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I have been using Windswift paddles for the past 11 years. I have and use other paddles, but always pick up the Windswift for any paddles over 20 miles and most other times too. My current version is a 1 piece 210cm graphite. Very light and efficient. I find the Windswift to be the most versatile paddle. I can use it at high or low angles. Plenty of power to drive forward and brace in the soup. I have done 35 mile crossings with my my Windswifts and have bashed them against coral. They have held up fine. A friend of mine still uses the Windswift I gave him and it is 11 years old.

Kind of hard to assign a number based on performance. I am very happy with this skin and it was about half the price of a Klepper or Longhaul skin. Wayland is a producer of folding kayaks in Poland. They are strongly based ( copies) of Klepper kayaks. My skin came with deck lines, storage pockets and hull strips. It is a cotton deck sewn to a hypalon hull. The one time I had it out it was dry. The skin is very well put together and other than having to (easily) move 2 fittings on the coaming slightly, fit the Aerius 2 frame like a glove. The sponson inflation tubes are a bit narrow and use plug instead of a valve. The sponsons hold air well but the plugs can be easiy lost. Getting the skin was a bit of a leap of faith. I had to send an international bankwire transfer ( Wayland now accepts paypal). It was supposed to be shipped directly to my home. Cost of the skin plus shipping plus customs was about $1100 almost $800 less than a Klepper skin. The shipper screwed up the order and I needed to drive to San Francisco to pick up the skin at the airport. I complained to Wayland and we worked out a deal where I got a free cart. I was actually going to Stanford that weekend so it worked out for me. ( A fellow in Australia was reimbursed the cost to ship a mis-shipped kayak to his address). I thought there would be a direct delivery and was a bit put off by Lufthansa's charging me $30 for taking an 18.5 kg box off the plane. I will add that the skin sent had more features than the one I had ordered. So if you are looking for a replacement skin for that old Aerius 2 or T9( or a wood framed folding kayak) and can drive to an international airport, The Wayland is a great choice.

A great little composite double. I can load, unload and carry this boat solo. It weighs in at 75 lbs. It easy for me to hold speed with a passenger in the front cockpit. Top speed is a bit slow for a double although she cruises nicely. Handles well in calm to moderate conditions. My main complaint is the rudder slot is narrow and it is almost impossible to retract the rudder into the holder. The rudder is also a bit hard to deploy. The seat is adjustable and I will try to tweak it for my comfort. My wife finds it as comfortable as her Feathercraft Kahuna. Overall, a great boat.

I purchased the boat used without having seen it. It had some oilcanning which is just a bit of an eyesore for me. I paddle it with my wife who is a new paddler and occasionally my 13 yo stepson. The distance between the cockpits is decent to prevent frequent paddle crashes with unsynchronized paddling. It cruises nicely. I can almost keep up with the fast singles as the only paddler. It is stable and comfortable and I rarely use the rudder. The rudder retracts and deploys easily. It seems to lack cargo space but I have not loaded it up. I have paddled a few doubles (composite, folding and plastic)and this is by far the easiest to paddle with a novice companion.

This is the boat to have if you travel alot. I have had mine since 1994. It has been to Hong Kong, Guam, The Philippines, Lake Tahoe, Okinawa, Ishiigaki and Iriomote Islands in Southern Japan, Hawaii ,up and down the California coastline, Martha's Vineyard ,The Missisippi River and numerous other places. I take it with me almost anytime I hop on a plane. It fits in a large backpack that leaves plenty of room for all of your gear including a small tent and sleeping bag. Paddles well for a 13 ft boat, lacks a bit of speed next to long sleek glass boats. Easy to assemble and comfortable for long periods. Haqndles big seas well.

I have been paddling the K2 for about 2 months around Okinawa in various conditions. It is a stable, comfortable boat. My usual paddling partner is not a very strong paddler( good company and ballast mainly)and the boat takes a lot of energy to keep it going. When I have paddled with stronger folks it held a nice cruising speed. It tracks well responds to ruddered turns well. The sea socks make it a very warm and safe boat. I have had it out in 6-8ft seas and 25+ knot winds and feel very secure at all points of wind. With the polytech deck, I do not take on much water( Mainly from launching and landing). Assembly is time consuming and the instructions were a bit hard to follow at first. Everything fits easily however and forms to make an exceptionally strong boat. It is a heavy boat (90lbs)that will store in either 1 or 2 bags. It takes a bit of muscle to hall around so a cart is almost a necessity. Overall a great kayak.