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K-Light Reviews

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I've paddled hard shell…

Submitted by: jmyers on 3/4/2013
I've paddled hard shell kayaks for 21 years and the K Light Plus is my first experience with folding kayaks. This little boat moves along very well for its length,it's lively, maneuverable and very satisfying to paddle. Its 33 pounds makes it the lightest boat I've ever owned and that's a very good thing, too. I bought the K Light as an entry level folder with thoughts of moving up to a longer faster Feathercraft but I like the this little boat well enough to make it my only folder. I would like to have a more recent model with the Sealskin deck and improved coaming. A longer cockpit would be an asset but isn't available with the K-Light. These improvements would be reason for a 10/10 rather than the very complimentary 8/10 I've assigned.

The K-Light is the perfect…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/21/2010
The K-Light is the perfect urban kayak (assuming that you live in a city on or near the water). I've had mine for 6 years in NYC and access numerous waterways my taking mass transit. By taking a page out of "Dubside's book of commando kayaking," I found that the K-Light is ideal for popping in and out of waters not usually home to kayakers.

The K-Light Plus is just an…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/18/2009
The K-Light Plus is just an awesome little kayak! Assembly is simple but does take a bit of practice. The seat is very comfortable, it is amazingly quick for it's length, and it handles well. I bought 2 of these and haven't one regret!

I recently purchased the…

Submitted by: TheMule on 3/25/2008
I recently purchased the K-Light Plus as a Demo boat from Piragis (it is a 2000 teal sealskin model). By the way, Steve Schon at Piragis is great to deal with.

The K-Light is a pure delight to paddle and is plenty fast enough to keep up with most other boats on the water. It is very light to carry and I had no problem putting it together in under 30 minutes right from the start. Its construction is very good and it appears as if it will last a life time. Obviously the portability of the K-Light is one of the primary reasons to purchase this boat and at just over 30 lbs it excels in this arena.

If you are looking for a light, easy to haul, relatively fast, well built folder look no further. At $2700 the price for a new K-Light is beyond my means but maybe you'll get lucky and find an excellent used one for much less.


Outstanding boat if you can…

Submitted by: paddler231541 on 5/1/2006
Outstanding boat if you can find one on the used market. Feathercraft has discontinued this model to produce larger boats. This is a shame because although it is only 13 feet long, it will keep up with a lot of longer boats. It is very stable, easy to turn and works well in the ocean, lakes or smooth rivers. The kayak can be set up in 15 minutes, but you should figure on about 30 minutes until you get the hang of some of the assembly techniques. If for some reason you find yourself swimming, the kayak can be reentered without a paddle float.

Kayak comes with a terrific backpack that will fit in the trunk of most cars. Hard to imagine a better foldable for the money. If you don't need a 17 foot foldable, this kayak will surprise you.


Finally dug deep into the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/13/2000
Finally dug deep into the bank account and bought a K-Lite sealskin. It is dry,dry,dry. Takes me about 15 minutes to put together, less to take down. It is quick, rather than fast, and I find it very maneuverable. Good initial and great secondary stability. I have used it on lakes with up to 2 foot wakes and on mild whitewater (class I). I have a chronic hip problem so find that one hour is about the length I can comfortably kayak before taking a walk break. This is about the same as I have found with the other kayaks I used. Otherwise the seat is very comfortable.

This is the boat to have if…

Submitted by: tsunamichuck on 1/18/2000
This is the boat to have if you travel alot. I have had mine since 1994. It has been to Hong Kong, Guam, The Philippines, Lake Tahoe, Okinawa, Ishiigaki and Iriomote Islands in Southern Japan, Hawaii ,up and down the California coastline, Martha's Vineyard ,The Missisippi River and numerous other places. I take it with me almost anytime I hop on a plane. It fits in a large backpack that leaves plenty of room for all of your gear including a small tent and sleeping bag. Paddles well for a 13 ft boat, lacks a bit of speed next to long sleek glass boats. Easy to assemble and comfortable for long periods. Haqndles big seas well.

A fun boat to paddle. Will…

Submitted by: paddler228225 on 8/9/1999
A fun boat to paddle. Will handle some pretty rough water. Can be a pain assemblying. eg. if have not done it for some time, or of you put the seat in backward (ha,ha) and a few other scenerios. All in all though it is a fun boat. I have paddled it from Glacer bay nortrh down to Powell Lk and would rate it about a 9 overall for day trips.

This is a great boat for…

Submitted by: paddler228103 on 6/1/1999
This is a great boat for puttering around lakes, floating mild whitewater, and just messing about in.

Great Folding kayak.

Submitted by: paddler227981 on 1/11/1999
Great Folding kayak.