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Name: lwireny

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I received my NC 17 Overnighter LT about a month now I was a little leery about buying one totally unseen or anyone locally having any experience with it. I live on Long Island, NY. I did research (The guys at NC deserve a place in Heaven after dealing with all my questions)and I always came back to it before I bought it.

The first day I paddled with it I felt as if it was made for me. The boat makes you feel comfortable, I paddled with the Peconic Paddlers and the owner of the shop was impressed by it. I had six people test paddle the boat and they all loved it. I have since taken it on many trips and it still is a pleasure to use, it turns as stated and cutting through the wakes is easy even rough water it shined. The craftsmanship is superb I thought I would have to cushion the seat... it's more comfortable than my Pungo. I only have two complaints:
#1 at 17'2" it is a chore to put on my Toyota Tundra Cab (any boat would be)
#2 The season is almost over...