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Name: leebee9360

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14' x 25" flatwater race board-Very fast in flat water and light chop. Wonderful glide. Very stiff construction. Good stability for a large 6' 2" 195 lbs. paddler, but a bit "twitchy" initially due to the rounded bottom. Difficult to paddle in 15-20 mph conditions perpendicular to wind/waves due to the high sides.

This compact surf ski is stable and quite fast for it's length and width. It weighs under 25 lbs. in the Excel construction and is still stiff, construction is excellent. Rudder could be a bit longer as it tends to not have enough depth in rougher conditions (stern mounted). Seat bucket could be slightly wider, but my hip bones are quite wide.

Stable, well built, good glide, easy to ride SUP for larger riders.May not be quite as fast as a full out race board. Pros Stable, easy to ride for a large (6' 2" 195 lb. older 72) paddler. Stiff with very high quality construction for a light weight carbon board. Excellent glide, easy to foot steer. Rails work well in side chop and wind, but this is on flat water lakes, not open bodies of water. Cons The stability appears to come at the expense of speed re. boards with less volume in the bow and narrower width than this one at 27.5" but this may be an "operator" issue. While not a very experienced SUP paddler, the effect is the same as in the surf skis I paddled for years where the boats with more volume towards the bow felt like they had more drag on flat water. Hard to find a case which fits properly as the wide point is well forward. Finally bought a 14' by 26" GT case and had it modified to fit. Usage Touring and exercise, but I like going fast and wanted an SUP with low weight board for ease in loading on the car with the cover on.

Pretty boat. Well built for the weight. Very stable I'm 6'4" 200 pounds and it is good in wind, and chop. My issue is the seat being a fixed shape and not adjustable and not very comfortable for me. I would have preferred a back band...