Reflection 15

by  Dagger

This Product Has Been Discontinued

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Reflection 15 Description

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Reflection 15 Reviews

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I found the Dagger…

Submitted by: RiverofGlory on 4/27/2016
I found the Dagger Reflection, a good stable boat. Good for day trips with your mother and dogs. It has slight rocker, easy to turn. Fun to paddle with a friend! Photography or just a stroll on the river!

I floated and paddled my…

Submitted by: paddler236593 on 11/18/2015
I floated and paddled my Dagger Reflection for about 7 years. Floated the entire Gasconade River, The Big Piney, The Little Piney, Roubedeux and countless bodies of impounded water. Lakes, ponds, strip pits....that canoe had thousands of miles and it helped make every inch of it a pleasure. It was stable and carried a lot of weight, was easy to maneuver and comfortable. long trips or a day of was the best canoe I've ever owned. I regret selling it. I thought It was such a great canoe that I would be able to buy another one no problem......not so. I want another one, but ....I can't find them in my area any more. Huge Bummer

I've owned a Dagger…

Submitted by: paddler236465 on 8/26/2015
I've owned a Dagger Reflection since 1997. Over that time I've owned many boats including those made by Mad River, Old Town, Bell, and Current Designs. All, except the Reflection are gone. Sold! Not that they were bad boats. Just this: With a stable of canoes and kayaks to choose from, I found myself leaving home with the Reflection strapped to the roof most often.

Mostly, I paddle the Reflection solo. It is stable, and reasonably fast. The boat is excellent on small rivers and has decent tracking on lakes. My boat came with the center seat option and if you are a solo paddler, I highly recommend this option or adding the seat.

How stable is this boat? it's been dumped once - on purpose as part of a training exercise. I've never dumped it unintentionally. Come close! But not once! STABLE BOAT!!!!

I have paddled the boat tandem, two big guys, and again, the boat handles it well. Initial stability not as great, but things firm up under way. As well, not nearly as much flex as other brands I've owned.

This boat is 18 years old. I've had it down rivers scraping the bottom, rocks, dead fall etc, all with no problems. It still looks great, and has no wear issues. The center cane seat has been replaced once in 18 years. The tandems, are still original and in good condition.

This is a very high quality product. if you can find one in good condition, you would be well served to buy it.


My husband and I have really…

Submitted by: paddler235816 on 8/6/2014
My husband and I have really enjoyed our Dagger Reflection 15. We use it to paddle the lakes in our area and some rivers with Class 1 and 2 rapids. This canoe is light enough for us to carry together and has plenty of space for our dog and camping equipment.

Well, I've had the boat 3…

Submitted by: wildernesswebb on 5/9/2014
Well, I've had the boat 3 years and counting now and still in love with it. I've only paddled it solo, so I guess this is only half a review? Tracks well enough, but if you want a flat water boat you'd be better served by a composite boat. But, unlike it's sister the Legend, it doesn't feel like you're pushing against a log when just paddling straight ahead.

It has just the perfect amount of rocker to turn with a little lean and a stroke, but it doesn't spin 180 degrees if you put the paddle down to take a picture. Stability solo is rock solid. I could imagine it could be a bit "Wobbly" with seats toward the stems? If I were to use it tandem I would probably put my stern seat closer amidship to alleviate that?

I've only dumped this boat once, and that was by going down the wrong line into a "Hole" in a Class II in high water. Otherwise, the bow is plenty voluminous and just enough flare to hold itself above Class I-II wave trains.

I've been paddling since the '70's and have paddled a LOT of boats. I cannot imagine selling this boat unless it was to replace it with another boat with the same specs. Tough to find a better solo on the river IMHO. Sure, some want those skinny little boats that paddle faster and try to spit you out when you hit a squirrely eddy line. ME, I want to swim when I want to swim, not when the boat dumps me out! The Reflection 15 is my all time favorite river boat.


I added a Reflection Dagger…

Submitted by: paddler231954 on 12/6/2012
I added a Reflection Dagger 15 to the stable last summer. It was well worth the $400 and road trip to Omaha to get it. So far I've had it out fishing on some local lakes with my uncle a few times. I'd never before been in a tandem, my experience being solo, and my uncle had never been in a canoe. The canoe seemed remarkably forgiving of my uncle fishing as though from a jon boat, suddenly tipping nearly to the gunwale but then holding. When we laid into it it became evident that the Dagger is built for speed. I haven't tried it solo yet, but I'm thinking it'll replace my Pack as first choice for long range big river endurance canoeing.

Had a 17 Bell Northwind and…

Submitted by: BoyScout on 10/17/2012
Had a 17 Bell Northwind and Wildfire. The Reflection set up as a solo canoe, offers the best of what I liked about both canoes. It's almost as stable as the Northwind and responsive as the Wildefire. It kept up pretty good with a group of mixed canoes and kayaks without really lagging behind. The Reflection has less flex than either of my other two canoes (Mad River Freedom Solo and Mohawk solo 14). Over all a great canoe.

Sweet paddling little tandem.…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/22/2011
Sweet paddling little tandem. Mine is royalex. The boat is surprisingly stable for its size. It tracks very nicely and has good speed. I use it mostly solo for fishing small lakes and rivers. It is designed with fairly little rocker, I think it is advertised as 1" bow and stern and this is evident in its good tracking and straight ahead speed.

I've tandem paddled it a fair amount with a teenager in the bow and often with a 75lb retriever in the center as added fun. It does very well at this also. We have never used it for camping, but I think it would do fine for a weekend trip for two average sized paddlers with reasonable gear. It does fine on moving water due to good fullness and some flair in the bow, but I think if you are mainly doing rivers you may want something with more rocker. I've only had it out in mild whitecaps and it tracks well and handles that kind of chop fine, and seems likely to handle bigger waves fine too. Mad River now makes the Reflection 15 so the boat is still available and well worth your consideration if you want a small tandem that can be solo paddled.


I was lucky enough to find…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/24/2007
I was lucky enough to find one of these for sale a few weeks ago, and snapped it up. After a 2 hour solo paddle on flat water, I'm pretty happy with it, although I'd regard it as a moving water boat primarily.

I was using a bent canoe paddle, but can see that a kayak paddle could work well, esp for speed. I wasn't carrying gear, so the wind tended to knock it around a bit. It should be perfect for an overnight trip down a stream or creek.


We have had our Reflection 15…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/16/2007
We have had our Reflection 15 for at least 8 or 9 years. It is a great all-around canoe. We use it for flatwater and Class II whitewater. Last December it served us well on a canoe-camping trip. Too bad it is out of production, but perhaps Mad River will see the wisdom of resurrecting the Dagger molds in the future.

I've had my Dagger Reflection…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/10/2007
I've had my Dagger Reflection 15 for about 5 years. I like the fact that I can put it on the roof of my Expedition by myself - especially since I often go solo. I've done a good bit of II and III whitewater, larger flowing rivers, and still water and it's a great compromise for all these uses but doesn't excel at any of them. But that's just what I wanted.

Mine is getting beat-up from all the whitewater. Anybody know where any are since I think they are out of production now? I'd like to get a new or not very used one.


The Dagger Reflection 15 is…

Submitted by: paddler230167 on 6/6/2003
The Dagger Reflection 15 is the first canoe I have owned. My previous experience has been in grummans on lakes. The Dagger is a pleasure to paddle solo. It feels a little edgey paddling it tandem. By comparison I occasionally paddle a Western Canoe Company Tripper tandem which feels like a rock for stability, but a slug for turning and acceleration. I have capsized three times in the Dagger- Once paddling solo and reaching out too far with a draw stroke, once crossing sharp eddy-lines paddlng tandem, and once plowing into a standing wave in a Class II with no spray skirt. I have not capsized lately, so maybe I am getting better. Anyhow I love this boat for solo paddling, but want something bigger for Tandem especially in rapids.

This review is from a…

Submitted by: CharlesB on 4/15/2002
This review is from a relative newcomer to the sport, so take it for what it is worth.

I just bought a Dagger Reflection 15 after renting various canoes. I tried big aluminum Grummans and a 17'4" Old Towne. These canoes from the outfitters always seemed very heavy and stabile, because they were! I actually went looking for a bigger boat, but the salesman convinced me that for what I wanted to do with it, a smaller boat was better for maneuvering. He was right.

My wife and I decided to buy a canoe so we could launch when we wanted, since our main interest in a canoe is wildlife photography. We want to launch at sunrise and the outfitters usually aren't open that early. The first thing I noticed about the Royalex Reflection 15, is the weight. It is only 55 pounds so it is a breeze to put it up on the roof rack.

We took the canoe out to a slow moving river and noticed quickly that the primary stability isn't as good as the heavy canoes we rented. That isn't a problem since we quickly adjusted to it and also found that the secondary stability was excellent. We intentionally rolled the canoe sideways to test it and it is very solid when leaning a few degrees to either side.

It doesn't track as well as a 17' canoe, but that is to be expected. It didn't take long for me to adjust my J stroke to keep it straight. By the time we'd been paddling an hour, we found that it is an excellent boat for our purposes. It turns quite well which is nice for exploring the marshy areas. We moved into an area we never would have tried with a 17' boat and saw a rare bird that we would have otherwise missed.

The boat moved quite well both upstream and downstream. There is no whitewater around here, but we did ride over some power boat wakes and it handled them effortlessly. In fact, we enjoyed it enough that we were deliberately crossing over the wakes. I'm delighted with the Reflection 15. Primary stability and tracking could be better, but it would certainly degrade performance in another area.


I've had my Reflection 15 for…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/7/2000
I've had my Reflection 15 for one season. Its very shallow arch and greater width than most solo canoes make it ideal for exploring small, shallow streams. The relatively light weight for a Royalex canoe helps when dragging it around fallen trees. I especially like it when I'm poling. However, it's not so great on bigger rivers and lakes compared to other canoe models.

This is the boat for the solo…

Submitted by: paddler228747 on 7/15/2000
This is the boat for the solo tripper and tandem day paddler. I and my 13 month old son just finished up a month on the yellowstone river class I-II+ and were able to carry ourselves and all our gear and never hesitated to negotiate rapids that put others to portage. A great boat for the ocassional tandem, but lightly loaded it takes alot to keep it on track for you lakers. Gotta go we're off to the missouri river for another sojourn!!

I have had a Reflection 15's…

Submitted by: paddler228496 on 3/20/2000
I have had a Reflection 15's for 5 plus years. I have run it on II-III water and have been very pleased. I would rather paddle it solo than tandam and it is an excellent boat for tripping.

I have had a Reflection 15…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/16/2000
I have had a Reflection 15 for 2years. It has proved to be an excellent solo boat for day tripping, fishing,or an afternoon on some class 2 with my wife.

I have owned a Reflection 15…

Submitted by: Slayer14 on 11/6/1999
I have owned a Reflection 15 for 2+ yrs. It is a perfect boat for solo or for paddling around with your kids. It is a very stable boat (you need that with kids!) If you can only own one boat buy this one!! Mine is royalex with cane seats.

bought the Reflection 15 over…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/27/1999
bought the Reflection 15 over 9 years ago and have been pleased with its performance on the New River and Jackson River for float fishing. For the intended purpose it has held up well. I have only replaced one seat (cane). It tracks well, turns quickly and picks up maximum speed quickly. If you like float fishing in rivers with class I to III you couldn't pick a better boat. It holds well in eddies and is an excellent boat for the solo paddler who has lots of fishing gear. It is a great handling and looking canoe. Wouldn't be without one.

I paddled one for a couple of…

Submitted by: paddler229212 on 4/6/1999
I paddled one for a couple of years and enjoyed it. I spent more time in it solo than tandem. It was well made (royalex)and more fun on rivers. On flatwater its okay if you're not in a hurry. If you're considering one keep in mind that it doesn't have a lot of capacity. I weigh 170 and my wife 130 and that was about max for efficient paddling/handling. A couple of times I had friends who were about my size or slightly heavier and a little gear and the canoe felt overloaded and handled poorly. I finally traded it for a Reflection 16 which handled more weight.
Reflection 15