Fusion™ 124 (10’4")

10' 4"
Width (in)
Weight (lb)

This Product Has Been Discontinued

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Fusion™ 124 (10’4") Description

This sit-in kayak is great for the casual paddler as it lets you adjust the back rest and the foot rest system to your ease. Plus, it has enough storage for an entire day on the water!

Fusion™ 124 (10’4") Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit Inside
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner

Additional Attributes

  • Multi channel hull for ultimate tracking and stability
  • Adjustable back rest and seat cushion
  • Adjustable Step Lock foot rest system
  • Rear 12" x 20" elliptical storage hatch
  • Bow and stern carry handles
  • Front & rear bungees
  • Molded-in cup holder
  • Integrated rear drain plugs
  • Rotomolded

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Just took my fusion 124…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/27/2023

Just took my fusion 124 kayaks out with the wife. I lucked out and bought 4 used fusion 124’s for 400 bucks. I was worried about the stability as I’m very inexperienced but it was rock solid. I can definitely fish from this which was one of the big things I got excited for for it. I added an oar holder, a couple of rod holders, an anchor, a dry storage in the front of it for my phone and keys. All in all I’m super happy with it. It’s not the nicest kayak but I won’t feel bad coming a shore where it’s rocky or have to worry about scratching it up and it floats, tracks straight, takes little effort to get to speed and handles well. The oars I got with the kayaks I bought were way short so I’d suggest going with a 90-95” paddle.


trying to find out how to…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/29/2022

trying to find out how to order parts. such as seats and screws


I have to be honest, I lucked…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/23/2020
I have to be honest, I lucked out with this kayak. I purchased my kayak five years ago. This is my first kayak - I did not have any paddling experience. I did not research it and went solely on the design. I LOVE it! It tracks well, it does great in calm and choppy water. The storage is adequate. No complaints.

This kayak has stood up to…

Submitted by: paddler796767 on 6/11/2020
This kayak has stood up to the test in lakes and rivers of both rock bottom and large branches. I'm extremely rough on my kayaks and for the money, this is my favorite backup kayak (almost becomes my primary on most days). It's got great balance, cuts through water, and with the adjustable foot positions I fit comfortably at 6'4". The cupholder is always a nice convenience and the trunk has decent space. The only downside of this kayak is the extremely thin backrest, it's a necessity to have an additional backpad if you're going to be spending hours at a time or consecutive days on the water. For the durability and overall quality of the kayak, the 350-400$ price range is a damn good deal!

I've had this kayak for…

Submitted by: JMask on 5/27/2020
I've had this kayak for around 5 years after snagging it on sale at Dick's Sporting Goods, and it's perfect for entry-level up to intermediate-level paddlers. The "dry" storage is not separate from the main bay in my model, but it holds drybags very easily. No issues tracking, but expect to get wet in choppy waters if you're not good at reading the tilt from the waves. Been through rivers and lakes for weekend trips and it holds enough gear for me (6'2" 200 lbs.). Overall, good choice to pick up for beginners.

The Fusion 124 is a…

Submitted by: paddler551439 on 9/4/2019

The Fusion 124 is a fantastic and capable mid- priced starter kayak. While it paddles a little wet with heavy chop, it is extremely stable and you never feel a loss of control or track, no matter the conditions. With its 300lb capacity, you can easily store enough gear for a day trip or weekend excursion downriver. The rear storage compartment is ample, with a water- proof removable cover accessible from the cockpit, and the front-of- seat area has a clear unobstructed center line from the cockpit rim to the bow for more storage. For the weekender who dreams of larger voyages on occasion but doesn't want to break the bank, the Fusion 124 fits the bill perfectly.


Best of my 3 kayaks. She's…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/29/2019

Best of my 3 kayaks.

She's stable, and goes through the water better than most others in her price range. Love the dry pack in the back, I keep my keys, wallet (and toilet paper) back there when I go down the river. I love how low she sits and when other kayaks bottom out on rocks or sand bars she still goes.

My only complaint is that I wish the cup holder were in a different spot


I love this girl! I live on…

Submitted by: paddler511796 on 6/5/2019

I love this girl! I live on the Hudson river in NY and use it all the time. It is the exact one that unfortunately, 5 miles down river from me, a man lost his life. Take it from me, because I have kayaked there.. It was not caused by the plug being removed! This is a very stable kayak!! It sits low in the water, but I have Never felt unsafe. (I pushed the limit one time with severe whitecaps on the river... And it took everything I had to remain perpendicular to the waves, but we rocked it)Its very fast! Only complaint..The seat is awful- bottom fell out, need to replace. No back support. But I still love her!!!


This has been out fitted to…

Submitted by: dgbeerco on 6/18/2018

This has been out fitted to to used as a fishing kayak on inland lakes. It'a low price point has a few issues including a very uncomfortable seat and the thickness of the material seems pretty thin as compared to some other models of kayaks. If you look around you will be able to find this kayak at a lower price point than the $429 list price. This kayak is easy to carry, it does track well, and is fairly stable.


As a novice paddler I love…

Submitted by: paddler443922 on 6/18/2018

As a novice paddler I love the stability of my Fusion! I pushed off a log and tipped it slightly which made my kayak fill with water but it didn't flip. I also went down a clsss II backwards and out of my seat (don't ask, haha) and made it safely through. My husband said it was just luck but I bet I would have fallen out in a tippier kayak! That was my first trip and I've learned a lot since then but I still like the stable ride and large cockpit for easy access. I didn't give it 5 stars because I'd like a paddle keeper and a comfier seat for long floats. It didn't have a sealed bulkhead so we used empty two liter bottles and sprayed foam insulation to keep it from sinking if waterlogged. I'm Pretty sad that Dick's Sporting Goods has stopped carrying it, as it costs way too much on other sites for the value. I need an extra kayak but I don't want to pay more than I feel it's worth. I paid around $300 for mine and I've really enjoyed it.


Happy with the price and…

Submitted by: paddler442465 on 6/15/2018

Happy with the price and stability, but the seat seems as if it's designed to break your spine where your back meets the top of the kayak deck! VERY uncomfortable for all who have used it! I added a piece of thin aluminum behind the seat back extending above the deck. That took the strain off the lower back! The other issue I have with this kayak is the nearly impossible to adjust foot rests. We adjusted them once and they have been stuck ever since! These two problems cause me to rate this kayak at 4. It's kind of a "mechanics special". If you don't mind doing some work to it, the price is right!


Great Kayak! This is a nice…

Submitted by: tbouis on 2/12/2018

Great Kayak! This is a nice beginner kayak with one piece construction and fair tracking. Somewhat fast for it's type and weight, it's perfect for paddling leisurely on a lake or slow-moving river. Very stable on the water. Foot pegs are adjustable & adequate. Center cup holder is a bonus for a drink or possibly cellphone/small camera. On the negative side -the thin seat isn't very comfortable and the rear storage would be better with a separate chamber, but for the price (maybe $180-250 depending on sales) those things should definitely be overlooked and solved via accessories. I got a small seat/cushion for a few bucks and there are inexpensive dry packs or even some solid containers that will fit in the stow area. All in all, not too many complaints for this awesome entry-level boat.


Great First Kayak!

Submitted by: Lisa-George on 8/7/2017

I've owned this kayak for three years now and absolutely love it! It tracks great and is pretty fast. My friends are jealous of me because I can go much faster than they can. That's the only downside to this kayak. That you have to paddle slower when with friends. I do fairly slow rivers and lakes, but the wind has caused me to have to navigate big waves, and this kayak works for that also. You're not making a mistake in buying this kayak!


Worth it for the Price

Submitted by: Hooky586 on 7/10/2017

This was the first kayak I bought and the main reason for the purchase was the price. I figured if I really got into kayaking, I could always buy a better model in the future. The main issue with this kayak is that is it open and if you flip and their is a strong current, then your kayak may sink. To resolve this issue, I bought 12 pool noodles and zip tied 6 of them and placed in the front and back of the kayak. Then I used spray foam to cover the noodles to give my kayak buoyancy. This fixed the issue and now my kayak goes about 3" under water and stops in a heavy current river.


Great bang for buck for $250. But don't expect a $1000 kayak.

Submitted by: Woody213 on 3/5/2017

I was given a pair of these when my mother sold her sailboat. I am an avid, experienced kayaker but haven't owned my own in a few years. These kayaks are a great bang for your buck.

It is quite long for the price range and has a high weight capacity (250lb according to amazon, 300lb according to Future Beach). Its quite stable, similar to most recreational kayaks. It tracks very well, above average IMO. It is quite fast for being an entry level recreational boat It has good storage, but nothing extraordinary.

I have mine set for river and bay fishing. It works well, much better than I had expected for a kayak like this. If you can find these on sale, which they are regularly, for $200-$250 its definitely a good buy.

I gave it four stars because for the price ($200) you really cant beat it. I did not give it the 5th for a few reasons, albeit small things.

-One is the rear storage has no bulkhead. I have built and added my own but its annoying that its open.
-The rear hatch cover isn't great. Normally having no bulkhead would make this moot but to have dry storage I had to replace it.
-The seat is really just terrible. I replaced it immediately. It wears out quickly and offers no real support.
-For the way I like to kayak the cockpit opening is too long. Thats purely personal though. I prefer more enclosed cockpits for a number of reasons.
-Its a bit on the thin side. I understand that its a $400 kayak but when I mounted my rod holders I had to make custom backing plates. Most people using this kayak shouldn't worry though as most probably wont use it as a fishing kayak.

All in all, like I said its a great little kayak, great bang for the buck. It wouldn't be my first choice but my first choice would cost around $1000. For someone on a tight budget or just beginning, you cant beat it.

I see people giving this one and two stars. Really for $250 what do you expect?? Yes, the seat is junk. But I have used many recreational kayaks in the $400 price range that simply use the molded plastic as a seat. The storage isn't anything great but it is on par with other kayaks in this range. As for the foot pegs breaking I have seen pegs break on more expensive kayaks. Generally this happens from people putting excess pressure on them. Again $250 kayak.

Bottom line, if its on sale in the $250 range grab it. If its $400ish I'd poke around a bit more.


Our first Kayak was a 16ft…

Submitted by: paddler236901 on 6/28/2016
Our first Kayak was a 16ft Perception Tandem Kayak. Which we recently heard is nicknamed the divorce boat! We used it for 10 years, but sold it before moving. We purchased two FB Fusion 124's and took them out the next day. They are great! We loved the ease of getting in and out of the boat, plenty of speed, and love the cup holder for our waters. They are light enough too that we can easily carry them to the launch and get them up and down from the Jeep rack. I have the bright raspberry and my husband has the lime green, so you can't miss us on the road or in the water! Great kayaks! We are very happy!

I had a Coleman sit-on kayak…

Submitted by: paddler236899 on 6/27/2016

I had a Coleman sit-on kayak that tracked terribly -- turned sideways as soon as you stopped paddling. This one tracks better, but it still drifts to the side. I'm used to a canoe that tracks dead straight. Is it normal for these kayaks to turn to the side when you stop paddling?

Other than that, seems like a nice little boat.


This is one of the best…

Submitted by: howcome on 5/19/2016
This is one of the best options out there for beginners. It is low cost but offers a lot of decent things. It is very stable and tracking is pretty good. The seat is a little bit hard and could use some extra padding, and I just keep a $5 stadium seating pad with me.

I just bought this kayak. I…

Submitted by: elaine462 on 5/16/2016
I just bought this kayak. I researched kayaks on line, until I was really starting to get overwhelmed by all the choices. I wanted one that tracked well, had good speed, but was also very stable and safe for a beginner. I wanted on that was seamless and had a good sized storage area also. As far as price was concerned, I didn't want to break the bank on the first one I bought for the simple reason, I didn't know how much I would enjoy it, how often I would get to use it and how much skill was necessary to really have fun kayaking. Well, I think I made a great choice.

Found this one at Dicks Sporting Goods. The sales guy was a kayaker and very helpful helping me decide. You can easily get lost in all the choices!!!! I bought the kayak, the PFD and the paddle with the sales guys help. I didn't waste any time getting it out on the water. I found it very stable, very easily maneuverable, and quite speedy enough!!! I took two trips down a very calm river and never got wet!!! other than a few drips from the paddle itself. Was able to get into and out of with ease. The only problem was my knees aren't used to the exercise, but hopefully that will change!!!!! I'm very happy with this kayak as my first purchase.


Purchased one for myself, one…

Submitted by: paddler236672 on 3/19/2016
Purchased one for myself, one for my wife. Both of us are first time kayakers with about and year of use now with these yaks. We have used our Future Beaches in lakes, rivers and for fishing. Purchased aftermarket bolt on gear and set up mine specifically for fishing.

We love them and couldn't be happier with these kayaks. Easy to carry by one person, very stable on the water and paddles quick while tracking straight. Stuff a few pool noodles inside bow and stern for buoyancy and you will never sink if capsized.

Great price for an excellent little boat. Have only capsized once, on purpose, to test buoyancy added with pool noodles. Voila! Floats When filled with water with noodles added! Both of ours have aftermarket half skirts and they're great for covering legs from sun and a little extra splash protection from waves and paddle.


I am very pleased with our…

Submitted by: chasityyoho on 10/8/2015
I am very pleased with our kayaks. They track well and are very stable. I do however wish the storage compartment was an actual dry box but I purchased a separate dry box so it isn't a terrible issue. I can store things in the storage compartment that I wish to not lose if I flip over. Overall I would highly recommend this kayak to anyone.

Great beginners boat, very…

Submitted by: Soggybottomboys on 10/1/2015
Great beginners boat, very stable and tracks well. I purchased two of these new this year on sale for $250 each. These kayaks have taken a beating and are holding up very well. I have tried several other kayaks and own 2 other Pelican kayaks, but these are always the first choice by everyone in the family.

This is great for first time…

Submitted by: paddler236527 on 9/21/2015
This is great for first time kayaking. I've had my kayak for 3 summers now and still love it. Extremely stable, easy to paddle, easy to load and unload, and tracks very well. I think it's the best value out there for the price.

I won this kayak with a $5…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/2/2015
I won this kayak with a $5 raffle ticket, had never kayaked before. I just love it. It's stable, tracks well, handles easily for a complete novice, and is light enough that I can carry it from truck to launch if I'm alone. I did have to modify the seat (really uncomfortable); I got a couple of foam stadium seats from Dick's for the seat and back and now I can paddle for hours in comfort. Also, the foot pegs didn't adjust short enough (I'm 5'2"), so I replaced them with Sea-Lect foot braces (which are much easier to use anyway). I need to add paddle clamps and maybe another set of bungee cords behind the seat. But I'm thrilled to have it and can't imagine outgrowing this one for what we're interested in doing (lakes and flat water creeks).

My first kayak. Got it at a…

Submitted by: jdr3366 on 8/31/2015
My first kayak. Got it at a pawn shop for $150. Been on the French Broad River, Biltmore Lake, and Adger Lake to the mouth of the Green River (the calm section) in NC. I LOVE IT! Stable, runs true (if not it's probably my novice skill level), lots of room, keeps up with other kayaks. Seat looks cheap, but with a towel on top for padding I can sit comfortably all day. Needs a paddle holder. I am sold on kayaking thanks to this kayak. In October we plan to run the length of the French Broad. Might have to get a different boat when we get north of Asheville. But I'll worry about that later.

I am relatively new to…

Submitted by: lambt01 on 8/4/2015
I am relatively new to kayaking but this boat will definitely get the job done... I have kayaked a good bit over the years but this is my first one of my own. This boat has everything that is necessary for a great float. It's 10ft long, large storage compartment in the rear, and bungees up front to hold gear securely in case you need it in a hurry. This boat has pretty comfortable seat, cup holder, easy to adjust foot pegs, and a nice amount of space in the boat for its price range. I'm 6'0, 160 pds and this is a nice boat for the price as far as I'm concerned.

The Fusion 124 is a nice…

Submitted by: tbh7169 on 7/8/2015
The Fusion 124 is a nice entry level kayak. It is very reasonably priced, especially when you find it on sale. It tracks straight and is very stable. I added a simple paddle keeper and rod holder and enjoy fishing the New Hampshire lakes, rivers and ponds in it.

Great kayak at good price but…

Submitted by: richardmark on 7/4/2015
Great kayak at good price but we forgot to check placement of foot rests. Unlike other kayaks of this size, rests could not be adjusted short enough to fit my kayaking partner....other brands and models have such flexibility. Disappointed and returning kayak.

My friend and I bought Future…

Submitted by: paddler236314 on 7/1/2015
My friend and I bought Future Beach Fusion kayaks in June 2014, and we love them. Great, low price for a great recreational kayak, as well as the ease of carrying it to the put-ins and back from the take-outs. We mainly paddle rivers around our Gulf Coast home, so this kayak has lived up to our expectations.

I recommend this kayak to anyone looking for a good quality, inexpensive vessel.


Great kayak overall. Excellent turning and stability. It does surprisingly well in…

Submitted by: paddler236196 on 4/22/2015
Great kayak overall. Excellent turning and stability.
It does surprisingly well in rough water. Mostly use it on the Hudson River between Bayonne and Hoboken. Even paddled around the statue of liberty a few times in high winds and high swells.

Although extremely stable, try to add a floatation bag or 2 to the inside of your hull if going out on rough water. Also be mindful of your slow speed in relation to boats in high traffic areas.


Great kayak for a beginner.…

Submitted by: howcome on 4/13/2015
Great kayak for a beginner. Very stable, tracks okay. My young teenage kids did not have any problem to paddle it as their first ever kayak. It is relatively easy to load/unload to the top of my SUV at under 50 lb. $199 well spend at a Dick's store grand opening.

This is a great beginner…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/6/2015
This is a great beginner kayak. I bought one from a man who purchased it as a first boat and took it into a class 3 the first time out. The kayak survived, but he will never attempt paddling again. The seat is miserable, so plan on replacement with an upgrade, but my daughter loves its stability and durability, and I love that I got her a great beginner boat at a steal. It's nowhere near the quality of my Pungo, but for the money is a good value. I'm looking for two more so that I have some extras for taking newbie guests out..

I have had my Fusion 124 out…

Submitted by: Nana on 9/13/2014
I have had my Fusion 124 out more then a dozen times since I bought it and for the money ($200 on sale) it's been a great buy. It has a seamless design and is made of *RamTuff* material that has proven it's self to me, on a river trip I got caught up on a sharp snag and thought for a time it was coming through but it resisted and only left a small scar! I have had it out on multiple lakes and on several river trips (longest was 20 miles) and the boat has proven itself stable and reliable enough that it will be passed down to the grandchildren next season.

This is my first kayak and it…

Submitted by: paddler222400 on 9/13/2014
This is my first kayak and it has worked out quite well. My wife and I each bought kayaks on July 7. Her's is a different brand which is rated very well. I have had the opportunity to compare the two, and while hers is nicer looking I like the Fusion 124 better. I think it tracks and handles better.

I've been out at least twice a week since getting them. Great for fishing, my golden retriever loves it, and except for the seat (uncomfortable) (bought a deer stand cushion - problem solved), have had no trouble at all.


Wonderful beginner kayak at a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/5/2014
Wonderful beginner kayak at a lower price. This kayak handles moderate rapids well and tracks fairly straight. Could use dry bag in hatch, but all in all the best value kayak in this price point.

This kayak is recreational…

Submitted by: CLA2Home on 9/3/2014
This kayak is recreational and is very stable with plenty of room to move around. It is great on lakes and moderate rivers. It even has a cup holder built in.

First and foremost ... why a 10?? As an entry level kayak at…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/19/2014
First and foremost ... why a 10??
As an entry level kayak at roughly $260, this kayak offers exactly what one should expect for both its price and quality. It's NOT the best material, it's not going to feel as sturdy or track as well, it's not as comfortable (truth be told, the seat stinks, buy a pad) but it DOES do exactly what you should expect given what you pay for it.

This is a great beginners kayak. It offers the basics so that if you feel discouraged or if something should go wrong, it's not a total loss, you paid little for it comparatively. No one wants to drop over $2,000 on their first kayak ...

It's simple, predictable, and worst case scenario, it'll yard sale for close to what you pay for it so that you can put your hard earned money towards an upgrade should you feel that kayaking is for you.

In short, this kayak is a great start for new folks to the kayaking world.


Love this cheap boat! Learned…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/30/2014
Love this cheap boat! Learned to kayak in this, great stability, I have taken on two foot white caps and assorted boat wakes and never felt at all like i was tipping. I used to look forward to those conditions because this boat was fun and felt safe in it.

However, as far as traveling, it's like dragging a chain link fence through a swamp, very stable, VERY slow. My girlfriend always left me in the dust in her Old Town Loon. Especially when we were out for three to four hours on the lake.

Cheaply made with cheap materials, I could easily bend and flex every part of this boat, and had it buckle when I sat behind the edge of the cockpit for a few seconds(I weigh 180#) even felt the whole boat flexing under strong waves. Makes me think of a whiffle ball bat. Parts fell off a footbrace, extra half drilled holes (looks like they missed a few times) and no type of flotation.

But for two hundred and fifty bucks, it was a great investment, and worth the money, this low price made it possible for me to fall in love with kayaking, and I will be thankful to my former (sold and replaced) Future Beach for that.

Loved it, but hated a lot about it. The seat! Cheap, flimsy, little padding and little support, but was always comfortable, even for three to four hours at a time! Go figure. Had this out two dozen times from July to November before finding it a new owner, it was real fun, definitely worth the money, but you will soon outgrow it.


I'm listing this kayak at an…

Submitted by: paddler235524 on 4/28/2014
I'm listing this kayak at an 8 because I have owned mine for about three years now and overall it is a wonderful kayak! It has survived about 15 Boy Scouts flipping it over in the river, a trip over a beaver dam and the only thing that has happened was me being reckless and breaking a foot peg trying to tow a friend and the seat tabs popping out.

Overall this is one of the best all around beginner kayaks to buy.


I've had mine for about 5…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/10/2014
I've had mine for about 5 years now and have used it on mainly slower class 1 tops rivers. It's taken a good beating and while I may have broken the seat, a foot peg, and scraped it over a billion rocks, it's held up well. It's taken a lot of abuse for $199. It's now my loaner and I fully expect it to last another 40 float trips.

Nice inexpensive kayak;…

Submitted by: paddler235300 on 8/22/2013
Nice inexpensive kayak; customer service and accessory product lacks. Asked about cockpit covers, took two requests for a response and then was told they only sell covers that DON'T fit their own product.

Bought at Dick's for $269…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/31/2013
Bought at Dick's for $269 (not sure last years price of $199 will happen again). Stable and decent for the price. The seat is not very comfortable but I've used worse. My only real complaint is that every unit I looked at in the store had cosmetic flaws like big deep scratches, partially drilled holes in weird places, large abrasion areas, blotchy color of the plastic, etc.

This is a great kayak for…

Submitted by: paddler235143 on 7/24/2013
This is a great kayak for someone looking to get into kayaking affordably. It's stable (even at weights of 200 plus - at least 240) and is easy to get into. It is very open at the top even though it's a sit in and this newer model has the lip around the top for a skirt or cockpit seal which is nice since the opening is so large. The only downsides are that it is not the best with tracking and it is somewhat difficult to get out of if it's a snug fit but with some practice you should be fine.

Overall, I highly recommend this kayak I bought one on a great sale with a competitors coupon at Dick's over 4th of July and loved it so much we went back the next day to get another for my husband.


I purchased this boat from…

Submitted by: paddler234973 on 4/29/2013
I purchased this boat from Dick's Sporting Goods in Dec. 2012, and my wife first used it in Feb. 2013 on a trip to Florida. The first time out a buckle on the seat adjusting strap broke. Shortly afterwards, a second buckle broke, and after that, one of the carry straps broke! All this under normal use by a 120 lb. woman. I attempted to contact the manufacturer by email and phone over a dozen times to get replacements under warranty, but never had a response--or even reached anyone there for that matter. Dick's customer service was not much better--first telling me they could not help, and then giving me the same manufacturer's number that had been ignored previously. Finally I disputed the charge on my credit card and the card company contacted the original store where the boat was purchased. To the store manager's credit, he OKed taking the straps off another boat for me. All in all, a bad experience. My advice--don't go near Fusion Beach. (You may want to check reviews at Dick's web site--many similar stories.)

This is a back up review I…

Submitted by: paddler234398 on 3/5/2013
This is a back up review I did on this same kayak a little more than a year ago. I hold to the same rating. The kayak has had no failures of any kind. My concerns are still the same. I stopped to answer a call of nature and was careless (i.e., in a hurry) an tipped it over. It filled up in no time an sank to the bottom. Fortunately it was shallow. The other issue is the Steve Martin's "Cruel Shoes" circa about 1978? The seat in this is a definite cruel seat. For a couple hours, fine. But a long day of kayaking will leave you in serious discomfort.

I friend took me out kayaking…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/4/2012
I friend took me out kayaking for the first time this year, he put me in a Future Beach Trophy 12 footer and all I can say is that I was hooked. I asked him if I could borrow his two kayaks so that my wife and I could go out (this being my wife's first time), let's just say after that trip we were in the market for two kayaks. We saw the Fusions on sale @ Dick's for $199.00 and we bought two. These kayaks are what they say, very stable and light to transport, I have since then started to outfit mine for fishing and also add a camera mount.

Bought mine at Dick's when…

Submitted by: paddler234700 on 8/7/2012
Bought mine at Dick's when price dropped to $200 mainly because of the advertised stability for my son and the expanded cockpit size for myself. We used it on calm lakes and rivers and enjoyed it. The next time it went on sale we bought a second and since then have used them on more lakes, rivers and even a protected ocean bay. We've found them extremely stable and true tracking.
I'm 6'3", 200+ and fit into them easily. The kayaks are light and fun to use. Have fun; get out there!

I have purchased 2 Fusion 124…

Submitted by: paddler234627 on 6/28/2012
I have purchased 2 Fusion 124 on 6/24/12 and I have never been in one and always wanted to try out a kayak but since I can't swim I always had the fear of tipping them over. So I went out with my 3 boys and wife they went out and came back then it was my turn... What can I say, these are great super stable and fun for my first time in one. If there is someone who has never been in one, try these models out. I'm no expert at Kayaking but am an expert on not swimming...LOL.

These are great for the beginner and if you want to get into the sport or just fun. I picked them up at Dick's and went straight to the lake. What a fun time: BBQ and Kayaks.


I believe the Fusion 124 is a…

Submitted by: paddler234596 on 6/17/2012
I believe the Fusion 124 is a great kayak for it's price range. In reference to poster who complained about the width and size of cockpit: Those two features is what sold me as I am 6 ft / 210 lb. I plan on using the "noodles" you get at dollar stores for the edge for cushion. A bead of silicon should keep them on for a season!

We purchased this kayak…

Submitted by: paddler234557 on 5/30/2012
We purchased this kayak because friends of ours had purchased one about 6 months prior and after a test run with theirs we liked it. Our biggest complaint is the fact that they have changed the storage compartment design. Previously it was a water resistant compartment with a small bowl. Now it is a large compartment but anything you put in it gets wet because it is open to the underside of the seat area. Still has the water resistant cover, but any water that gets in the kayak runs to this area. Not happy about this. Am attempting to contact Future Beach and see if there is an insert for this area. Other than that we like the kayak. Mainly used for lake and river kayaking.

Like most here, I paid 199…

Submitted by: paddler234398 on 1/6/2012
Like most here, I paid 199 for my Kayak at Dick's. If you paid much more, you should have done yer homework. I rate it a high 8 for similar reasons as the recent reviewer; when compared to other kayaks withing a few hundred dollars, it is a tremendous value. I have personally not experienced issues with my seat or foot pegs. Both are in great condition after 3 months of kayaking 10-15 hours per week. I have done nothing to modify my kayak for fishing and find it very stable and dry. It does go off track during paddling, but hey, its only $199! I have also found that the cup holder between your legs has a hole that fits the spinning rod butt. It is great for changing lures etc...

I have run the kayak aground and over logs and rocks with minimal scratching and have been impressed by the durability of the kayak. The main reason I have given it an 8 vs a 9 is because I am very concerned should I get reckless and tip the kayak to far, or get a high speed boat on Texhoma swamp the kayak. There is 0.0 floatant and will create a very volatile situation in a short order.


Very good kayak for the money…

Submitted by: paddler234287 on 9/15/2011
Very good kayak for the money - but note my rating of 8 out of 10 is based on the price/value. There are a few very minor flaws, and if this were an expensive kayak I'd actually be very disappointed and would have rated it lower.

As advertised, it is very stable even when getting in and out. The seat at least has a bit of padding and a bit of adjustability for the back, and the cup holder is a nice touch. The kayak is just a little too wide (I'm a 5'9" male) and you'll find yourself scraping the edge of it with your paddle from time to time. Same with the cockpit opening; too large. Water will drip and splash onto your legs unless you get a half-skirt. The rim of the cockpit is plain hard plastic with no padding. This next flaw may just be my kayak, but when I stop paddling the kayak will always start trending to the left, even if my last stroke was on the left. This is a little noticeable during constant paddling as well. The storage hatch in the rear is fairly watertight but it is just a tiny pocket - the area behind the seat is not accessible. There are no bulkheads so if you swamp this kayak it will be extremely heavy.

Overall the kayak is great for tooling around lakes and streams, but it is dumpy and wide, so you'll find yourself struggling to keep up if you're out on the lake with a buddy who has a slim, streamlined kayak. If you're just going to paddle 10 times per year or so on lakes and mild streams/creeks and want a cheap, stable kayak, this is it. Be prepared to spend about $40 on extras like a half-skirt and some padding for the rim (visit the weatherstripping area of Lowe's, etc). In some situations you'll laugh at your buddies who got upsold to a $1800 kayak, but in other situations you'll wish you had a faster/slimmer kayak.


Purchased two Fusion 124's…

Submitted by: paddler234755 on 9/14/2011
Purchased two Fusion 124's about 2 months ago. Have used mine on several lake and the Nansemond River. Boat is very stable, easy to launch and recover. Like others I am having trouble with the seat coming loose from its mounts. Intend to add a float cushion for padding. Took one wave from a passing boat over the bow which has convinced me I need a spray skirt as the boat can fill with water rapidly (discovered during a trip to neighbors pool) if it is tipped enough. I have added "pool noodles" to the aft section and Styrofoam peanuts in a mesh bag to the bow for extra floatation.

So far I have been very happy with this boat but wish now that I had purchased a "touring" model. Intend to use this boat until I wear it out.


I got two Fusion 124 for…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/15/2011
I got two Fusion 124 for Fathers Day at Dicks; great buy and a great salesperson… I have been having a ball with the wife kayaking. The kayaks were comfortable from day one and easy to maneuver. The only concern I have is the top of the seats are already starting to fray with wear just from sitting in it and almost all the rubber grommets holding the seats on are gone or came out.. Attempting to email the company is a waste of time, no email..

Like most reviewers for the…

Submitted by: paddler234208 on 8/9/2011
Like most reviewers for the Fusion 124, I picked up a pair of these at Dick's July 4th sale for $199 each. My GF and I had only previously used the sit-on variety of kayaks that most rental places offer. We were a little concerned about entry/exit but the large cockpit and wide dihedral hull alleviated those fears the first time we set off. We've only had the chance to do some short touring runs along the Intercoastal Waterway in NC and felt very confident in the stability, tracking, speed. The seat felt comfortable, but these were pretty short trips. Might look to upgrade at some point.

We plan on trying some fast moving rivers (no rapids) and will definitely take the advice on either expanding foam or airbags to help prevent swamping during a possible (but seemingly unlikely) capsize.


Purchased Future Beach 124…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/4/2011
Purchased Future Beach 124 from Dicks. 3rd time out the plastic foot peg broke. Could not find a replacement so I called FB The price was 19.95 plus 24.95 shipping. a little high for plastic junk.

***NEWBIE kayaker*** My partner and I bought 2 of these on sale…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/20/2011
***NEWBIE kayaker***
My partner and I bought 2 of these on sale pretty much dirt cheap at Dicks last week. (on sale for $199 but then Dicks said $149 each because each one had a scratch on it which was so kind of Dicks to do especially because I didn't even ask them to...awesome for customer satisfaction) We have NEVER kayaked before. We took the kayaks the next day to the lake. We hopped right in and paddled for 2.5 hours. No worries of tipping.

I cannot compare it to another kayak because I've never been in a kayak other than an inflatable at a local river company. It was a very good experience. NOW... the only reason I did not give it a 10 is because the seat back was not comfy at all. However I had planned ahead and had a REI trail chair with me. PERFECT FIX!

I am very pleased with this purchase. I would easily recommend it to anyone.


The Fusion for its price is…

Submitted by: paddler234141 on 7/18/2011
The Fusion for its price is unbeatable. I've modified mine; I've added expanding foam to to front and back (keep drain clear) the foam keeps it a float even when completely filled with water, I've reinforced both pedal by installing metal L brackets with padding wrapped around them for comfort. With out reinforcing pedals they are going to break off from sliding track. All modifications 30$.

I just picked the FutureBeach…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/14/2011
I just picked the FutureBeach up at Dicks for I couldn't get another Equinox 10.4 at Costco for my wife. However, I am very impressed! It appears to be of the same manufacturer of the Equinox. I bought it for we had recently returned a Coleman kayak for it was WAY to tippy for my wife. This model though seemed to be pretty stable. Also, I personally found it quite fast for a dihedrall hull. I found it very comfortable for my trip. (I'm 5'11" and 200 lbs)

The only cons: It doesn't have a front storage and the rear storage isn't a deep storage. I don't see a reason why it is so shallow either. I will say the boat as a whole has a very low profile, which makes it lighter and faster in the water, but makes any waves or water to go over the hull a little. You still stay dry though. Also, the cup holder is quite small in diameter. Those are very trivial concerns.

I bought this after not finding another Equinox at Costco, but this one has the same bottom dihedral design, which is what I was looking for. You lose some storage and height, but quite cheap!


I recently purchased 2 of…

Submitted by: paddler234136 on 7/13/2011
I recently purchased 2 of these kayaks at Dicks for their 4th of July Sale price!!! One for me and one for my husband... we like to go Canoeing, but I like to be in charge... and he likes to be in charge... so we thought we should have separate vessels!! We absolutely loved them!!! We kayak on the Pentwater River... We start where people don't usually go (to much brush... and fallen trees for normal people.. and the river is very narrow and curvy).

These kayaks are almost impossible to tip over, I can even stand up in mine and paddle (as long as it is a straight of way)!! Our Friends recently got Dagger kayaks, and paid about twice as much as us, and they do not have the cup holder, nor are they as stable as ours. If you wanted to go do some "extreme" kayaking, then maybe opt for a more expensive kayak, but for recreation...which is what this is made for...it is perfect.

Yes, the foot pedals are a little cheap, and the seats are a little uncomfortable for a six plus hour ride (we plan on getting new seats), and there is no place to put my 112 lb lab (need to make some modifications for him), but all in all we love our kayaks!!!

Another complaint that I have seen is when they tip over...which it is hard to tip over, they will fill completely up with water... this is true, but our friends Dagger he recently purchased is the exact same way...he did tip over, and had to haul his to shore, and empty it...and it was a struggle!! Point being the more expensive "recreational" Kayak was designed the exact same way as these!!! I also notice that the worst review on this page is from someone who only looked at the kayak, and did not personally try it out!!!

We love them... and I think we made a great decision in purchasing them for "recreation"!!


Bought my Fusion 124 last…

Submitted by: paddler234132 on 7/12/2011
Bought my Fusion 124 last year, but due to issues was not able to put it in the water until today. After trying out other kayaks in this price range, I have to say the tracking on this was really much better than others. It was easy to maneuver and I also found that it did not feel as "tippy" in this model than some of the other kayaks I've tried. I think I'll be keeping my Fusion for awhile

Seat and foot pedals as cheap as you can get. Stability…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/8/2011
Seat and foot pedals as cheap as you can get.
Stability great even with a 75# dog aboard

I have owned my Fusion 124…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/6/2011
I have owned my Fusion 124 for a little over a year now. Most of the problems I have seen others encounter so have I... the seat being the biggest issue. After one use it fell apart! I purchased a Ocean Kayak brand that fit well with little mods. Problem solved for about $50. I have also added other things to make it better for fishing such as thigh pads $30, Scotty rod holders $60, Seals splash guard $50, anchor system $30... So now I have invested about as much in the Fusion as I paid for it. I probably wouldn't do this again! For what I spent on this one I could have purchased something better.

We've had our Fusion 124 for…

Submitted by: paddler234090 on 6/30/2011
We've had our Fusion 124 for about one year and have enjoyed it for general small lake use here in the windy Midwest. It is a good beginner model and handles well on windy lakes here. The only issue we've had is the right pedal assembly broke last weekend. We only hope we can find a replacement part for it from the manufacturer. I see another review recently had the exact issue with their Fusion as well.

I just bought two of these at…

Submitted by: paddler234019 on 5/27/2011
I just bought two of these at Dick's sporting goods. I knew they were beginning kayaks when I bought them. I go out fishing in mine at least once a week. My fishing holes are all saltwater in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. The kayak takes waves regularly of 8-14 inches over the bow and no water gets in. I don't have a spray skirt.

I did make a few modifications to them to make them more usable. I added an anchor cleat to the bow area and an anchor. DO NOT add the anchor cleat to the side or the wind/waves will force the kayak sideways to the waves. The cleat in the front allows the kayak to take waves bow first. I added paddle clips to the sides for while I'm fishing. I cut out the bottom of the back recessed storage area so that I now have access to the entire back half of the kayak. I added a recessed fishing pole holder to the back. The key thing I did was to add 2 part polyethelene floatation foam. I poured 2 cubic feet in the nose and two cubic feet under/around the seat area. For the seat area I duck taped around the edge of the seat and sides and poured the foam in from the hole I cut out in back. This gives 240lbs of floatation at the cost of adding 8lbs to the overall weight and effectively seals the back half of the kayak from the front half providing even more floatation in case it swamps. The best deal on this stuff is at US Composites www.uscomposites.com. You can get 2 cubic feet worth for $20.

Overall I would give two thumbs up for these kayaks to anyone who is just getting started. I would spend the extra money to add some of the niceities that makes the kayak that much more usable for something like fishing.


I'm an avid and experienced…

Submitted by: paddler234010 on 5/24/2011
I'm an avid and experienced open ocean sea-kayaker who's paddled his 18' Chesapeake West River all along the coast of Maine - I know a good boat when I paddle one! I was looking for sturdy and decent handling little plastic beater boat to run some of the bony New England creeks and rivers that would destroy my mahogany boat. I stumbled on this boat at Costco and after some comparison shopping figured that, although it's heavy for its size, it seemed well designed and very good deal, pricewise (329 including a serviceable paddle and a one of those foam block rooftop carriers with straps).

I've paddled it twice, and actually like it.
Comfortable to sit in, room for my size 11 1/2 feet and 180 lb self (and I can put the footpegs beyond the reach of my feet), very stable, and tracks surprisingly well for such a short boat. Definitely not an open water boat, or one you'd want to spend the day in. It's not fast, either, but performs as well as any short boat I've paddled. I'm definitely keeping it, and buying a skirt to fit it, too. The same hull with slightly different deck designs is sold by Dick's, EMS, and REI. Costco's deal is by far the best.


I am new to Kayaking and…

Submitted by: paddler233899 on 1/10/2011
I am new to Kayaking and purchased this Kayak at Dick's based on price, $229, and the reviews posted on this website. The main review items I was looking at were tracking, stability, and ease of paddling. This kayak was rated very high in all 3 areas. I purchased the kayak and have been extremely pleased with all 3 areas. I'm 64 and can't sit in the cockpit comfortably for over 2 hours. This kayak is so stable that I can push myself out of the cockpit, sit on the back deck, extend my legs, and paddle from there with no difficulty.

Probably the biggest praise for the Fusion 124 came when we ( myself and 2 of my daughters ) entered the Great Race in Auburn NY. My 29 year old daughter did the canoeing portion of race in the Fusion 124 and beat over 50% of the field. It was her second time in the kayak, and the field consisted of over 700 teams. The course was shortened to 2 miles for the entire field due to the windy conditions.

I would recommend this kayak to anyone looking for a recreational kayak to have a lot of fun with.


This is an update to my previous review. I've been paddling my…

Submitted by: HeyMoe on 10/1/2010
This is an update to my previous review.
I've been paddling my Fusion 124 for over a year now and still like it a lot. My previous complaint was with the uncomfortable seat. This was rectified by adding the Easy Rider seat that was listed as an option in the brochure I got with the kayak. I made some calls when I was trying to track down the seat and found out that parts are available through the Equinox Kayak website. I also ordered the thigh pads that were listed as an option but they don't fit the cockpit design of the Fusion. They mount to the underside of the deck which positions them too low to be usable.

I paddle a lot. I go at least once every weekend, starting in March and going into November, and my average trip length is 10 -12 miles. I have no complaints about comfort now, nor speed. My average paddling speed is 3.5 mph with no problems maintaining 4-5 mph for extended periods (GPS confirmed). Stability is also not a problem. The Fusion is a great platform for photography.
I have found a couple of down sides though.

  1. The cockpit length makes it impossible to keep water out of the cockpit when I paddle. Maybe it's just me.
  2. The bow height is too low for rougher water. It comes over the front and into the cockpit. Both of these could be recited by ordering a good sprayskirt. Seals has them available for the Fusion as a custom order. You can purchase them through any kayak shop that carries Seals products. I'm ordering one over the winter more for warmth in colder months than anything else.
  3. If you capsize a Fusion you're in big trouble. My son did this in a riffle section of river. He's not an experienced paddler and got sideways, hit a rock, and turned over. The kayak filled completely with water and was EXTREMELY heavy. Fortunately the river was shallow enough that we could walk it to shore but it was all we could do to lift it to drain the water. If you stick to flatwater only these are not a problem, however, there's some faster water that I've been dying to try so I'm buying a Dagger Axis. I'm keeping my Fusion though, but I'm accessorizing to make it a little more "all purpose". In addition to a Seal "Sneak" sprayskirt, I'll be adding flotation bags and knee pads from Harmony Gear.
I ran into one other problem that was caused by my own carelessness but I'll pass it on anyway. The Easy Rider seat came with 1/4" plastic screws to mount the seat to the seat pan. The Fusion doesn't have threaded inserts however. I used the seat without mounting it for a while, but it moved around when I got into the kayak. I decided to drill holes in the seat pan for well nuts and this is where I ran into my problem. There's plenty of space between the pan and bottom at the front but not a lot at the rear. I was careless when drilling my rear holes and ended up drilling a 1/2" hole through the bottom of my kayak that I now have to repair. It's not that simple to repair thin polyethylene, so take great care when adding any holes.

***Update*** Perhaps I was…

Submitted by: xaos29 on 9/9/2010
***Update*** Perhaps I was premature in my first review. Since I bought the Future Beach Fusion 124, I have done much exploring on the Hudson River (from Newburgh to Iona Island at Bear Mountain State Park), as well as the mouth of Moodna Marsh in Cornwall and Popolopen Creek in Fort Montgomery.

I have been hit with breakers, and the kayak did not swamp. One day, I traveled from Cornwall-on-Hudson to Constitution Island and West Point, to Bannerman's Island, and back to Cornwall Landing. Another day, I paddled from the Landing to the Newburgh/Beacon Bridge and back. Anywhere I want to go I have gone with this 10'4" kayak, and I do not fear for my life. If you know the Hudson, you know World's End can get dicey, and I've had no problems.

Future Beach has made a good starter boat that is stable and roomy. However, after 3 or 4 hours, one becomes painfully aware of the poor seat design. Fortunately, the wide cockpit allows for both sitting Indian Style and stretching one's legs over the sides.

Future Beach ought to consider developing a 14' kayak to compete with the Wilderness Systems Pungo 140 and the Perception Tribute 14. If the company builds such a recreational kayak, I would buy one.

The sea kayak folk mean well, but after hearing "you can't take that boat on the Hudson" time and again, I would like to say "I already have, and will do it again".


First, I will cover the good…

Submitted by: xaos29 on 8/2/2010
First, I will cover the good things about the Fusion 124. Many have stated the kayak tracks well, and I would agree. Many have stated the kayak is extraordinarily stable under real river conditions, and I would agree. Many have mentioned the kayak is good for beginners looking to break into the hobby, and I would agree. Lastly, many reviewers have stated the low price point presents an affordable alternative to other manufacturers' offerings, and I would agree.

Now for the bad. Future Beach no longer makes this model of kayak, and Dick's Sporting Goods is selling their old stock. This does not fill me with confidence when looking for either accessories or parts. I have bought two of these kayaks in one week. The first Fusion 124 was a disappointment; the third time out, in the middle of a stroke, the right foot pad snapped. I returned it to Dick's, and got an orange Fusion to replace the blue one (good idea, given the copious amounts of PWC and motor boats on the Hudson River). The second kayak has the seat screws falling out, and there is no way to tighten them; the rubber covered brass fittings are stripped after one outing. Every stroke results in me getting drenched, so I bought a spray skirt; now water pools where the zipper pouch is. Adding insult to injury, I'm reading in the reviews that people have purchased the same Future Beach kayak for less at Dick's than I paid. Grrr!


I am a kayak virgin. The…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/24/2010
I am a kayak virgin. The sales person @ Dicks didn't assist w/ any teaching on access/egress of the kayak...I looked like a walrus floundering trying it out in the store.
Enough about Dicks... I downloaded a generic "how to use a kayak". Worked fine

It is stable enough for me- I was worried it wouldn't be stable- I HATE spiders- What was in my cockpit when I put out? A BIG BIG SPIDER! I tried to stomp it but it got too close so i actually had to smash it with my hand YUCK! The point of this story is, through all my thrashing & aerobics in the cockpit - I never once felt close to tipping over.

It may not be "high end", it might be cheaply made, but it IS stable for the newbie. Very easy to maneuver, access & egress (when you know how). I plan on taking my camera with me next trip- the wildlife seem to consider you a just another water creature!


After Reading the last review…

Submitted by: paddler233621 on 6/9/2010
After Reading the last review I checked out the recommended products. I question the thickness of the Fusion. It is ten foot four inches at 46 Lbs. The Dagger Blackwater is ten foot five inches at 43 Lbs. The Venture Flex is ten foot eight inches at 45 Lbs. So by weight and length which one is thicker plastic.
I'll keep my Fusion 10 for $200.00

The Fusion 124 has been the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/9/2010
The Fusion 124 has been the perfect intro kayak for me. I've been with a local kayaking club, and while it's not as nice as those boats it's perfect for calm rivers and lakes.

Do not take it on any whitewater without float bags AND a skirt. This kayak is a terror when it fills up. The seat is uncomfortable in the back for taller people (over 6'), but I solved that with a stadium seat from Big Lots that gives it more back support.

I bought two at Dick's for $200 each and I'm loving it this summer.


Bought ours 3 weeks ago first…

Submitted by: paddler233641 on 6/9/2010
Bought ours 3 weeks ago first time out the seat tour in half know you can't find replacement parts because the fusion 124 is not on the website any more so everyone good luck with yours. and Dick's doesn't sell replacement parts at all for the fusion 124 and are no help at all spent 2 1/2 hours there with no help to the problem they told me to call the company that made them and you can not any thing on the fusion 124

Just bought this kayak today and went straight to the local lake. As…

Submitted by: paddler233632 on 6/8/2010
Just bought this kayak today and went straight to the local lake.
As a beginner paddler I can't comment too much about the tracking or speed. Once I got my paddle technique down I had no problem with the boat's speed or tracking. And you will most likely fall out of the boat before you would actually flip it. I rocked and leaned it to test its actual limits. definitely impressed

My only real complaint about the boat is the seat. not the comfort, the design. Right off the bat I noticed the potential room for whatever (tent,small cooler, etc) but the shell mold of the seat is pointlessly in the way. There is arm access on the sides to get behind it, and the backrest itself is not even connected to it. I will soon be cutting the hole out.

when I bought it I questioned myself if I should have gotten a more expensive one. After a lake test, I have no regrets what so ever with it. exactly what I wanted, and it will do exactly what I expect it to do.


You get what you pay for. There is a reason this kayak is…

Submitted by: paddler233629 on 6/7/2010
You get what you pay for.
There is a reason this kayak is so cheap: It's a cheap kayak. As long as the buyer understands that, then I suppose that's okay.

I am kayak instructor in the Great Lakes region. A client recently showed up with one of these boats for a full day course, so I had a chance to inspect it up close and personal. It's a thin rotomolded boat with a rotomolded seat that essentially consists of a backrest screwed to the seat stansions which are part of the mold of the boat. Because the mold is thin, the bolts holding the seat in were already stressing the plastic. I recommended that the owner put in larger stainless washers to back up the screw holes and hopefully prevent a crack.

The kayak itself is a pretty run of the mill design. The hatches are flimsy and leak, although it's kind of irrelevant because there is no rear bulkhead. The boat needs to be equipped with airbags in the front and rear or it will **entirely** swamp with water during a capsize.

There are no perimeter safety lines, simply a set of bungees on the front deck that are attached with plastic eyelets screwed right through the deck. The handles on the bow & stern are also screwed in. As long as the boat is dry, I suppose it's not an issue, but if you were attempting to haul a swamped boat (keeping in mind that the entire boat would fill with water) out of the water, then I wouldn't trust the grab handles to not pull through. The boat itself is a pretty run of the mill hull design. It's short, stable, and tracks moderately well.

The most distressing thing about this boat (besides the thinness of the construction) was the fact that the client called the manufacturer to ask if it had a rear bulkhead and was told it did. These aren't kayak designers. They make plastic things. Maybe at $200 (like the schillers for Dicks are promoting) the boat is worth it. But if the retail on this thing is really $400, I'd save up the extra $200 bucks and buy look at a boat like the Dagger Blackwater or Venture Flex.


Just bought two at Dicks…

Submitted by: paddler233621 on 6/3/2010
Just bought two at Dicks $200.00 Stable!! Not too bad for speed. The hull design works well in the shallow areas. Better than most. Took a river trip Memorial Day, and other big name brands where hanging up. Turns a little slow, but tracks well in the rapids. They look expensive as the others. Can't beat the price. It seems they have been discontinued. That would be a shame; it's a nice little boat. I like the 10' for ease of transport in my 6' box S10 pickup.

I just picked up this kayak…

Submitted by: paddler233613 on 6/1/2010
I just picked up this kayak from Dick's Sporting Goods this weekend. The price was excellent at 199.99. Its got sufficient storage, drain plug, padded seat and back rest. The drink holder is crucial, which is located in the crotch area of the seat! The tracking is pretty damn good. I was tired of chasing down different kayak's on craigslist and just went and got this one on sale and am more than happy. I probably saved money as well as getting a new one! I am 6' 160 and it is easy to carry this thing around, and drain water out of it with the drain plug. Still need to get a skirt, but I'm waiting on my accessories that I ordered online first. My advice check out what they have at Dick's. Sit down in it at the store as well. Glad I did it last minute cause I almost got their Potomac 120 which was kind of a 2-piece kayak and not nearly as durable as the future beach! and it was only 20 bucks cheaper at 180. Good thing I spent the extra 20 bucks.

We just bought a Fusion 124…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/27/2010
We just bought a Fusion 124 at Dick's for $229. I've taken it out on a lake and a 4.5 hour kayak down river. It is GREAT! While we were in Dick's trying to decide, we went to the mall to check the reviews for it on my iPod and read all these great things about it. We bought it right away and I am not sorry. It tracks wonderfully, and yet is still maneuverable through light rapids. It's a bit heavy for me to carry on my own so we made a kayak cart for it. Other than that, it's an AMAZING kayak for the price! As a side note the price just dropped another $30 so you can get one for $199 at Dick's right now.

I bought two at Dick's for…

Submitted by: HeyMoe on 10/5/2009
I bought two at Dick's for $200.00 dollars each. This is a great kayak for the price. It's very stable, easy to paddle, and light enough to carry on your shoulder. It tracks and glides well on flat calm water on a lake and tracks reasonably well on a river with a fairly swift current. It tracked better than a much more expensive Emotion AdvantEdge I paddled on the same river.

Initially I was having a problem with the bow moving side to side, but the problem turned out to be with my paddling skills. After an adjustment to my forward stroke, it tracked well. At 5'10" and 205 lbs., I'm very comfortable in the cockpit and have no trouble getting in and out. My only complaints are with the foot room at the pedals, and the seat. With my size 10-1/2 water shoes on, I have to angle my feet to fit. The seat gets uncomfortable after a couple of hours of paddling. I plan to remedy the seat problem over the winter by buying the optional Easy Rider II seat. The seat was advertised in the brochure that came the the kayaks, but I couldn't find it on the website. I called Future Beach and they gave me the telephone number for their parts warehouse. The gentleman at parts was very helpful and told me that the seat and the optional thigh supports could be found on the Equinox Kayaks website.

Overall, I think this is a great first kayak for someone wanting to get started without spending a lot of money. I only gave it a 9 because of the seat.


I bought two at Dick's, and…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/8/2009
I bought two at Dick's, and they're a great deal. I have one question: What happened to this kayak? Mine were made in 2009, but the Fusion 124 is no longer listed on the Future Beach website, and it's like they don't exist. The Patriot 126 DLX is similar but costs more and has a few more features.

I am thrilled with the…

Submitted by: paddler233344 on 9/1/2009
I am thrilled with the stability and smooth tracking of the Fusion 124. I have only tried it out in lakes so far but am looking forward to a trip down the West River in VT this month and expect it to perform well.
Better then the Coleman I have been using the last 4 years at half the price.

I got one for half price...…

Submitted by: paddler233262 on 7/27/2009
I got one for half price... less than 200 dollars. I am trying to sell one to everyone I know who is in the market for a kayak and even those who aren't. It moves so well you can paddle without a paddle... just your hands. Comfy, stable, easy in easy out. I love it!!

Very good kayak for the…

Submitted by: paddler233249 on 7/22/2009
Very good kayak for the money. Extremely stable and easy to paddle. Great on rivers and on the lake. For less than $500 it's hard to beat - I picked up one on sale for $299 and love it!

Very stable, Even here in…

Submitted by: paddler233244 on 7/21/2009
Very stable, Even here in upstate NY on the Hudson River!! Very happy with the strength and durability of this kayak!!

Very stable, perfect for…

Submitted by: paddler233220 on 7/9/2009
Very stable, perfect for recreational paddling. It possessed features that are found on more expensive kayaks. I am going to buy 4 more of this for my entire family...