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Name: AlohaDan

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I can't believe there has been only one review posted so far. This is an ocean fishing machine. Handles trade winds here in Hawaii wonderfully. Heavy chop and swell to Beaufort 5-6 no problema with th Mirage Drive. While the paddle types are getting off the water, I'm still fishing.

Easy to get in and out of, the Adventure has great secondary stability. If you need more like the 30+" battleships for what ever reason, add Sidekick a small inflatable ama system that can be stored inside. You will want the sail to use the wind as your friend and get out of trouble, versus viewing wind as the enemy. Sailing also helps when your trolling a lure versus bait. Sidekick and the smaller 20 sq ft sail work well if you can find an older '06 model.

Unfortunately the new models only accept the Adventure Island mast now. However if you don't want the large Island ama configuration try putting a Sidekick on and furl the 57 ft sq sail down to 25 or 20 sq ft. Someone should also post on the Adventure Island itself. Most comments I have heard from users say this it it, particularly for long day tours and tolling speed while fishing for pelagics..

Internal storage on the Adventure isn't very good. But then most yaks I have seen on the market aren't any better in this regard. As an ocean guy I'd rather see great internal storage for fish and gear, then the tankwell solution. You can still paddle if you want. I do on long fishing trips for a change of pace, and to keep loose in the yak. You'll also need to carry a paddle as a backup, and for navigating around harbors, etc if you have to go backwards. There is no reverse for the Mirage Drive. However in a pinch you could remove it, and re-insert backwards.

Hobie offers three different fin configurations for the Mirage Drive. Check with your dealer. I prefer the Turbos as the fin edge can be tensioned to your needs. Like adjusting gears on a bike. If one views a kayak as a means of transport for touring, fishing, etc Hobie opens a new window on the industry with it's trifecta system of underwater pedaling penguin wing propulsion, sailing, and paddling.