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Lincoln Canoe & Kayak Model - Two Lights Tandem Kayak. In 2016, I purchased a tandem kayak, made by Lincoln Canoe & Kayak. My wife and I are experienced Kayakers with decades of experience. We own at least 10 kayaks, with 3 more owned by my son. Most of my kayaks are made of composite materials, very high end. Swift, Current Designs , Wilderness Systems, Northeast, to name a few. I must say , the Lincoln Two Lights is our absolute favorite! It blows the others away in a head to head test. So many reasons why. The fit and finish is fantastic! They at Lincoln have a great eye for details. Every seam is straight, the tiniest details are done correctly. From a quality stand point , it is unparalleled. Their yaks just glisten in the sun. We get more questions about our Lincoln than any other brand! Let's start with the weight factor. At 55 Lbs for a 16' 9" kayak it is incredible! There is nothing else out there at that weight, unless you want a boat made in China (for the same money as Lincoln BTW) This was my first attraction to the boat. I won't need a crane , to car top it. After testing it , I just had to have it. Why ? When you first get in the boat , the initial stability is very good. This impressed me. Consider this is a touring kayak, capable of ocean kayaking. Even so, the initial stability is very good. After paddling it in open water you find the secondary stability is even better.
Tracking is true even without the rudder, which we use only in the roughest waters. 90% of the time, you won't need the rudder because this yak tracks so true. It glides across the water with little or no drag. You want a fast tandem? There is none quicker in the market. We routinely blow away paddlers half our age, just for the fun of it! We've been on big water with this yak and have never, ever, felt uncomfortable. The Hudson River , Flagstaff Lake in Maine, Mooselookmuguntic Lake in Maine, Squam Lake in New Hampshire, The LI sound in CT. . These are some big waters. We go everywhere in our Two Lights. Feel as comfortable in 2-3 foot chop, as on flat water. The seats are comfortable with a nice back band. Tons of storage both on the deck with rigging in the bow and stern as well as 2 generous hatches that actually stay dry! The management and ownership seems top notch as well. When I called them after first buying the boat, I inquired about the serial number placement (couldn't find it) Marc , the owner called me right back.
I strongly recommend this company for both the quality and the service. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

I don't own a Vision 140 but paddled it and I'm now looking to buy a used one. The guy below my post prompted me to post , however. The fellow who got snarky on the reviewer for leaving his boat in the basement for 6 months only to discover the rigging coming off. I've been kayaking for 30 years own at least 10 boats and store my yaks in the garage in upstate NY. I've NEVER had any problem with rigging due to the "Science" . Does this genius store his yaks in his heated living room ? WHO stores kayaks anywhere else but the garage, basement or a shed ? BTW , all my yaks are high end composite or kevlar /carbonfiber with 1-2 rotomolds to round things out. Again , no problems.

A great boat to say the least. Initial stability as well as the secondary stability is quite high. Tracks very well and it turns on a dime. The most unique aspect is the weight. 55 Lbs for a boat 16' 9" Love this boat.
We took it out on big water these last few weeks and I've never felt uncomfortable in 3 foot waves! Great investment!

I owned the Camano paddle, loved it, thought was light enough. Then... my kids bought me for Christmas the bent shaft Kalliste. Waited for 5 months to use it. Used it in early April and all I can say is WOW !!! A huge difference.

If you were going to buy a Camano, save up a few hundred dollars more and buy the Kalliste instead. The difference is HUGE

I recently purchased from Slipstream Watercraft their Sportduo 13. It is a double paddle canoe in a hybrid combination of materials. Kevlar and carbonfiber. Very, very lightweight. Cherry gunnels and thwarts. Very high end. Tracks extremely well, fast and of course very lightweight (about 28 lbs). Not inexpensive, but if you are in the market for this type of Canoe I strongly recommend it.

The owners, Stan and Kathy, are very nice and helpful. The product is made to order in upstate NY. I have tried the other two Adirondack built boats using Kevlar and Carbonfiber (Placid boats and Peter Hornbeck) and I find Slipstream to be better quality, better pricing and much better customer service than Hornbeck, for sure.