Santee 116 Sport

11' 6"
Width (in)
Weight (lb)

Santee 116 Sport Description

When you’ve got the best in-class recreational kayak, what do you do next? You think about how to make that design accessible to more people. Recreational means a lot of different things to different paddlers. For some folks, recreational means accessories, and accessories require space, so Hurricane took the Santee 116 and upsized it. They put some serious cubic inches in the cockpit and voila ― the Santee 116 Sport! A recreational kayak that gives you room for tackle boxes, rod tubes, dry bags and perhaps the family dog ― appropriately clad in a doggie PFD of course. In addition to the extra space in the cockpit, the Santee 116 Sport also features a sealed rear bulkhead and easy to use hinge hatch, and at 36.5 pounds you aren't sacrificing performance for extra space. Why? Because the 116 Sport rides on the same magic Swede form hull as the 116.

Available with a Sport Console: $1,049

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I purchased my first Santee…

Submitted by: paddler2637485 on 12/27/2023

I purchased my first Santee 116 Sport in 2014. I typically paddle twice a week for 3+ hours each trip. I paddle mostly in the intercoastal waterway in the mangroves and have to deal with some boat wakes. My kayak runs over these wakes with ease. The tracking is great and it’s nice and light. I can carry it on my own. I love the open hull. The few reasons I didn’t give it five stars is some of the manufacturing issues. The left foot pedal hasn’t been able to lock and stay in place since I bought it. I’ve had it fixed twice at my own expense and still it just does not work. Going over the wakes, sometimes I need solid footing and I don’t have it. I had problems with my hull cover & lock as many of the others have stated. I have big issues with the seat. It is not comfortable at all. Since the year of my first Santee from 2014, they have redesigned the seats to be more comfortable. I know this because I did purchase another Santee 116 Sport for my son in 2019. But the shop where I purchased it said they cannot retrofit a the new seat into my older kayak although it’s the same brand, style, etc. I don’t understand that. My seat came with barely any padding to begin with, and I’ve had to sit on a little waterproof blowup sports seat since early on. I spent the extra money for this kayak because I know it’s a more luxury kayak for the amount of time I’m out on the water. But for the price, I’m kind of mad that I had to buy something else to sit on and also repair it with my own money. I understand I’ve had it for years but I’ve had these problems since the beginning. Even with all that said, I still sing the praises of my Santee to my friends, and several of them have purchased one. The more important things to me are it being lightweight and having excellent tracking. That makes all the difference in the world!


OK, so I had previously only…

Submitted by: paddler2641409 on 12/27/2023

OK, so I had previously only used 9-5 to 10 footers from Pelican and Perception (Swifty 9.5) and especially liked the tracking and maneuverability for both (360's like a maniac, especially for the Swifty), but I couldn't keep up with my relatively professional neighbor and his 16ft thin kayak. Also, the seats were not good and good replacement seats cost almost as much as the kayak. So, when I saw this Santee Sport 116 with a crack in the side hull I bought it and tried my first boat repair effort. It was easy to fix using Youtube videos despite the rumors about difficulty repairing thermoformed ABS kayaks. Well, I had it on the water the last couple of days. WOW! This thing flies in the water. My other neighbor with a 10 foot Perception was having to paddle multiple strokes to move about 2.5 mph, while I was doing 1 for every 2 or 3 he did and I could do 3mph without much effort. This thing tracks very well and continues to glide through the water briskly for several seconds after each stroke. Re: the seat, another Wow! Adjustable and super comfortable. By lowering my body a bit when it was windy, I didn't get blown off track at all. It handled mild choppiness fairly well. Finally, the weight is light and welcome. It is 2 feet longer and about the same weight as the 9.5 Swifty and if you take out the seat, it gets really light and easy to carry one handed. Oh, and it is a pretty boat - I got lots of compliments. In sum, I love this kayak. I found no downsides and although it won't do fast & easy 360's like the Swifty and isn't a small trick boat, it still maneuvers pretty well. I think I read it was Hurricanes best seller and I can see why.


I've had my Santee 116 for…

Submitted by: paddler2301640 on 8/15/2022

I've had my Santee 116 for about a month or two. I like the fact that it's lite and easy to load but I feel like the front of the kayak is just a little to short and the seat design really sucks. The price of the Santee should include the same seat as the Prima.


I was able to purchase this…

Submitted by: michigan_paddler on 9/8/2021

I was able to purchase this kayak for $899 on a Memorial Day sale back in 2018, so I did not purchase this for the full retail price. However, even at $100 off, this kayak was not worth the price paid.

Pros... it's fast. Really fast. Fast enough to turn heads at the shoreline. Also very lightweight and easy to carry. Hurricane's engineering team killed it on this front.

Cons... Hurricane's quality control could use a lot of work.

Not long after purchasing the kayak, the back hatch completely broke off the frame. It was completely unrepairable. Hurricane's customer service was easy to work with. They shipped a new one to my local dealer at no cost and I swapped out the kayak. Thankfully, there was a Hurricane dealer nearby at the time. That dealer has since closed and the closest one is an hour away.

While using the kayak, I was continually having issues with the latch to lock the back hatch. I understand having to tighten a screw once in a while, but not every single time I took the kayak out. Fast forward to a couple years later and the latch would not lock at all. The plastic locking mechanism was stripped and the screw would not hold. Again, Hurricane's customer service was great and sent me three new mechanisms. However, I would not expect this to even happen for a kayak at this price point.

Speaking of the back hatch, it was absolutely impossible for me to access this while in the boat. It's very spacious, but do not store anything in here you expect to grab while out on the water.

The seat. Oh man, the seat. The adjustments are clunky. The seat is insanely uncomfortable. Hurricane's customer support provided me no resolution other than a link to a seat cover to buy on Amazon. Really?! I just spent how much on this kayak?

Even in 2021, this kayak is worth *maybe* $600. Certainly not nearly $1000 in pre-pandemic times.


I bought this kayak for…

Submitted by: mullerkk on 5/26/2021

I bought this kayak for myself two years ago and have used it almost daily in paddling season. It's lightweight enough that I can carry and load it into the jbar myself. It is stable on windy lakes and in moderate river conditions - not a whitewater boat! It easily keeps on track. I love this boat!!


Why the bad review? Well,…

Submitted by: paddler478664 on 12/7/2018

Why the bad review?

Well, while it's a nice little kayak for short runs, and even has a decent speed for a recreational, but THE PRICE. At half price I'd say, ok; but for a rolls-Royce priced recreational I expect perfection.

Here are my issues with it. Basically there are design & manufacturing faults.

I've bought it a year ago, and realised after a while that the rear hatch was falling apart. On the water. Great. The only problem with it was a slightly-too-short bolt - which was obvious even just looking at it in pieces. I do not know why they'd use that at all! I got a replacement from their support, but it's baffling how it got past basic QC & testing.

After a while I've realised the seat isn't what you'd call comfortable; my arse goes asleep after about an hour and a half. Very bad.

Another issue with the seat (again, a design fault that wasn't tested out properly) is that if you're paddling, rotating your body, the wrinkles in the material near the rear edge of the seat rub your bottom. And I mean rub you raw. I had bleeding wounds as a result after a 3-hour run. I'm not oversized, 170cm/70kg.

I've contacted the support about this, too, but their offer was only to send a pad for a price ($100 landed in Aus ffs!) and I'd have to screw it on top somehow. That "solve it yourself" offer for a faulty design is not acceptable for me.

These, coupled with the extremely high price and you're better off buying something else.


Against my better judgement…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/3/2018

Against my better judgement my husband ordered this product online from Summit Sports for my birthday. Yes, its light and easy to load. Yes, it goes fairly well in the water. Is it comfortable? Not particularly. My problem, Estes Truckline delivered it with a 1 1/2" crack, a dent and scuffs. Summit only offered $100 off which my husband took instead of hassling with sending it back. Estes offered nothing. For as much as this boat costs and as fragile as it is, I just don't think it's worth it and I'm sorry I wasted the money.


This Kayak paddles nice and…

Submitted by: haj085 on 6/19/2018

This Kayak paddles nice and straight. Glides fairly fast through the water compared to my friends kayaks. I've mainly used it on slower running rivers around Michigan. The only draw back is that I have long legs which makes it alittle more cramped when I want to relax and float with my legs on the top of the kayak.


Great looking, tracks well, fast, lightweight, but...

Submitted by: paddler381457 on 8/21/2017

My review is based on extensive testing of this kayak and other like it... and not as an owner. First of all, you must know what I look for in a kayak, which may not be your thing. Though I am in pretty good shape for 65, my shoulders are not getting any stronger, yet I plan to do many more years of kayaking on mainly flat water. So, lightweight (less than 40 pounds), comfortable seating, easily gliding, good tracking and turning is important to me. I have to say that the Hurricane Santee kayak look good, track and glide very well, turn rather easily, and seems to need very little water to float. I like the flat bottom hull with the keel that runs the full length. Much like the old Grumman Canoes. Some deep V kayaks that I've tested, also track and glide well, but sit lower in the water, where underwater logs or rocks could be an issue. However, there are several things about the Santee Sport that keeps me from making the purchase. The cockpit is way too large. Thus, no bungee tie down on the bow where it is most needed. I also use the front lip of the cockpit to lift myself up out of the boat, but it is too far away to reach on this model. I also lift myself up off the seat using the sides. However, this kayak flexes so much that you think it will break. And, from reading some reviews, including ones for the Santee 116, 126, and 126 Sport, apparently that does happen. Hurricane could take notes from Eddyline, which is a very sturdy composite. Then, I had wondered if the Santee 116 or 126 would have been any sturdier on the sides, since the cockpit is not as long. However, I never got to see or test one. The closest dealer over 50 miles away only carried the one model(116 Sport), and I would have had to purchase another just to see it. I do not plan to spend that kind of money on a kayak if I don't get to see or try it first. Next, the back of the airestream seat seams ok, but the bottom padding feels a little thin and hard. I can't imagine sitting comfortably for hours like I do. My wife was very uncomfortable in this seat. Because of the thin padding mounted down in a recess, there was pressure on her hipbones. Possibly a much thicker pad would lift one's bum out of that recess. I had no problem, but then I have no hips. Wilderness or Jackson, though very different designs, are much more comfortable. Lastly, the hatch on the Sport is very small. And, the hatch on the 116 and 126 is not only small but still a rubber cap. Not like Wilderness Pungo or Jackson Tupelo hatch covers which are large, oval with double lockdowns. I wanted so bad to like the Hurricane Santee 116 or 126, but at this time I cannot. I wish that I could take features from different manufactures to create my perfect kayak that would give me years of paddling enjoyment. One last thing, and this may only pertain to my area. I live in Erie, PA where we not only have Lake Erie and Presque Isle Bay, but many inland watershed, lagoons and small lakes. A composite kayak would do very well here. Yet, besides the dealer 50 miles away in Franklin, PA where the composite won't do well due to fast rivers, rapids and rocks... the next closest dealer is 142 miles away, in Canada. Hurricane is missing out in this area of Erie, Cleveland and Buffalo.


After owning a 16 ft…

Submitted by: Lewis on 6/16/2016

After owning a 16 ft wilderness systems tarpon sit on top that was great, I decided to purchase a lite weight sit in. The old boat weighed about 60-65 lbs. After a lot of research I decided on the hurricane santee sport 116.

It is lite,..35 lbs, it tracks well, the seat has numerous adjustments, the sport has an extended cockpit opening, it is well constructed, there is a surface mounted cubby as well as a cockpit cubby. and the mango color is very attractive. The lite weight also makes it easy to get on top of my jeep.

As 69 year old in great physical condition, my lower back , a life long issue, gives me a problem getting out. Simple solution...I purchased a strap that I attach to the front carry handle, usually back the kayak onto the shore or ramp and pull myself up. The large cockpit allows for easy exit. I can also sit one of my grandchildren between my legs for short and safe excursions.

The company staff has been VERY responsive with answers to any questions I h ave had regarding accessories. Suggesting other vendors if they didn't offer the item I was looking for.

I just don't get to use it as much as I'd like....but I'm trying to change that.


I've owned a purple Hurricane…

Submitted by: floridian91 on 4/29/2016
I've owned a purple Hurricane Santee 116 Sport since September 2015. I chose this kayak not only for its good looks but for how well it tracked, speed, and most of all, for its weight! At under 40 pounds, I can carry this kayak over my shoulder and load it onto my Honda CRV with ease! I go out every weekend and enjoy the SWFL paddling trails. I get lots of compliments on the looks and color of my Santee. The sports model is also easy to get into and out of, and to me it's like a combination of a sit on top and a sit inside due to its large cockpit opening. I am thoroughly happy with the choice I made!

I decided to add to my…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/5/2015
I decided to add to my previous positive review [2014-10-24] of the Hurricane Santee Sport.
I've had considerable more time in the kayak, which I continue thoroughly enjoy. As a 68 year old with some lower back issues the seat is extremely comfortable via its adjustability. I added a pull up strap to assist me in exiting the kayak but love to large opening. The boat tracks well, it can get some speed when I want to, and I find it stable. Mine is a mango color and I get a lot of compliments.. It's lite weight allows me to get it on/off my SUV. onto my Yakima rack.

Just bought Hurricane 116…

Submitted by: sandwick on 9/3/2015
Just bought Hurricane 116 Santee Sport for my wife. We got it on sale and for the same price as heavier plastic boat we get something at 2/3s the weight. Fat back end give stability without dramatically reducing maneuverability. Just used once, but very happy so far.

My Santee Sport is now 10 yrs…

Submitted by: PADDLEGUY on 4/22/2015
My Santee Sport is now 10 yrs old and still goin strong. I purchased in FL with the intentions of carrying it on car top that I pulled behind motor home so needed light easy to handle boat that could accommodate all conditions. The past 10 yrs this boat has traveled 35,000 miles across US and Canada. Seen the top of Vancouver IS and the Everglades, Bay of Fundy, Rio Grand, Colorado and Miss.

This morning I launch from our home in east NC to go out and collect trash on our annual river cleanup. At one point I had over 50 lbs in bags on back deck and cockpit. A real work horse. Best times are when my dog Nelson is sitting on a pad ahead of my feet sniffing out adventure.

My boat, being one of the first editions, lacked somewhat in fit and finish plus a few necessities such as a security loop to attach lock. I made small changes and had to reinforce area under seat but she's done me good. I pull a 4 boat trailer with and Eddyline Samba, CD Willow in fiberglass and a Hurricane 128 Expedition for my wife. The boat that sees most water time is still the Santee. Nelson says if I sell he's leaving home.

New or used this is a great rec boat for all paddlers


Moved to the Santee Sport…

Submitted by: Lewis on 10/24/2014
Moved to the Santee Sport from the Wilderness Systems Tarpon 16. Was looking for a trackable, lite weight kayak and the Santee more then meets the criteria. The boat is maneuverable, attractive and can hold a lot of your stuff. Having a bit of a back problem, the large cockpit opening is perfect. Adjustable and comfortable seat and adjustable foot pegs make it easy to find a good position. I highly recommend this boat, model, and company.

This is the thrid summer that…

Submitted by: paddler235936 on 9/5/2014
This is the thrid summer that I am paddling my Santee Sport. I still love this boat as much as the first day I put it in the water. It is nice an light so I can load the boat and carry very easy myself. It is very nimble and I have used it for both open lake paddling and light white water (level 1-2 rapids). It is a great general purpose/recreational kayak. The roomy cockpit is larger than I need but my dog loves to lay on the floor while we are on the water.

I have the Santee Sport 116…

Submitted by: Lewis on 7/9/2014
I have the Santee Sport 116 for about 2 yrs. it replaced my Wilderness Systems Tarpon 16. I needed a much lighter boat with a wide cockpit as I have lower back issues. The Santee more then met the need. It's only 35 lbs, it tracks easy, stable, stores easily, looks great and is sturdy. The cockpit holds a lot of stuff and there's a hatch in the cockpit. The seat is very adjustable and comfortable. The company is also great as I had some questions about add on options and they responded very quickly. Plan on taking to Emerald Isle later this month for a family vacation. The mango color stands out.

I love my Santee 116 sport…

Submitted by: betsydecormier on 8/8/2013
I love my Santee 116 sport kayak! Tracks nicely, yet turns on a dime. Light and easy to car top, and is quite eye-catching. I have had tons of compliments on my boat - which I've had for 6 years. Hurricane gives good customer service too. A bit bouncy on waves due to short length - this is not an ocean boat. Does great in class I to III river rapids, watch out for the rocks even though the hull takes quite a beating with only minor scratches. Great kayak for it's intended use of lakes and rivers, I can paddle upstream on fast water better than anyone else I've paddled with. Quite useful when you overshoot the take-out, arghhh!

I picked up one of these used…

Submitted by: paddler235236 on 7/31/2013
I picked up one of these used last week. I've never been in a kayak before and have always wanted to try it. I found this one to be very easy to get in and out of and maneuver on the water. Granted, I have no experience with any others for a base of comparison, but I am very happy with this one and look forward to spending more time on Tahoe in it.

Buyer Beware: In this boat…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/29/2013
Buyer Beware: In this boat you'll always be waiting for the other paddlers to catch up! This is my first and only kayak and I'm still in love...
The open cockpit is great for toting photographic gear, a cooler, a dog, or a small grandchild. This rec boat is oxymoronically sleek, light, and fast with space to stow camping gear.

My Hurricane is beautiful.…

Submitted by: BFGallo on 7/25/2013
My Hurricane is beautiful. I'm a girl (or was a girl) and looks and matchy-matchy are a girl thing. So red and white kayak, red life jacket, etc. Having said that I have to say that the cockpit is not as comfortable as my Wilderness, but that's my only complaint. It tracks well, light weight and reasonably priced. Looks as good as my son's much more expensive yak.

I have had mine for three…

Submitted by: paddler234833 on 11/4/2012
I have had mine for three years and love love love it. Lightweight and easier to mount and carry

Recently purchased the 116…

Submitted by: Lewis on 11/17/2011
Recently purchased the 116 Santee Sport and truly enjoy it. I'm 64 and find it lite, easy to paddle, comfortable seat, and easy to get in/out. I love the mango color. I previously had a Wilderness System Tarpon 16' that I had for 5 years and had some great paddles in it.

I'm a kayak fisherman and own…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/19/2011
I'm a kayak fisherman and own five kayaks. I bought a Hurricane Santee 116 Sport because I wanted a paddler (I own two Hobies with Mirage Drives), but also because she's one of the prettiest kayaks that I've ever seen.

I rigged up a fishing console for her that hooks over the front of the coaming, so that I didn't have to put any holes in her hull to install rod holders and a dry box.

She's very light and comfortable, and she tracks and maneuvers well. She's also durable. I'm ashamed to admit that she's been dropped onto my garage floor, rammed into my garage door while on the roof of my car and dropped onto the ground from the roof of my car, but with no ill effects whatsoever. And did I mention that she's pretty?

The only disappointments I have are that her hull material is fairly soft (e.g., I gouged it the first time that I grounded her on some gravel) and she's not as fast as I had hoped, although my expectations were probably unrealistic for such a light and small kayak. Regarding her weight, since she weighs only 36 pounds, she's the easiest kayak I own to get onto the water and back, so I take her out a lot.


This is a very nice boat for…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/22/2010
This is a very nice boat for the money. I bought it for the big cockpit in order to carry a large telephoto lens.

The seat is very comfortable and easily adjustable. It has a cup holder and protective pads on the sides of the cockpit. The carrying handles are comfortable. The boat seems to be as light as advertised.

The boat performs well for my purposes (which are mostly photographic). My wife doesn't like the way it tracks though.

The only negative I have is the material. We also own an Eddyline Skylark, a more expensive boat, but with some comparable specs on paper. The Eddyline composite is much more solid and stiffer than the Hurricane's. They're not even close. Before you purchase the Hurricane you may want to check out the Eddylines. That being said, I think the Santee will hold up and there is a significant price difference. My point here is that not all composites are created equal.


I purchased the Santee Sport…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/13/2009
I purchased the Santee Sport model from Hurricane as my first kayak this past summer. I only intend to use the boat on local lakes for nothing more than fun and fitness. To this end the Santee has excelled quite nicely. The open cockpit provides easy entry, my storage compartments have remained completely dry and my boat actually does weigh a true 35lbs.

I feel the Santee is super manuverable, edges well for a rec. boat and has great primary and secondary stability (almost to the point of being a bit boring.) Compared with other recreational kayaks of the same size the Santee seems to track a bit better than most and has very good glide. Speed is also decent although I guess I was hoping for more. I would give the Santee a rating of 9 but Hurricane has provided my with such outstanding customer service I feel compelled to give it a 10. My boat started to develop slight bulges in the hull under the bulkheads and with a simple call to Hurricane they are rectifying the situation to my complete satisfaction. I even spoke with Hurricane's VP Brad Taylor and he was both very kind and helpful. Once again Hurricane appears to have wonderful customer service which is worth a great deal these days.

In summation, I would say the Santee Sport 116 is a fun, super stable good looking boat that is quite durable and is probably one of the top performing recreational kayaks available in the 12' range. My next kayak will be a Hurricane Category 5 as I am looking for a little more speed and excitement. Plus edging the swede form hull in turning is just plain fun!


I bought a Santee 116 as my…

Submitted by: paddler233119 on 5/14/2009
I bought a Santee 116 as my first kayak after reading comments on and have no regrets. I have had it on the water three times and couldn't be happier with it.

My wife wants to get involved in kayaking so we went to a local lake and rented two Necky's. I thought paddling my Santee was much easier. Looks like I may be buying another one for my wife. I have a closed cockpit. Being 60 years old I am not as limber as I used to be, so getting in and out is a bit more difficult. The Necky's we rented were open cockpit. I think I might have been more comfortable with that. My wife's will be open cockpit so hopefully she will let me try it out.

After having it in the water 3 times I am getting a small amount of water in both the fore and aft lockers. I will keep an eye on that.

The pro's are transportability, ease of paddling (see no need for the optional rudder), pretty comfortable seat, Trilone appears to be rugged enough, and the looks.
The con's would be that the accessibility of the foot pedals is cumbersome, and possibly the hull to deck joining (were the water is likely to be getting in the lockers)although a bit of marine grade caulk will fix the problem once found.

All in all I am very satisfied with the Santee 116.


I have had the Hurricane…

Submitted by: paddler233112 on 5/10/2009
I have had the Hurricane Santee Sport 116 for about three weeks and love it. I'm new to kayaks and originally purchased a Perception Islander fishing kayak about six weeks ago. The Perception was too heavy for me to get on top of my Ford Explorer and I wanted something that was faster in the water.

The Santee Sport has met and exceeded all my expectations. It is light, easy to carry and quick in the water. It tracks well, turns easily and is a joy to use. Highly recommended.


My wife and I have been…

Submitted by: lspyle on 8/25/2008
My wife and I have been renting kayaks for several years and this was the first boat that I purchased. After trying several different brands and designs I settled on the Santee Sport for 3 reasons: it is light and therefore easy to load and move around, it is FUN, and it is a good looking kayak. I am 5'9 and about 195 and it fits me just fine. I really like the open cockpit and the double bulkheads. My wife is 5'0 and 110 and she actually prefers a SOT so we bought her the Phoenix 120 and she loves it as well.

We may eventually move on to more serious boats, however we are having a blast with these. They are a great value for the money


I have owned my kayak for 18…

Submitted by: paddler232827 on 8/18/2008
I have owned my kayak for 18 months now and thought it was time to write a review. I use it on flat water lakes. It is wonderful. It tracks perfect. It is fast. It is super light for me to get on top of my car. And the huge opening is perfect for catching a few rays. I love everything about this boat and would recommend it to anyone!!

I recently purchased a Santee…

Submitted by: yammyxt on 7/30/2008
I recently purchased a Santee 116 Sport for my wife. On the plus side, the kayak looks like a Cadillac compared to the traditional roto-cast construction. The larger opening is a must for easy entry and exit. The seat (a new design this year) is very comfortable and has good adjustments. It's lightweight(36#), making it the lightest in it's class. Very easy to pick up by one person. Stability is fare, some tippy movement when paddling.

When the wind is at your back, it doesn't track very well. It has excellent glide, but only fair speed. Being very expensive, compared to the roto-cast kayaks, it delivers on looks & comfort but is so-so on performance.


I just purchased a Santee 116…

Submitted by: paddler232157 on 7/16/2007
I just purchased a Santee 116 Sport kayak! I am new to kayaking and was looking for a more stable boat. I tried several at a local kayak demo day. I was unimpressed. A friend let me try his Santee 116 XL which is the older version of the same kayak. I knew instantly that this was the boat for me. I am female and at 36# I can lift the boat alone. Its very stable in the water and would take quite a bit of rocking to actually tip it over. I like the large cockpit for comfort, storage, ease of getting in and out as well as sun exposure on the lower extremities. I highly recommend this kayak! Its reasonably priced and great fun to paddle!

My wife and I got into…

Submitted by: paddler231917 on 1/23/2007
My wife and I got into kayaking about 3 years ago shortly after we moved to North Carolina. Our nearest kayak dealer, the Great Outdoor Provision Company, hosted a paddling expo at a local lake. We went down for the day and tried out a number of boats, mostly of the roto molded variety, as we knew we weren't in the market ($$) for a fiberglass or kevlar boat. We liked a few, but weren't sold on any of them. Just before the end of the expo, we finally got a chance to try out the Hurricane Santee 116. Love at first stroke! We bought a pair on the spot. For our preferred type of paddling (lakes and lazy streams), they are ideal. Made of Hurricane's stiffer Trylon plastic, they track well, are relatively fast, comfortable, have excellent stability, and are light weight (36 lbs). The only reason I scored the boat 9 out of 10 is because I have long legs and big feet. I position the foot pegs all the way down, and my toes tend to hit the underside of the deck. If I were to replace my boat, I would opt for the Santee 140, which, at 14 ft., would give me a bit more toe room (I think). At any rate...they are great boats!

The designers at Hurricane…

Submitted by: paddler231817 on 9/25/2006
The designers at Hurricane delivered what they said on this one. For an 11 1/2 footer it tracks very well, turns easily, and is a pleasure to paddle. The beam is carried aft making the boat quick for it's length. The open cockpit makes it easy to jump in, and room to store a fly tube in my case. There is more room behind the very comfortable seat. For the tropics, you can't beat the open cockpit for staying cooler. I did get some water in over the bow from a boat wake, but it wasn't enough to get concerned about. A skirt may be necessary for rougher water. The kayak has two sealed compartments and two bulkheads, so no air bag is needed. At thirty five pounds, I can shoulder carry it, and car top it myself quite easily. I didn't hear any hull slap at all making it quite stealthy! This boat is a welcomed addition to my "fleet". Especially when I am kayaking alone.

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