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We bought 2 of these last…

Submitted by: stclair1952 on 7/7/2016
We bought 2 of these last year and have had a blast with them. I would have rated them higher, but for me, at over 200 lbs., and 6', they are a little too easy to turn over. I have gone for a swim more than once. Thinking about making outriggers for mine. Don't get me wrong, I have fished out of it, but I just have to pay attention to what I'm doing. If you get one,you will enjoy it, I have!

I am 11 years old and enjoy…

Submitted by: paddler234479 on 4/3/2012
I am 11 years old and enjoy fishing on this stable light weight kayak. 10 out of 10 for me. I think its a beginner right through to an expert user

I don't know how anyone could…

Submitted by: paddler233916 on 3/14/2011
I don't know how anyone could say this boat is tippy, if you need something less tippy than an Exhilarator, try a raft. A group of three friends got together and bought an Exhilarator each. We vary in size and weight from tall and heavy to medium and light. None of us has ever tipped one, even in choppy water and swells.

I've owned the Exhilarator for a year now. It's fine for calmer water and rolling swells. Its a good boat for beginners, stable and maneuverable. The flat wide hull that gives it its stability does have the downside that choppy water throws it about a bit. The only other con is that the cockpit level is a bit high out of the water making solo re-entry a little difficult, that said it is achievable with practice.

Overall, this boat is fine for messing around in surf, fishing and casual touring


Pros--Fun & fast. Easy to…

Submitted by: paddler233697 on 7/14/2010
Pros--Fun & fast. Easy to paddle & leaves others behind. Use it in bay w/medium swell. Had it for 5 yrs. good boat, have enjoyed it!

Cons--Can be tippy until you get used to it & gain experience. Am 5'9 180 lbs. very stable for me, could be an issue for someone over 200 lbs. takes some water in the cleats. Have to empty it thru drain plug every other outing. Hatch frozen shut--forget using it.


I bought one of these boats…

Submitted by: paddler233644 on 6/11/2010
I bought one of these boats used, from a rental shop, via eBay; wish I had tried it out first! I first tried it out in my swimming pool and found that it was not even stable enough to get into easily. I foolishly took it out into an inlet and paddled out to the ocean, this was at Pawleys Island, SC. I capsized and then could not even get back in, in the rough water. I was rescued by the local rescue squad, ie. Midway Volunteer Fire Dept, in South Carolina, with their jet ski.
I rate it at a ZERO! It is a piece of garbage!!

Didn't like this one at all.…

Submitted by: paddler232809 on 8/11/2008
Didn't like this one at all. I weigh about 200, 5 9, and this thing tipped like hell for me. Same for my kid, who's substantially smaller and lighter. He went over on its maiden voyage. Sold this one to get an OK Scrambler XT Angler. I like the OK much better for stability.

Disclaimer: I come from a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/25/2008
Disclaimer: I come from a Dagger Magellan and an Aquanaut, two fairly skinny boats. That being said, I couldn't ever call the Exhilarator "tippy". I'm confident that I will be able to stand up and dive from it on flat water. In 3-4 foot waves on Lake Michigan (with the high-back seat) I was looking for the TV remote, because it felt like I was in a Lazy Boy.

This boat is fast, stable, and an absolute blast in the waves. I believe that I could pack for a week-long trip AND take the dog along in this boat. Accelerates fast enough to catch most waves and surfs like a dream. It sounds counter-intuitive, but this boat seems faster and seems to track better than my 16+ foot sea kayak. Super light and an easy solo carry.

Bottom line- this boat has re-ignited my passion for the sport.


Great sit-on-top for the…

Submitted by: paddler232385 on 2/16/2008
Great sit-on-top for the price. Easy to carry, tracks well and is as fast as it needs to be. It is uncannily stable, I mean standing and jumping on the deck without flipping; stable. With its tri-hull design it has a wide range of tilt with rock-solid stability. However it will roll rapidly once you reach its tipping point, it is extremely difficult to save. A terrific boat for fishing because of its stability and resistance to 'fish steering' when hooked into to something big. It is also surprisingly adept in whitewater, and the scupper holes allow you to drain and stay upright through almost anything at the expense of getting wet in almost anything else. The boat is fearless in whitewater and it overall very bi-polar. It will ride rock solid through a lot and you'll fell invincible until you reach its overwhelmed point. Then it will crash rapidly and violently and you'll be helpless. However it is stable enough that with a little agility you can remount while still in some decent moving water without running for shore. The only real big con I can think of is the hull slap, it sounds like drum practice and never stops except in glassy water. Also, splurge on a seat, get something high backed and padded, that can be the difference in spending a lot of time in an Exhilirator.

Pros: Lightweight, therefore easy to lug around and car-top. Tracks straight, yet…

Submitted by: paddler231967 on 11/16/2007
Pros: Lightweight, therefore easy to lug around and car-top. Tracks straight, yet maneuvers easily enough, very stable (I'm 5'7" and about 175). I can't explain why, but I'm pretty sure it moves faster than a Scrambler or my Tarpon 100, and the glide is surprisingly good. Dry ride compared to some other SOTs I've tried. Conveniently placed hatch, plenty of storage for my purposes. Surfs small following waves nicely. I've been hit broadside by boat wakes - no problem. I like Emotion's colors, too. Bright, vivid, easily visible. Mine is the tangerine.

Cons: Pronounced hull slap when heading into waves, even small ones. However, on flat water or in waves coming from other directions, the hull slap is minimal to nonexistent. Also, there's a well-placed hatch right between your legs for easy access, but there's no inner liner or anything to keep your items from ending up too far fore or aft of the cockpit for you to reach. I may add a liner of my own, which shouldn't be hard to do.

Overall, a fun little "throw it on top of the car and go" type SOT, good for lakes or slow rivers.


I paddled my Exie for a year…

Submitted by: paddlinclay on 6/29/2006
I paddled my Exie for a year then passed it down to my daughter. The boat is a wonderful one. We both love it. Stable, balanced, smooth, tracks well, light weight, it's got it all.

I love this kayak. It is very…

Submitted by: unbridledv on 9/7/2005
I love this kayak. It is very balanced, easily carried overhead (and I’m only 5'2") and has lots of gear storage. The ride is usually dry, unlike other sot kayaks (unless you're in the surf). it turns easily and glides easily. it can be tippy if you carve too fast. It’s getting an 8 from me because the hull slap is incredibly annoying. If the water isn't like glass, you're going to get that slap noise. It’s ok as long as you're not going for that sneak shot of a bird, etc. if you paddle with someone else (which you should!!), it will make them crazy. Otherwise, very comfy seating and lots of room.

Have used this boat for about…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/18/2005
Have used this boat for about 1 year --it is one of 7 other SOTs and SINKs in my plastic navy. Excellent construction, fine materials, and a very good value. It has a solid, lasting feel (like the Ocean Kayaks), and I like the Ocean Kayak-like scalloped foot wells and tankwell. This one will not dent as readily as some of the thinner-hulled boats (like my Inuvik). I also really like its light weight and excellent balance -- I can easily load and unload it by myself, and the center handles are perfectly placed for a very balanced single-person carry. It is my "quick and dirty" kayak -- the one I throw on the car quickly and easily for a spur-of-the-moment short paddle or workout. It is a typical 11' kayak -- stable, slowish, some hull slap, but versatile and a fine introduction to paddling for the novice. Because you sit a little higher (and drier) than in other SOTs (like my Scupper Pro or Bimini), you may find it a little tippier, particularly if you are tall; however, I am 5'9", 165 lbs., and have not found this to be a problem. All-in-all, a very well-made, good knock-around small kayak for an excellent price.

Great portability at 43 lbs.…

Submitted by: dadtdave on 10/4/2004
Great portability at 43 lbs. Tracks like a jewel! Will be in the Texas bay system next week. Would highly recommend this boat for any under 6'/200lb looking for that blend of portability and tracking.

The boat is extremely tender…

Submitted by: paddler230814 on 9/23/2004
The boat is extremely tender and tippy with a weight of 230# on board; there is water in the foot well, coming in from the scupper holes. This boat would be better for women = lower center of gravity. It is only suitable for use on calm lakes or rivers. When I leaned forward to check my watch that I had attached to the fore deck straps - it capsized and rolled me into the water.

This is a great women's yak.…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/19/2004
This is a great women's yak. At only 43 pds. I can move and lift it myself. I did not find any problem with tipping with my 5'7" 135 pd build. With my size and weight I can rock it back and forth and not tip it. The other thing I liked was that I can put some gear in it to go fishing or pop my dog in the back for a ride. Much faster than the Ocean Scrambler.

I have had my Exhilerator for…

Submitted by: paddler230590 on 5/31/2004
I have had my Exhilerator for 3 months now. It is fast enough to cruise upstream in the Itchitucknee River in FL and stable enough to paddle in St. Augustine bay without a problem. I have used it in small creeks and rivers in WV without a problem navigating. The only downside is that other friends have had trouble balancing the boat and flipped it when carving hard. This boat is not meant to spin on a dime. Overall, I'm very happy with the boat for the money.

This is a very fast kayak.…

Submitted by: paddler230520 on 4/19/2004
This is a very fast kayak. Weighs only 43 pounds so it is easy to load on top of car and store. I am new to kayaking and still have problems keeping this one upright on the Intercoastal Waterway here in Florida. I think the tippiness is more my fault than that of the kayak. Once I overcome this problem, my rating should go up to a 10. By the way, I am 6' tall, 220 pounds. The kayak is rated at 300#, which is probably conservative.

An awesome ride! This kayak…

Submitted by: paddler230295 on 8/4/2003
An awesome ride! This kayak has a sharp bow entry which makes it faster than most other kayaks of the same length. Very stable for fishing. I love it!

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