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The NC Overnighter is definitely one of the most well thought out innovative designs and great looking kayaks I have paddled in all my almost 35+ years of paddling a kayak or canoe. I can't say enough about this kayak.

I have a $4800.00+ full carbon boat that I love paddling a lot, but the NC Overnighter performs just as well and in some areas, a little better. Prior to the last review written, This is the first kayak that I know of that warranted a "10" by each of it's reviewers and for good reason. I'm not going to repeat everything that they mentioned making this kayak a plus-up, but everything written by the reviewers and the Manufacturers, have totally been proven to be perfectly correct in my estimation...Now this is just my opinion, now there may be others that differ.

Read the past reviews even the one prior to mine which was written by a relatively new to paddling person, they are all very, very good reviews.

I bought my Seastar new in 1993 and still paddle it occasionally. I have had more compliments on the paint job than I can count. It is the red deck that fades into a yellow with a black trim and white hull. There is nothing bad I can say about it. I used it in open sea racing and have done very well with it in the touring class. It is very fast and responsive. It travels well without the rudder and when I needed it during breaching seas or following seas, it was more than I could ask for. There are faster touring kayaks today that I own but I can pretty much keep up or drop most people I paddle with in it. I have taken it out in 8 to 10 ft. swells and had a blast... with 25 knot winds.

I may be rating this kayak a little high, but I guess it's done everything I had hoped and wanted it to. The only draw back was that I ordered a Kevlar boat and Eddyline sent me a Fiberglass one and I needed it to race that weekend so I went ahead and paid for it. Oh well - I've had it now for 14 years and it still looks new and I'm still getting compliments on its looks and speed. Never had problems with water getting in the hatches. I've gone through 6 & 7 ft waves that have crashed over me and filled up the cockpit and hardly a drop in the hatches... One beautiful kayak...