Name: mccandrj

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I have a 2014 Hobie Outback and now a 2015 Hobie Sport. I love both of them. I only fish from my kayaks, and use them both in the ocean, bays and rivers.

The Outback has load weight I can use for fishing all day, but the Sport half the load weight. So, I use the Sport for short trips and fairly calm water. I know it can take a sea, but not with a load. I'm 200+, so that is almost maxed out, so a fishing rod, some lures and a water bottle is it for me to feel safe. But, very maneuverable and great for the back rivers, I wouldn't give it up for anything.

I have owned four yaks, this is my first Wilderness, I am very happy with the Tarpon and the way it fishes. I fish mostly saltwater bays and the ocean. I think this model is good for this type of water. The yak comes in from open ocean fine, I find, I am the problem in all cases. I have caught big blues to the low 20’s that would drag me all over the bay, and under the boat, 38lb Striper that was up to the yak in less than 20 seconds till she realized she was hooked, than another 25 mins. I only have one comment: I want another!