two new NC Kayaks. The first is an NC17 Overnighter. The second being an NC19 Expedition. Both are the "LT" Lightweight versions. I have found both kayaks to be of exceptional quality and design. After months of searching, I am quite pleased with my calculated selections. Both kayaks are extremely effecient in the water. Much more so than numerous other kayaks I have paddled.

    My NC17 is used as my day use or short duration kayak (up to 3 days ). It is extremely quick and effortless to paddle. It is responsive like no other kayak, with great stability. It tracks well and holds its course even in high wind and wave conditions. When put into its secondary, it will turn 180 degrees within its own length. Extremely impressive boat. I would recommend this kayak to anyone looking for quality, performance and pricing unmatched anywhere in the marketplace. Definitely a great kayak!!!