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Vision 140 Description

With just a little more room to spare, this 14’ kayak is perfect for day tripping and week night paddles. Add the optional rudder for improved tracking and steering capabilities and you have a great kayak for both lakes and rivers. A generously sized keyhole cockpit allows for easy entry and exit, as well as ample foot room and large storage capacity. Rudder is optional.

Vision 140 Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit Inside
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Additional Attributes

  • Revolution Seating System
  • Dimension Adjustable Seat Back
  • SmartTrack Foot Brace
  • Vision Hatch Covers
  • Vision Hybrid Colors
  • Vision Adjustable Thigh Brace

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Vision 140 Reviews

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I own the fiberglass CD…

Submitted by: paddler2461927 on 1/3/2023

I own the fiberglass CD Vision 140 both with and without the rudder option, and purchased this as a small and light kayak I could carry on my truck while pulling a trailer. For reference, I've owned over 75 different kayaks and spend most of my time fitness paddling on very long and skinny surfskis. I first bought the non-rudder option for use in a shallow, narrow, and winding river, but realized that I really prefer that all my kayaks have a rudder even though I can certainly get around with a short kayak like this without one. What I can say about both these kayaks (and frankly every Current Designs kayak I've owned) is that the construction quality is top notch, the tracking is stellar, and stability is very good for the width. A 14-foot kayak will not win races against longer and skinnier kayaks, but for most recreational users this kayak will do wonders and easily keep a 4 to 5 mph touring pace. At 6' 1" and 200 lbs this easily fits me, and while I'm used to much tippier boats this is very suitable for beginner paddlers in flat water conditions. Even around speed boat wakes I had beginners do very well in this kayak.

I would highly recommend this kayak if this is what your storage space and weight lifting ability allows as I don't think there's anything better in a 14-foot package. If you have the space and hauling ability, as well as more open water, my CD Solstice (17') or Extreme/Titan (19') would be my preference, with any of those kayaks modified with a SmartTrack (gas pedal) rudder system.


Have had cracking on the…

Submitted by: Bob-W on 2/7/2020

Have had cracking on the deck within the first 3 months of ownership. All holes display cracks, but one has spread about 7 inches across the deck. Was told by shop where I bought it that there are two classes of Current Design boats, and what I bought was the lesser. That's disappointing for a $2,400 boat. They have offered to show me how to make repairs...I guess that's something. I love the performance and comfort, but have a hard time recommending, as I have already used two car-repair fiberglas kits to strengthen the underside of the deck. If they could solve the cracking gelcoat, it would be a superb boat.


what I like here about the…

Submitted by: paddler519010 on 6/24/2019

what I like here about the Vision 140 is the low wind cross section as any paddler knows is a bear to paddle across a lake with any wind hitting the boat.the easy access cockpit is convenient for a person my size ( 6 ft and 220 lbs ). I think the rudder option is a good choice for me, less paddling in close to shore with lots of boaters about.43 lbs is light enough for me to portage short distances.the adjustable thigh pad is great for someone with long legs and a wife with shorter one so we can both enjoy the boat.


Having paddled lakes rivers…

Submitted by: paddler516547 on 6/13/2019

Having paddled lakes rivers and bays in fair and foul ,seat and rudder needs improvement, handles well in 3-4 ft waves, not so well in fast rivers, wants to spin in the turns. Otherwise a great boat in calm water.


When I bought this kayak…

Submitted by: deitzd on 6/19/2018

When I bought this kayak this spring I was actually looking for a Current Designs Kestrel 140. I was convinced by the sales staff that this narrower kayak would track through the water better. I was always listed as having more storage capacity than the Kestrel. My wife and I are recreational kayakers and often carry camping gear downriver. As soon I got in the Vision I knew that it wasn't going to work for me. I'm 5' 11" and 190 lbs. That kayak was just too narrow for me. The seat had pressure points on the sides and I was very cramped in the small cockpit. While paddling the kayak seemed nose heavy and didn't track as well as I thought it should for a kayak that narrow. I gave this kayak a few tries and paddled it one day for 3 hours and was all I could take. I traded it for the Kestrel that I wanted. I'm sure this kayak would be fine for a small person that is in need of that type of kayak. It just didn't work for me. My fault. Try it before you buy it.


I don't own a Vision 140 but…

Submitted by: Peter_D on 6/18/2018

I don't own a Vision 140 but paddled it and I'm now looking to buy a used one. The guy below my post prompted me to post , however. The fellow who got snarky on the reviewer for leaving his boat in the basement for 6 months only to discover the rigging coming off. I've been kayaking for 30 years own at least 10 boats and store my yaks in the garage in upstate NY. I've NEVER had any problem with rigging due to the "Science" . Does this genius store his yaks in his heated living room ? WHO stores kayaks anywhere else but the garage, basement or a shed ? BTW , all my yaks are high end composite or kevlar /carbonfiber with 1-2 rotomolds to round things out. Again , no problems.


Exquisite!I never realized…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/18/2018

Exquisite! I never realized how small a 3 mile- length lake could be ..... I've only had it for one week, but I look forward to many many more! Now, if I could only figure out the absolute essentials that I'll want to take on my adventures. :)


This is a great boat but not…

Submitted by: ElGueroLoco on 7/25/2016

This is a great boat but not a play boat. To the reviewer that had it sit for 6mos in a basement and had all the complaints giving it a 5... you can't leave any watercraft in a cold basement for 6 mos and NOT expect all the deck lines to fall off due to temperature differences. This is simple science. Stop your complaining due to your own ineptitude.... this is the PERFECT transitional kayak and nothing more. If you are expecting something better then pay for something other than a transitional kayak. After having this boat for a month it is great, wish it had more rocker in the bow like a Solstice. Wish the rudder was more like a Pelican making it more responsive but overall it's a GREAT boat, lots of fun catching "taker wake" on the Puget Sound. The rear hatch leaks a bit but who cares as you can sponge it out... it's a $2500 boat for a lot less depending on where you get it. Got mine at Western Canoe/Kayaking in Abbotsford, CA. $1700 US.

Would give it a 10 if only it had the rocker the Solstice has in it's bow.


Recently got my 3rd kayak, a…

Submitted by: abowers3 on 7/23/2014
Recently got my 3rd kayak, a composite Vision 140 by CD - a few years old, but in dealer-demo condition. Stiff, light, and durable... very responsive, and tracks well without rudder. Rudder and special seat add loads of comfort and control.

Very quiet thru the waves, and swells I see in "big river" boating.
I am 6'0", 170lbs, pretty fit and have easy entry/exit into the keyhole cockpit.
Excellent quality, and craftsmanship displayed in all aspects of this craft.


Me: Male, now 60, ~200 lbs.,…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/3/2013
Me: Male, now 60, ~200 lbs., 5'11", exercise regularly, walk ~30 mi/week, started kayaking 2006 w/ inflatables, purchased Vision 140 as a transitional kayak for a 3 wk trip to Vancouver Island in 2010. It is close to a "real" sea kayak.

I would not buy this boat if my goal was heavy-duty sea kayaking (i.e. beyond 3 -4’ swells probably should consider a bigger boat). However, for light or sheltered coastal touring, or flat-water paddling this is the bomb.

I have used it quite successfully in class I-II river rapids (i.e. San Juan rapids on lower American at 4000 cfs). Handled great. This boat is excellent for a flat water kayak (bays, mild-to-moderate sheltered ocean, lakes, moderate rivers). Great cockpit size (!!!), stability (!!), tracking, overall good construction (well-sealed non-leaking hatches, rudder, !very! comfortable seat, good deck lines and hardware). Light yet strong construction.

I love this boat. Nice deck design, edges well w/ very good primary stability. I have no trouble keeping up with 17-18 foot boats during day paddles. A good cruiser. The weight and strength of construction is a positive selling point. Nicely appointed and strong deck cleats, deck lines, and finished design.

Downsides: Even though construction is excellent quality, it is made in China – a well-made light generic Kevlar/fiberglass blend but may not please those with certain political views. Yet, overall sturdy and well-built. Light weight (43 lbs, + a couple more lbs w/ rudder) is one reason I purchased. I will say I have had it in open water in Heriot Bay, Quadra Island, ~ 2 miles from shore and was quite comfortable. Low back deck makes self-rescue relatively easy.

An excellent boat unless you want serious sea kayak play.


I am updating my review now…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/5/2012
I am updating my review now of the Current Design Vision 140 with rudder (from 08-05-2012).
I previously had stated that because of the problem we experienced. The cleats which were supposed to hold the deck lines secure & in place were cracking in half & falling off so as a result the deck lines were flopping around loose. This happened when the kayak was brand new & had not even been exposed to sun or water yet. We drove it back to Toronto to the Complete Paddler & of course, they had it 3 wks & replaced all the deck lines & cleats. We got it home, used it once for only a little over an hour & a half, & while I was washing it off before storing it away again, didn't I see that it had happened again. So we drove it again back to Toronto. This time, The Complete Paddler gave us a $150 gift certificate to compensate us for the cost of our gas back & forth now from Ingersoll a total of 6x. And, I must say, Current Design didn't try to replace the cleats at all this time - they replaced the entire kayak with a brand new one. We gave it a good try & thankfully, they seem to have gotten to the bottom of their poor quality cleats so I am updating my review now of this product.

It's a nice looking kayak, very high quality job visually. It handles very nice. Rudder works great. It's a great asset to have in a cross wind but naturally, it's a good thing to know how to use different paddle strokes in case the rudder ever does break. The cleats & deck lines were all great. Initial stability is great!!!

I now would give this kayak a 10 out of 10. Thank you Current Design for producing a quality product & for standing behind your product. I would recommend this product. Two thumbs up now!!!


The kayak itself looks like a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/5/2012
The kayak itself looks like a quality product. The deck cleats that are supposed to hold the deck lines & bungee cords however are crap. We ordered this Current Design Vision 140 (a kevlar hybrid with a rudder), last fall from The Complete Paddler in Toronto. We picked it up in the spring of this year. We stored it in our basement which is totally finished, until our first week of vacation July 9. We carried it upstairs intending to enjoy kayaking & I saw the deck lines all hanging loose. Then I saw why: 4 out of 13 of the plastic round deck cleats had cracked right in half & some had actually fallen completely off so there nothing to hold the lines in place. We had not even used the kayak yet. It still had the foam wrapped around the lines to the rudder. The Complete Paddler agreed to contact Current Design & replace the lines & cleats at no cost to us which they did but it still cost us a total of $64 in gas there & back which was out of pocket for us, not to mention a day out of our vacation driving there & back which we should have been able to spend kayaking, not returning it for repairs. They had it 3 wks. We finally got it back last week. We went kayaking locally for a little over an hr. maybe.

Kayak itself is stable * handles nice & appears to be a quality kayak, but when we got the kayak home & unloaded it & I was washing it off before storing it again, I noticed already one of the deck cleats has again cracked in half so NO, I will not give this kayak a good review because of their faulty cheaply designed deck cleats. What use are deck lines that you could loose your gear off or worse yet, if you tip over & have to do a self rescue, if your cleats snap off you could die from hypothermia.

I would not recommend buying one of these until they design better cleats for it.


Lovin' it!!! I'm new to the…

Submitted by: paddler233847 on 10/19/2010
Lovin' it!!! I'm new to the sport. Retired to the West Coast of Vancouver Island 2 years ago. Bought a Vision 140 for day tripping Tahsis Inlet and the surrounding area based on it's light weight and positive reviews here. It is light, fast, tracks straight, and has enough rocker to be easily turned without resorting to using the rudder... After using some 17 to 18 footers, I was surprised at how well it tracks and the superior handling as compared to 'touring' boats is a bonus.

I recently purchased a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/21/2010
I recently purchased a Current Designs Vision 140 as an upgrade to my Kestrel 120 HV. I was limited in my selection of kayaks due to my height(6'4")which prevented me from fitting comfortably in many kayaks by several different builders. I'm impressed with the 140 for several reasons:
  1. I fit in it with comfort and security
  2. It's easy for someone of my height to enter and exit
  3. The 14'length and 24" width make for better tracking and speed, while preserving much of the stability that I want (tipping over is not my idea of a good time)
  4. It weights only 36 pounds. This makes it easy to lift and place on top of my SUV by myself--which means, I'll use it a lot more
  5. The versatility of this hybrid (rec/touring) allows me to better enjoy lakes--large and small, and rivers. Due to now owning a narrower kayak, I also went from a 240 to a 230 paddle and I was surprised at the positive difference.
I highly recommend this kayak to anyone who wants much of the stability of a wider recreational kayak, but also some of the speed and tracking of a touring kayak, and yet, be small and light enough to handle by yourself. So far, it's a 10 for my needs and wants.

My first paddling season I…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/26/2010
My first paddling season I purchased a CD Kestrel. Never happy with the cockpit fit; I have a hip replacement. So I purchased a used Vision late fall so only had few paddles in the new yak before the water iced up.

This spring I took the new yak back out and LOVED IT. A vast improvement over what I was paddling. The narrower beam combined with less depth in the cockpit really made a difference for me. This yak handled well and the speed was outstanding. Even my husband could not keep up!!!


This is my first kayak. We…

Submitted by: paddler233073 on 4/20/2009
This is my first kayak. We tested 6 before the buy. The weight was a deciding factor for me. It is comfortable and stable. It took some work to capsize it. I have to use the rudder on the open water and wind conditions on the bay.

Today I had the opportunity…

Submitted by: shiraz627 on 10/2/2008
Today I had the opportunity to test paddle a Current Designs Vision 140 w/rudder in a cove on the lower Hudson River. First off let me just give you a brief background on myself. This my third season paddling I currently own a Necky Manitou 13 and an Old Town Cayuga 146 w/rudder, I'll classify my ability as a lower intermediate with most of the paddling in my home range consisting of smaller lakes, rivers, and protected coastal areas on Long Island Sound.

Some of my impressions from the 30 minute session were that the seat was very comfortable and the boat did seem to fit me well, you cannot adjust the foot peddles while in the yak as the adjustment releases are behind the moving foot peddles. After spending a few minutes getting the feel of the boat I wanted to see how well the boat accelerated up to a cruising speed. I thought this boat was no speed demon and on a par with my Old Town Cayuga which takes a little bit to get going so I was disappointed in that category.

As far as turning, this boat needed the rudder to make it turn which is OK with me as I'm a rudder person anyway. The rudder deployed and retracted flawlessly each time I engaged it much more than I can say about my Old Town Rudder. Both hatch covers were easy to remove and put back on. This yak is Made in China.

I might have bought this boat if it was faster than my Old Town Cayuga plus it was 15 lbs lighter at 40 lbs which makes for easy car topping loading. I guess I'll keep searching for the perfect yak for me!