Delta 15.5 GT

15' 6"
Width (in)
Weight (lb)

Delta 15.5 GT Description

The Delta 15.5GT is a comfortable cruising kayak with superior load-carrying capacity and sure-footed performance that inspires confidence in all conditions. This expedition-ready kayak offers excellent speed and handling without compromising stability, thanks to an extended waterline and moderate V-shaped hull that keeps paddlers on course in almost any sea state. The 15.5GT is equipped for multi-day adventures, with Press-Lock hatches, adjustable Contour II Seat System and a full complement of deck rigging. With its moderate beam and leggy waterline, this kayak delivers the rock-solid stability and impressive glide that give you the confidence to tour farther.

Delta 15.5 GT Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit Inside
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Smaller Adult/Child, Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Smaller Adult/Child, Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

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Delta 15.5 GT Reviews

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After several years of owning…

Submitted by: paddler870535 on 9/9/2020
After several years of owning a kleptomaniac double Arius expedition kayak my wife and I decided it was time for a change. We sold the Klemperer and purchased two Delta 15.5 boats. Absolutely no regrets, the kayaks are well made in Canada!!!! The storage capacity is excellent and when fully loaded not difficult to paddle, even when windy or going against the current. The kayak tracks well and rides the not too high waves without fear of tipping over. We shouldn’t be on the water if weather conditions are questionable. The rudder configuration is good and easy to operate, we set the rudders before using the boats, they have not needed any adjustments. The seats and back rests are comfortable but a little more padding in the sear would be appreciated, especially for my wife. We load the kayaks on the top of our vehicle by using the Thule Ulevetas, we have no problem in lifting the boats. Both of us are in our late seventies and enjoy the adventure s of kayaking. The Delta kayak meets all or expectations, my wife really enjoys the experience of paddling herself. We purchased the kayaks from Valhalla, Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. There sales service was excellent, with reluctance to give after purchase advice or answer any questions about the kayaks we purchased. If you are looking for a high quality, sturdy, easy to paddle, spacious and easy to paddle kayak we highly recommend the Delta 15.5.

I have had owned multiple…

Submitted by: Kevin-Rogers on 8/2/2020

I have had owned multiple 14' boats prior to this boat. Found this brand and model to be an upgrade in performance, comfort and handling. The boat tracks well with and without the rudder. Lightweight and looks sharp on the water. Love the front hatch. My only issues are; the keyhole is tight (6'1" slender person) and the cockpit length could be longer for taller paddlers. All personal preference. This is a keeper!


I bought my 15.5 about 3…

Submitted by: graylling on 7/10/2020
I bought my 15.5 about 3 years ago after trying out a number of different kayaks. As a relative newbie I wanted something that was fairly stable, held enough gear for a week long trip and was ready to maneouver in different water conditions. The 15.5 seemed to fit the bill. Since then I've been on several long trips and couldn't be happier with it. It's extremely stable when loaded and has no problem dealing with wind and waves. It will track straight with minimal rudder input. The seat could use a bit more padding but that can be fixed easily. I'm 6' and 240 lbs so while the opening looks small I have no problems getting in and out. All in all I would recommend this kayak to anyone. You won't go wrong.

This is an excellent kayak.…

Submitted by: benlichtenwald on 5/6/2020
This is an excellent kayak. Compared to other kayaks I've paddled in this Delta GT 15.5 is better at the following: stability, speed, fit and finish, rudder, rudder up tracking, steering by tilting the boat, durability, hull strength vs rocks, storage size and seal quality, best looking kayak even after years of use. The following is why I sometimes use other kayaks: only average comfortable seat, not the easiest entry and exit if you're 6'3" but good once you are in, rudder control pedal adjustment is sticky, seat backrest height adjustment doesn't always hold set position during use, seat back rest is more flimsy than I normally like, knee leverage is not in the best position for me. My biggest complaint is the seat backrest but even with that it is the best all round kayak I've used if you're looking for a one kayak solution for multiple type of uses and trips. Thanks Delta, great design...

First off, this is my first…

Submitted by: CDN_offroader on 7/13/2016

First off, this is my first kayak, but I have tried out a number of others for doing day tours, and rec paddling. Got the Delta 15.5GT, as I was looking for a quality entry level touring kayak. In this price range, I liked that it was not made overseas, had a good reputation, came with rudder, day hatch, and the recessed bungee channels.

The padded seat was easy to adjust forward and back/up and down. The foot pedals are also easy to adjust, and use the gas pedal system for controlling the rudder.

It seems like initial and secondary stability are good with just me in the boat, I had to lean quite far over before I started to feel like I "might" tip. I will have to update once it gets loaded with gear. Once I got my paddling technique down, it was easy to get up to speed, and required minimal effort to maintain a constant heading in light chop and motor boat wakes. Turning was maybe a bit sluggish, but I will put that down to paddling technique more than anything.


After researching all Winter…

Submitted by: paddler236283 on 9/14/2015
After researching all Winter a friend and I both got Delta 15.5GTs. I've had mine out on medium size rivers, salt estuaries, expansive lakes, and inshore ocean, for day trips & 7 day camping trips. I'm 6'2', 210#

My Review:
They're light, stable, track well, fast, and glide well.
Holds enough gear for 10 days camping.
Handling is crisp when fully loaded or empty.
Beautiful fit & finish.I get comments all the time.
My most recent trip was Island hopping camping in the Adirondacks. With a relaxed paddle of about 8-10 strokes then glide I was averaging 3.3 mph on 2-3 hour paddles.I was able to get the kayak up to 5.6 on a sprint.

The Delta 15.5 GT has enough room behind the adjustable seat for my cover, a large sponge, and 2 bottles of water. I also have enough room ahead of my feet to hold a 10L drybag. A shorter person could hold double that. Having the Day Hatch in front of the cockpit is key...perfect for my cell phone,GoPro, extra water, rain jacket, Map and GPS.

Tracking is quite good, slightly sensitive to loading - so make sure to balance your gear properly when packing. The Rudder performed well during a 4 mile open water paddle with 25 mph gusts, and didn't seem to effect my speed. I do like the "gas peddle" style foot braces - comfortable and very responsive. Hatches were tight and waterproof.

In Summary - The Delta 15.5 GT is a well designed kayak suitable for cruising and camping. It's fast, tracks & handles crisply, and will stay with longer boats.Huge storage makes this a great camping or exploring boat. AND, you'll get compliments everywhere you go.


Bought a Delta 15.5GT in…

Submitted by: paddler236283 on 6/22/2015
Bought a Delta 15.5GT in April and have had it out several times. Moved up from a rec set up for salt water fishing. After adjusting to getting in & out, this kayak is awesome... fast, stable, holds a weeks+ worth of camping gear easily, and everyone who sees it gives compliments. Have had it on medium to large rivers, and fairly large lakes.

The glide is incredible... on flat water I'm gliding 50 yards on 4 paddle strokes... and it's quiet, no bow slap, etc. The rudder works nicely especially in following seas and winds. It tracked well in 20mph headwinds. turns like a pair of GS skis, so ultra narrow fast current streams take some care. 10-15 mile paddles boarder effortless.
Very pleased with the boat.

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