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I borrowed this board, so this review is based on 1 use on a lake. The board didn't track well, and was pretty slow. I think if you want a board for kids to play on this is perfect. But my perception is if you are looking for a board to see if you like to paddleboard, this board wont push you into the sport. Besides a lake toy for kids, it might be a decent board to use downstream on a slow moving river. Pros inexpensive Cons slow Usage child's lake toy- downriver

This is a river whitewater SUP. So I would not recommend it for use on a lake- It would be very slow for that- The board was one of the innovators IMO of the SUP market. Anyway it is very stable and a lot of fun I like to use it when I go on easier whitewater that would be boring in a c1 or kayak. It surfs well. Pros Plastic so it can hit rocks without worry-- very stable --good intro platform to WW Cons Heavy Usage class II-III whitewater

This is an outstanding c1, specifically designed as c1. The saddle is wonderful, though the factory thigh straps are lacking... I like this boat for bigger water.

This was my first kayak, I bought it after owning over 10 canoes, and getting my first c1. I hated the boat; I never got comfortable in it, but the very best thing about it was I learned to roll in it. I tried to roll the first time (no dice) my second attempt ever at rolling (I swam a lot) and I came up, then I did 50 rolls that day. So if you can afford to get a boat just to learn to roll this is for you

this is the BEST outfitting you can get for roto molded c1 conversion. The thigh strap is rigid so you can bend it behind the deck for storage during transport - to get in, just lift the straps up and they cinch through a D-ring to lock you in, they use a clamping buckle so they don't get loose when you roll

the plus: the tent is huge and easy to set up, even for one person and relatively inexpensive (I think I paid $80)

the negative: the poles are fiberglass and the span of the tent is so big that they can't support the structure under high wind. mine cracked in 50mph wind and the tent would flex like a tube at an auto dealer under the winds pressure.
it's also heavy...

if you're going to be in a calm area and want the room, it's not bad to have

these bags are very economical, and keep your gear dry - as they are made with ultrasil they are more flexible than a lot of dry bags, watershed (which are excellent) and the old heavy vinyl bags. I use these bags for camping and river trips, when sitting in water the material does seem to get permeated but the gear stays, for the most part dry (for clarification I use this bag to keep my tent dry which sits in a "divider" in the storage compartment of my sit on top) -- anyway it sits in a damp area and sometimes the tent case may feel damp- the only other problem is the "tape" material which is supposed to seal the seem area has come off two of my bags (I probably only 12-15)

ok, I own(ed) two of these paddle - both broke, one at Pete Morgans on the Cheat where a rock cause the aluminum tip to delimanate from the blade - the other on Nantahala, the shaft snapped in half on an eddy turn. They feel wonderful but, at least for me, don't seem stout enough for river running

This paddle is amazing for flat water, and mild river (if you want to risk damaging the face) it is extremely lightweight and beautiful finish - wood shaft with an extremely thin wood blade with a layer of carbon on top.

the plastic on DraggoRossi kayaks feels stronger than the plastic in a Pyranha, Dagger or Liquid Logic. The boat was very stable; great resurfacing and turned quickly