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Name: Rexlion

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The Mirage pedal drive is a great way to get around. Leg strength is greater than arm strength, the drive location precludes yaw, the rudder works great. I even did a little fishing from this yak, both trolling and casting; try trolling with a paddle in your hands!

The Sport was well made, and light enough for me to load onto the SUV roof by myself (I'm in my 50s BTW). I could pedal up a nice bow wave, so I know it's speedy enough. Stability was reasonably good when sitting in the kayak, but exiting or entering it was a time for caution and no way would I ever want to stand up! A SUP feels steadier than the Sport, thanks to its flat hull.

My biggest dislike for the Sport, though, was the sitting position. Pedaling puts the knees at about stomach (almost chest) level, with the back semi-reclining against an insubstantial seat back. I could not get the seat to give me adequate support to keep my back from hurting after about 30-40 minutes. And having my legs up all the time just gets old quickly. My longest continuous stretch in the Sport was about 2 hours, after which I felt so stiff and cramped, it was a chore to climb out of the kayak. So after owning this yak only 3 months, I sold it.