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My father purchased a 17 foot aluminum Lowe canoe used in the early 1990's. This was my first introduction to paddle sports. This canoe has held up very well, is plenty stable and tracks well. The boat is still in use today and will continue to stand the test of time. The only drawback with the canoe is that it is heavy compared to what is on the market today.

The Swifty 9.5 is a good stable beginners kayak. This boat tracks well and turns quickly. The kayak is light and easy to transport. The lack of a storage hatch on the basic model bothers me a little as I end up carrying my son's belongings with me.

This is an inexpensive yet fairly comfortable life vest. The vest is very basic, has no pockets and feels a little scratchy against bare skin, but what else can you expect from a vest that costs around $20. As far as function goes, it has kept me afloat in the upright position when needed.

The DBX Vector looks good and performs the job of keeping me floating when needed. It has four buckles which are fairly easy to adjust, but has no pockets. The life vest is not very comfortable during long trips but works fine if you're looking for something cheap you can put on only when needed.

This is a good entry level paddle for those looking for a bargain fiberglass shafted paddle. It is a two piece paddled with an aluminum joint. I Purchased this new from Dick'so for $70. Website claims paddle weighs less than 2 pounds and it doesn't. Actual weight is 2 pounds and 5 ounces for one that is 220cm long.

This is a great product, easy to open and close and does its job perfectly. We have one tethered to every kayak we own. They have saved our valuables on at least two occasions. Only issue I could forsee is the possibility on them shattering on rocks if pinned between them and the boat in an accident.

I had a friend purchase a Bali ss earlier this year the same time I bought a Future Beach Fusion 124. We took turns trying out each other's kayaks and the differences are astonishing. The Bali ss would not track straight, it was severely unstable and the waterproof compartment by the seat is not even close to being waterproof. This kayak went up for sale the next week and now he is sporting a new Fusion 124.

I purchased a used kayak for one of my kids and a Sea Sense paddle came with it. At first I had no intentions of using it because it looked cheap and at 96" was way too long for anyone in the family to use on our recreational boats. Just playing around one day I cut 8 inches off the female end of the paddle with a tubbing cutter and drilled a new hole to lock it together. Now the paddle works surprisingly well and is still in use today.

I purchased two of the paddles and they have been used about 8 times each now. The paddles are aluminum 2 piece with plastic blades. They are a little on the heavy side but seem to be taking the abuse from the low water level we have experienced in Virginia this year. One paddle has already lost one of the rubber hand grips and the paddle has one starting to split. Overall it is a decent beginners paddle.

Cheap beginners kayak. Very stable but tracks horribly. I purchased a used one that did not have a skeg, it it a real workout to keep this kayak heading in the desired direction and as soon as you stop paddling it turns around backwards. This has become the last choice of the four kayaks we own.