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Name: paddler236911

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I have 2 of these boats and love them for their speed in covering water to get from one fishing hotspot to another. I've had boaters ask me if I ever pulled a water skier. I prefer fishing nonmotorized boats to hear the sounds of nature instead of engine noise. They are narrow, which is why they are quick, so stability is sacrificed. I grew up with tippy canoes so I know how to move in a boat to avoid capsizing, and never dumped one.

The best feature for me is the hands free operation and steering which frees up both hands for fly fishing. I can make a slight change in the rudder control lever for a course correction, and I'm back to fishing with 2 hands. When trolling I used to do a 180 degree turn after hooking a fish to land it. Now before I begin trolling I reverse the mirage drive in the kayak so the boat backs up and I can see the fish jumping to fight it properly without the 180 turn.

My only negative is a sometimes wet butt due to water entering through the scupper holes and/or drive well. Current models with an elevated mesh chair have corrected this problem.