Mirage® Sport

by  Hobie
9' 7"
Width (in)
Weight (lb)

This Product Has Been Discontinued

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Mirage® Sport Description

The Mirage Sport is Hobie's most compact kicker, an easy to store and transport 9' long kayak. Perfect for pocket water, the cheerful Sport is still plenty of kayak, accommodating users of most heights. It offers every one of Hobie's signal features, including one-of-a-kind Mirage pedal propulsion, the incredibly adjustable Vantage CT seat, and like all Hobie kayaks rotomolded from durable polyethylene, dual rod holders. This small kayak has a big heart that equally loves pleasure cruising and teasing bass in the sticks. Now equipped with the MirageDrive 180 with Kick-Up Fin Technology.

Mirage® Sport Specs and Features

  • Cockpit Type: Sit on Top / Open Cockpit
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Mirage® Sport Reviews

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I've owned and used many…

Submitted by: Tmack on 5/11/2016
I've owned and used many kayaks but the Hobie Mirage is my favorite kayak. The Mirage is so versatile, full of features and options, when the time comes I will be definitely be buying a new Hobie kayak.

After 2 years of using it in…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/28/2015
After 2 years of using it in a lake, the boat is a very fun and easy hull to get accustomed to, esp. for novices. My 7 y.o. uses it primarily. I dropped the rating from a 9 to an 8 because of the fact that there is no rear hatch like the bigger Mirage drive yaks have. This is important because replacement of any of the 4 rudder cables becomes very difficult working blindly. I sold my Sport and got an Oasis & my son can use my Revo 11 from now on.

As an addendum to my August…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/27/2015
As an addendum to my August 2014 review, our Sport has been reliable, fun, and light-weight. My 7 year old son enjoys it, but found himself a bit tired especially following me in my Revos. Then the hog crimp that holds the bungee cord to the black control cord that helps pull up the rudder came off, and what should be a simple fix cannot be fixed because the Sport has no rear hatch in the tankwell! Hobie told me that I would have to cut the Spectra line inside and run through and tie the loose ends myself. The rudder works fine but it needs to be manually pulled up. That's when I decided to sell this boat (on ebay and Craigslist Hudson Valley), and stick with my Revo 11 & 13, and just got an Oasis for tandem sessions.

The Hobie Mirage Sport is one…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/23/2015
The Hobie Mirage Sport is one sweet boat. In spite of my age (75) and not being a large woman (5'2"), I can load it in the pickup, use the wheels to get it in the lake and get great exercise while enjoying the ride. This weekend the fish were jumping off my bow, and the sandhill cranes were walking the shore. Life is good!

Our Hobie Mirage Series SPORT…

Submitted by: paddler201961 on 7/16/2015
Our Hobie Mirage Series SPORT kayak includes the Mirage Drive. We replaced the Mirage Drive fins with bigger fins and when you peddle hard, you can turn this kayak into a speedboat and make it plane. What a blast! It is comfortable and you can pedal it at your own pace so you can be out on the water having fun for quite a while. We liked this kayak because it only weighs 48 pounds and is easy to move around. We also purchased the wheel assembly that fits into the hull which makes it very easy to move around. It has a capacity of 225# and a length of 9'7". There are a lot of options that can be purchased for this kayak. It is an excellent kayak and we highly recommend it.

I have a 2014 Hobie Outback…

Submitted by: mccandrj on 5/20/2015
I have a 2014 Hobie Outback and now a 2015 Hobie Sport. I love both of them. I only fish from my kayaks, and use them both in the ocean, bays and rivers.

The Outback has load weight I can use for fishing all day, but the Sport half the load weight. So, I use the Sport for short trips and fairly calm water. I know it can take a sea, but not with a load. I'm 200+, so that is almost maxed out, so a fishing rod, some lures and a water bottle is it for me to feel safe. But, very maneuverable and great for the back rivers, I wouldn't give it up for anything.


The Mirage pedal drive is a…

Submitted by: Rexlion on 5/18/2015
The Mirage pedal drive is a great way to get around. Leg strength is greater than arm strength, the drive location precludes yaw, the rudder works great. I even did a little fishing from this yak, both trolling and casting; try trolling with a paddle in your hands!

The Sport was well made, and light enough for me to load onto the SUV roof by myself (I'm in my 50s BTW). I could pedal up a nice bow wave, so I know it's speedy enough. Stability was reasonably good when sitting in the kayak, but exiting or entering it was a time for caution and no way would I ever want to stand up! A SUP feels steadier than the Sport, thanks to its flat hull.

My biggest dislike for the Sport, though, was the sitting position. Pedaling puts the knees at about stomach (almost chest) level, with the back semi-reclining against an insubstantial seat back. I could not get the seat to give me adequate support to keep my back from hurting after about 30-40 minutes. And having my legs up all the time just gets old quickly. My longest continuous stretch in the Sport was about 2 hours, after which I felt so stiff and cramped, it was a chore to climb out of the kayak. So after owning this yak only 3 months, I sold it.


I bought the 2014 Sport as a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/5/2014
I bought the 2014 Sport as a hull replacement for a used Sport I bought which may or may not have had a mirage drive well crack. They feel similar, but the new hull tweaks and front hatch is nice. I mainly let my 6 y.o. son pedal it, and he can keep up for short trips whereas he would not be able to if paddling. I'm not a fan of kayaks with wide beams, so that's why it gets a 9. Otherwise, it's a good boat for calm coastal or flatwater lakes, ponds, & slow rivers.

Stable and comfortable. The…

Submitted by: paddler234360 on 4/18/2014
Stable and comfortable. The Mirage drive is outstanding, leaving hands free. Solidly built, rotomolded polyethylene. Good storage.

We bought two Mirage Sports…

Submitted by: paddler234695 on 8/5/2012
We bought two Mirage Sports from someone (used), who only sold them because they were moving away from their water source, and we absolutely love them. Every time I take them out on the lake, I have people asking me about them and wanting to try mine. I probably should get a commission for all the Mirage Sports I am selling; everyone leaves saying they want to buy one.

I love the smooth pedaling and the versatility of pedaling, rowing or sailing. I can get a workout without feeling like I'm working too hard, and have been able to get up very close (within a few feet) of loons because it is so quiet. I wanted something I could handle on my own (in my 50's, but feel like early 40's....5'4, smaller woman) and I can get these in and out of the water by myself. I definitely like having the wheels to help in hauling.


I bought a Hobie Mirage Sport…

Submitted by: paddler234360 on 11/23/2011
I bought a Hobie Mirage Sport after trying a friends larger Mirage model. I needed something that was under 10' to fit in a cargo trailer. I am VERY impressed with the Hobie construction and engineering. Stable and comfortable.

I have used the Sport in mountain lakes, rivers, and the protected coastal water in the Gulf of Mexico - and definitely prefer it over my other brand sit-in (which, fortunately, my wife prefers). It is heavy, though. For accessories, I bought the sail (decent in limited wind conditions) and the Hobie wheels, that make moving it around much easier. I bought mine from Super Sport Marine in Kearney, NE, having had a great buying experience there with a sailboat - and just as good once again with this Hobie.


This Hobie kayak is made of…

Submitted by: paddler201961 on 4/14/2011
This Hobie kayak is made of rotomolded Super Linear polyethylene II and weighs just 48#! I upgraded the "MirageDrive" fins with the turbo kit. If you peddle hard enough, you can make a nice bow wave and nearly make "hull speed" but I bet you will not be able to keep it up for long! I suggest pulling the rudder and turbo fins out of the water before venturing into the grass areas or you will have some fun breaking free. The paddle that is supplied with the kayak appears to be graphite epoxy construction and it works very well. It is an awesome boat and you will not be disappointed if you purchase one. There is a dealer for Hobie kayaks in just about every state. Have fun!

I've owned my Sport for about…

Submitted by: dregsfan on 12/10/2010
I've owned my Sport for about two years and have loved every minute of it. The Mirage pedal propulsion system is amazingly effective, reliable, easy to install and when you find a comfortable cadence you can just keep on going for ages. The seat is dry, easy to adjust and very comfortable. I leave the rudder down when paddling unless I'm going to be doing some maneuvering. I also purchased the sportsman package and sail kit. Both are well worth the money.

Hobies are expensive, but there's nothing else like them on the water. If you want a craft that can be very versatile and fun to use... this is the one for you.


For a while, I debated…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/13/2010
For a while, I debated getting a Hobie Sport and eventually took the plunge. I'm so glad I did, because I love this little boat!
I am a woman, 5'5" and 120 lb. I don't have a lot of upper body strength, so the 48 lb. hull just about maxes out my limit for lifting. Luckily, I can fit the boat in the back of my SUV, and I bought the optional cart for transporting it from my car to launching sites.

The Mirage Drive pedaling system is the main selling point of this boat, in my opinion. My first outing on this boat lasted 3 hours and I left energized (and I am not a regular exerciser). You also stay 100% dry while pedaling, and if you're careful, you can peddle almost silently. This is great for wildlife viewing, compared to paddles waving all over the place. Paddling is also fun, but I recommend leaving the rudder down because it helps the boat track straighter. When I brought the rudder up, I seemed to get nowhere while paddling.

The boat is incredibly stable and comfortable. The cushioned seat is awesome. I can't wait to add the optional sail when I get out on more open waters. Although you don't go as fast as you would in an Adventure Island, it sounds like a blast!!

The only downside to this boat is the relatively low weight limit, and the price tag. Ultimately, I am so glad I went with the Sport because it is exactly what I wanted; however, it is rather "gadgety" for a boat and I worry that its lifespan will be short. From what I've heard, the Mirage Drive and rudder system require regular maintenance to keep them working smoothly. I hope to get years of enjoyment out of this boat!


Just returned from 6 weeks of…

Submitted by: paddler233023 on 2/19/2009
Just returned from 6 weeks of kayak fishing in Florida. Could not imagine fishing so comfortably in anything else. We would be on rivers, inlets and open ocean for 6 hrs a day.
Peddling all day sure beats paddling. FUN!

Stable, dry, easy to…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/16/2008
Stable, dry, easy to maneuver, comfortable on my butt 3 hrs+ (longest I've gone)handles calm lake Michigan waves up to 1.5' no trouble. My biggest concern is being seen by speed boaters. It's a blast pedaling around the pier and talking to the fishermen. Love my Hobie. If your just not sure, trust me, you're gonna love it.
Mirage® Sport