Mirage® Revolution® 16

by  Hobie
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This Product Has Been Discontinued

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Mirage® Revolution® 16 Description

The Hobie Mirage Revolution 16 boasts a long, lean hull that’s low on drag and big on speed, allowing you to glide along at a pace typically reserved for far more fragile kayaks. Instead of requiring constant babying, the Revo 16’s rugged, rotomolded polyethylene hull stands ready to brave any beach. Consider the Revo 16’s range and speed—coupled with carefully considered details such as ergonomic carrying handles and its comfortable, Vantage CT seat—and the advantages are obvious. With a 16’ hull design for touring or fishing at speed plus MirageDrive power, covering distance with ease is the Revo 16’s game. Now outfitted with the MirageDrive 180 with Kick-Up Fin Technology.

Mirage® Revolution® 16 Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Mirage® Revolution® 16 Reviews

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Great Yak, used primarily…

Submitted by: Rayplumas on 9/4/2019

Great Yak, used primarily for fishing there is none better that I have found to fish from. Well built, tough and all the fishing features you need. Very stable and easy to paddle or peddle. The wheels make the car to water trip easy, loaded with all the gear for a one way trip to start the fishing.


Fantastic. Very stable. Easy…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/17/2019

Fantastic. Very stable. Easy to menuver. First fishing kayak I have owned . Highly recommend for all skill levels.


I absolutely love this…

Submitted by: mebridges on 5/30/2018

I absolutely love this kayak. I have limited endurance in my arms because of an accident, but strong legs. So this kind of kayak is perfect. Plus having the hands free for fishing is huge bonus!


Bought a new 2018 Hobie…

Submitted by: paddler430423 on 5/8/2018

Bought a new 2018 Hobie Revolution 16 kayak in February of this year. Winter is finally over and just got it out for its maiden voyage today. What an awesome boat !!! I have two Revo 13's already so I knew what to expect but where it really surprised me was the ease at which this kayak cut through the choppy waves and wind crossing the lake. Smooth and effortless. Amazing. And when I really gave it some muscle, this thing flies. Gonna have lots of fun this year with the Hobie Revo 16. And the red is very eye catching. Thanks for another great boat Hobie.


I have mine set up with two…

Submitted by: vballref on 7/20/2016
I have mine set up with two additional rod holders, flag staff with light, anchor trolley and GPS with fish finder. This kayak gets you to the fishing spots fast. It also makes it quicker to change your fishing area when the fish are not biting. It has handled bays, lakes, rivers, New York Harbor and the Atlantic Ocean with ease. It tracks very smoothly. The rudder performs flawlessly when you have a need to compensate for rough chop. The mirage drive is very reliable. The Hobie Adventure Kayak is a platform I would highly recommend. The only reason I rate it an 8, instead of a 10, is the weight.

Maneuvering this kayak on land would be much easier with less weight.

I have 2 of these boats and…

Submitted by: paddler236911 on 7/1/2016
I have 2 of these boats and love them for their speed in covering water to get from one fishing hotspot to another. I've had boaters ask me if I ever pulled a water skier. I prefer fishing nonmotorized boats to hear the sounds of nature instead of engine noise. They are narrow, which is why they are quick, so stability is sacrificed. I grew up with tippy canoes so I know how to move in a boat to avoid capsizing, and never dumped one.

The best feature for me is the hands free operation and steering which frees up both hands for fly fishing. I can make a slight change in the rudder control lever for a course correction, and I'm back to fishing with 2 hands. When trolling I used to do a 180 degree turn after hooking a fish to land it. Now before I begin trolling I reverse the mirage drive in the kayak so the boat backs up and I can see the fish jumping to fight it properly without the 180 turn.

My only negative is a sometimes wet butt due to water entering through the scupper holes and/or drive well. Current models with an elevated mesh chair have corrected this problem.


I love my Hobie Adventurer. I…

Submitted by: paddler234452 on 3/8/2012
I love my Hobie Adventurer. I have the 2006 model. What can you say it paddles sails and even drives well with the mirage drive/. The two cons I can think of, the seat is wet, that is why it gets a 9 instead of 10. The second reason is no easy option to add amas to the 2006 short of making them and installing them yourself.

I just went out on my first…

Submitted by: paddler234428 on 2/1/2012
I just went out on my first trip in my new Adventure. I bought the turbo finns and wow this thing is fast! It's not heavy like other people say; I have a jeep wrangler and I lift it on by myself I'm 6ft 180 lbs. Once you buy it you have to adjust it to you. You will be sorry you did not buy this. I got the cart and turbo finns and the kayak for under 1800 new I'm not kidding! This kayak goes 10 mph with my gps and I can go circles around jon boats with trolling motors.

I had long wanted a Hobie…

Submitted by: dregsfan on 7/9/2010
I had long wanted a Hobie Mirage kayak. I've owned four kayaks previously; an 11' rec boat and 3 sea kayaks from 16 to 17 feet in length. When I decided to buy a Mirage, I knew that either the Revolution or Adventure were the models I wanted, as they were the most like a sea kayak.

If finances would have allowed, I would have purchased the $3,400 Adventure Island; the trimaran sailing version of the Adventure. The Outback looked like a nice boat for fishing but at 33" wide is a tank. I wanted something to get me from point A to point B with as little effort as possible. I just so happened to choose an Adventure.

It has a sleeker shape than the Revo and I'm 6'3", so the extra length is useful. I immediately ordered the Hobie sail kit, turbo fins and sailing rudder. These all give any Hobie Mirage boat the ability to fish, pedal, paddle or sail. The Adventure is the best most versatile kayak on the market! I really can't say enough about Hobie's patented Mirage drive system. For the technical details, see Hobie's web site.

With the Mirage drive you use very little effort to get up to and maintain cruising speed. I can only compare it to walking, but you aren't supporting your weight. You can adjust the pitch on the turbo fins, just as an outboard motor would use different pitch props. I had mine about ten turns down from the maximum setting.

I've taken the Adventure out twice so far. On 7 and 10 mile group lake trips. Both groups averaged 2.6 mph on the GPS and it was as easy as a leisurely bike ride around your neighborhood. I had short bursts of over 5 mph, and I think I could have maintained 4 mph on my own.

Storage is adequate, but you should expect that in a 16 foot SOT. The Twist & Stow rudder system looks a little over-complicated compared to a sea kayak rudder, but it seemed to work OK, even with the extra weight of the larger sailing rudder.

The boat is heavy, but no heavier than poly sea kayaks of the same length. My only complaint is the seat. My rear was hurtin’ on the first trip. I added a 3/4" closed-cell foam pad on the bottom cushion the second time out. Problem solved. I still rate it a 10, just because the Mirage drive more than makes up for this shortcoming. I hope to take it out with the Hobie sail kit sometime soon. I'll write up another review of the Adventure as a sailing kayak.


I bought the Adventure in May…

Submitted by: paddler233059 on 4/3/2009
I bought the Adventure in May 2005. I had research several kayaks and had narrowed my decision to 3 SOT (Sit-on-top) models. I was very fortunate to have purchased my Adventure from a kayak shop that was closing up shop, so I got a really GREAT deal. I immediately put the boat in the water and I cannot imagine having anything else.

To date I have paddled on 5 rivers, 7 bays, at least a dozen lakes, and the Gulf of Mexico. I have paddled/pedaled 8-10 miles with little fatigue.

The boat is remarkably stable, as I have to TRY to tip it over, and I can stand in the boat a cast and fish. Open water is no problem, as I have paddled/pedaled 2-3 miles out into the Gulf to fish and was never once worried.

There is more storage space than I can fill (in the hull and on top of the boat, and even fully loaded, it sits high in the water and tracks straight and true.

I like this boat so much, that now, 3 years later, I am getting ready to purchase a second so I can take people out with me! It is fast, stable, and easy to work.

As for any cons... the first boat I purchased had a severe crack in the hull where the mirage drive inserts into the water. I took the boat back and two weeks later I received a brand new boat. Also, because of it's length, it can be awkward to move around out of the water. That's it!

Overall, great boat, even it it is a little pricey. You can't go wrong with the Hobie Mirage Adventure.


I live on the Chesapeake Bay…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/7/2007
I live on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland and have been kayaking for 5-6 years. I'm 60 years old and found my previous cockpit-kayak (Necky Looksha poly) was too confining for trips over two hours. This new peddle system is ideal. Very stable, easy to get in and out.

The Hobie folks have done a wonderful job engineering the bells and whistles (cup holder, accessible dry storage, rod holder, etc.). My only complaints are the weight (60 lbs) and length make it difficult for one man transport. There are wheels available, but I launch and recover either over Rip Rap or off a pier. The second issue I have encountered is the seat adjustments seem to loosen with constant pressure.

I purchased the new turbo fins and this baby really flies through the water. I haven't used it in chop yet but have read the reviews and am not concerned. One of my neighbors purchased the tandem for he and his wife. They too are now converts.


I just bought an adventure…

Submitted by: paddler232176 on 7/10/2007
I just bought an adventure island , and let me tell you it's awesome, I live in Miami Beach just a few blocks from the ocean, I just wheel it to the beach and assemble it there, it takes about 5- 10 mins to assemble and then it's ready to go, it easily pedals out even against the surf and once you're out there the fun begins. It is also very easy to maneuver either with sails or pedals I highly recommend the AI. I have to give it a 10 rating when in the water, however the only problem that I have is moving it around, the only way to put it on my roof rack is disassembled and it takes time to to so, also I have to put a lot of the pieces inside the car, so if you're planning on buying one , I would recommend you figure out the method of transport you will use but besides that it seems to be one of the better investments I've made

I can't believe there has…

Submitted by: AlohaDan on 5/9/2007
I can't believe there has been only one review posted so far. This is an ocean fishing machine. Handles trade winds here in Hawaii wonderfully. Heavy chop and swell to Beaufort 5-6 no problema with th Mirage Drive. While the paddle types are getting off the water, I'm still fishing.

Easy to get in and out of, the Adventure has great secondary stability. If you need more like the 30+" battleships for what ever reason, add Sidekick a small inflatable ama system that can be stored inside. You will want the sail to use the wind as your friend and get out of trouble, versus viewing wind as the enemy. Sailing also helps when your trolling a lure versus bait. Sidekick and the smaller 20 sq ft sail work well if you can find an older '06 model.

Unfortunately the new models only accept the Adventure Island mast now. However if you don't want the large Island ama configuration try putting a Sidekick on and furl the 57 ft sq sail down to 25 or 20 sq ft. Someone should also post on the Adventure Island itself. Most comments I have heard from users say this it it, particularly for long day tours and tolling speed while fishing for pelagics..

Internal storage on the Adventure isn't very good. But then most yaks I have seen on the market aren't any better in this regard. As an ocean guy I'd rather see great internal storage for fish and gear, then the tankwell solution. You can still paddle if you want. I do on long fishing trips for a change of pace, and to keep loose in the yak. You'll also need to carry a paddle as a backup, and for navigating around harbors, etc if you have to go backwards. There is no reverse for the Mirage Drive. However in a pinch you could remove it, and re-insert backwards.

Hobie offers three different fin configurations for the Mirage Drive. Check with your dealer. I prefer the Turbos as the fin edge can be tensioned to your needs. Like adjusting gears on a bike. If one views a kayak as a means of transport for touring, fishing, etc Hobie opens a new window on the industry with it's trifecta system of underwater pedaling penguin wing propulsion, sailing, and paddling.


>Newest in the Hobie line,…

Submitted by: paddler231465 on 2/28/2006
>Newest in the Hobie line, the Adventure is the longest (16 feet) and narrowest (27.5") of the Hobie kayak line. Hull weight is listed at 60 lb. It comes equipped with Mirage pedal drive, hand-operated rudder, seat, paddle, pitot tube speedometer, daggerboard well, three hatches, two built-in rod holders, a large on-deck storage area and some other miscellaneous equipment. Optional equipment includes sailing kit, daggerboard, larger rudder and more. There is a fishing version -- essentially the same thing but in different colors and some fishing accessories (cooler, anchor, etc).

With a newly designed hull and lower seating position, the initial and secondary stability are both excellent. The seat, with two mounting positions and an adjustable back -- is comfortable. Handling on the water feels more refined, compared with the Hobie Classic and Tandem. It is faster than it feels and very quiet in chop with almost no hull slap. Tracking while paddling is good. Storage is everythere and easily accessable on or below deck. With a 350 lb. capacity, one can load it up quite a bit. Bungee cords abound for keeping everything secure.

In rough or choppy conditions, one can expect to get a little wet, but there is noticably less bow spray than the other Hobie kayaks.

My favorite feature is the Adventure's ability to quietly slice through chop and swells upwind.

The only negative I found was the large turning radius and weak rudder response with the original rudder. The optional larger rudder corrects this condition very nicely and is highly recommended.

There are a lot of nice touches such as drink holders (2), rod holders (2) (although positioned behind the seat), mesh pockets (2) and a detachable pouch (for personal effects) on the back of the seat.

I won't elaborate on the many benefits of the outstanding Mirage pedal drive since they have been well reported elsewhere, but I should mention that it has evolved over time. It is about a pound lighter than earlier models and now has a really neat quick and easy pedal adjustment system for different leg lengths. There is a larger "turbo drive" fin kit coming out this Spring that really adds a new dimension and will adapt to all the existing drives (got to test drive one last Nov.and am on the waiting list. it gets a 10+!)

I like to take pictures, and can approach wildlife with little motion, no noise and hands on the camera with this kayak.

Of the three Hobie kayaks I've had, this is easily the most versatile, fastest and most capable. Beyond that, it imparts a feeling of oneness with the water that is hard to describe. It's definitely my favorite.

Mirage® Revolution® 16