Fish N Dive

12' 6"
Width (in)
Weight (lb)

This Product Has Been Discontinued

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Fish N Dive Description

The Cobra Fish n’ Dive is a multi-platform fishing kayak. Ideal for day fishing, the kayak features one centrally located seat and a smaller reverse companion jump seat near the bow for another passenger or additional gear. There is no other kayak on the market this size that offers as much storage space with a hinged fishing hatch plus an optional rectangular hatch for gear stowage. A large well is located in the stern and holds up to three tanks. Scuba divers love this unique arrangement that allows for heavy loads and provides a stable exit and re-entry platform.

The Cobra Fish ‘n Dive is designed to handle loads of up to 600 lbs. The perfect toy for big boys who love fish but want the comfort and stability of a larger kayak – but one that also paddles well. The Fish n Dive is transponder ready with a moulded scupper transducer slot.

Fish N Dive Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit on Top / Open Cockpit
  • Seating Configuration: Solo, Tandem
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Additional Attributes

  • Drain Plug
  • Multi foot rests
  • Self Draining Scuppers
  • 10" Fishing hatch Hatch with Bait bucket and Lure Box
  • 4 Flush Mounted Rod Holders
  • Large Rear Storage Well
  • End & Side Luggage Handles

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Fish N Dive Reviews

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I’ve had my fish n dive for…

Submitted by: paddler2672267 on 12/27/2023

I’ve had my fish n dive for about 10 years now and love it. I use it mainly for scuba diving up to a mile offshore. Prior to the fish n dive, I had a couple of ocean kayaks, a scrambler xt and a prowler 13. While both were ok, they don’t come anywhere near the stability and gear carrying capacity of the fish n dive. A dive buddy had a fish n dive and I tried it out and loved it. Went right out and got my own.


I have owned many yaks…

Submitted by: Flatheadfletch on 4/12/2021

I have owned many yaks including 4 Malibu stealth. The Cobra fish n dive is my absolute favorite. Simply put for a man from 200 to. 350lbs you can’t beat it. I’m 250 and the stability is far superior than the Malibu’s. The ride is better. I presently own two fish n dives and the only negative is the molded foot wells. They hurt when barefoot, cure, scuba booties or tennis shoes. Still prefer this beast of a yak over everything else.


The Cobra Fish n Dive is a…

Submitted by: paddler234743 on 7/30/2018

The Cobra Fish n Dive is a great boat on big water. its super stable due to the fact it has a wide flat hull. Its designed like a surf board and makes hopping off and back on a breeze. One of the most important things when out on the water is being able to hop back on your kayak if you get knocked off from a rogue wave or turbulent waters- that’s what is soo great about this super stable kayak. It also offers a great dive platform and a big storage well that can hold tons of gear. You can maneuver around on this kayak with confidence, hanging your feet in the water, stretching out to get gear stored at the stern or bow, grabbing a cool drink from the cooler, or even rigging a rod to catch some fish. And fish you can catch aplenty. The stable platform of the boat keeps unexpected strong jerks from the big fish to keep your butt on the kayak and out of the water.. the Cobra Fish n Dive is five star kayak just waiting for big water adventures.


I am an avid kayaker larger…

Submitted by: paddler422056 on 3/14/2018

I am an avid kayaker larger 6-2 255IB, this Cobra is my 3rd sot and I may have given it higher score but my expectations were high due to salesman.
I asked for a fast comfortable boat that could handle a larger paddler and ocean conditions.
This boat is not fast, is wet, holds water, weather cocks and like others have mentioned, hard on the ankle bones due to the size of the foot hold.
These are mass produced corporate boats, fine for a rental fleet I should have tested before purchasing,my fault.


This is a great kayak for…

Submitted by: lexyladyjax on 8/15/2016

This is a great kayak for fishing and diving. It's a stable platform for both. In fact it's so stable I can stand up in it to cast my rod. There's plenty of room on deck to rig it how you like with rodholders fore and aft if that's your jam. This year I'm trying a casting net to try for mullet. Stay tuned.

There are two wells, fore and aft, with plenty of room for storage belowdecks. Carry ice, drinking water, bait, lunch and flotation, it all fits. Be sure to remember a bailing device of some sort, even a SOT can take on water.

This design is so successful Cobra has been making it for more than a decade. It worked so well for me that I bought another a year after my first purchase. It's easy to add a rudder, an electric trolling motor, a sail or anything you like to trick it out. It's sized for the medium to larger paddlers (I'm 5'9") but with seating for two they could be petite.

This is a wide beamed comfortable boat, made for sport. It's easy to get in and out of for skin and scuba diving. It weight less than 60 lbs empty so it's easy to load. It's a bit of a hog to paddle against the wind but a rudder solves that problem nicely. For my needs its pros far outweigh its cons.


Great buy. I got it used for…

Submitted by: BDX2 on 8/26/2015
Great buy. I got it used for 225, then sold the fish finder it came with for 55 bucks, which brought the cost down to 170. It's been plugged, but I trust it 100 percent. The rivets all leak, but I'm not even thinking about sealing them right now. It'll take on less than a gallon of water on the inside in about 3 hours of waves, barely worth worrying about for a SOT. It's a truck, super stable, comfortable, and big and heavy. I've had it on fast water and it's a blast although that's not what it was designed for. A yak this big and comfortable is not very maneuverable, but for warm weather milder streams, I find it superb.

Have one no complaints will…

Submitted by: paddler235918 on 9/3/2014
Have one no complaints will take 4 to even 5 foot swells hatch might leak a bit - easy fix with window foam insulation. It's all what they say and more... needs better side handles towards back. A little awkward to hoist on top of car; good for ocean and big water

My last 3 Kayaks were…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/13/2013
My last 3 Kayaks were Malibu's. This is my first Cobra and my last. The Fish n Dive is rated to 600lbs I weigh 225lbs. I put my tackle bag in rear, scuppers let 1 1/4 inches of water in rear compartment. The preformed foot wells kill your ankles, there's not enough room to be comfortable with feet at all. I hung legs over the side to be comfortable.

Plus side is I like its stance in water, paddles well. Very very stable. I have fished in Malibu yak from 3pm till 9am the next morning chasing big catfish. That will never happen in the cobra. I do not recommend this yak to anyone. Go buy a MALIBU Stealth if you want to fish long and comfortable.


I am a diver, and there are a…

Submitted by: paddler234925 on 3/20/2013
I am a diver, and there are a few sites in the Pacific Northwest that are available by kayak or other vessel. My Fish'n'Dive kayak has served me well, and is sufficiently stable to permit a diver, with practice, to use the kayak as a dive platform. This is best accomplished by inflating your BC, tethering it to the kayak, and donning gear in the water, then reverse the process when you've completed the dive. I cannot climb aboard while wearing my air cylinder and BC, so I shed that in the water, clip the BC to the kayak with a carabiner and line, and haul it aboard after I'm seated.

I also use the kayak on flat water for fishing with ultralight spinning tackle on Northwestern lakes and as a photo platform for wildlife. I'm very pleased with it, and I recommend it.


Just bought my f&d. This is…

Submitted by: paddler234719 on 8/17/2012
Just bought my f&d. This is my first. I borrowed an Ocean Kayak Scrambler to see if i would like yaking. I did. Only issue for me was stability. I flipped the Scrambler first time out & always felt unstable in it. I started looking for a yak that i would feel safe in. Test paddled quite a few, read online reviews of many others. Actually drove 140 miles round trip to test paddle f&d. Knew instantly that this by far was more stable than any other yak i tried.

The only issue i had were the footwells. Spoke to factory rep., was assured footwell issue had been addressed in new model. Bought one the next day. The footwells in new model may be larger but still are small. THAT IS THE ONLY ISSUE I HAVE. I fish the boat in Manasquan River in NJ. Lots of boat wakes & current to deal with. I can turn sideways to get something from milk carton or small cooler behind it in tankwell with my leg in the water and not feel the yak may tip.

Being new to the sport, I cant rate paddling speed or effort to other yaks but, I can still get to my spots without killing myself with this boat. I would recommend to a friend for sure. I'm 68 and overweight. If i can handle this yak any one can. Hope this helps someone looking for a very, very stable yak.


Picked up my FND on May 28,…

Submitted by: paddler234624 on 6/26/2012
Picked up my FND on May 28, 2012 and went straight to the lake. I have a bass boat and love to fish. I wanted a Kayak in order to get out on the water without always having to launch my boat. The FND is very stable which was my top priority. I have the large rectangle hatch and smaller round hatch. The round hatch is not accessible when I am seated in the Kayak. I use the large hatch to stow PFD. I wish the FND had a bit more room for my feet between the storage hatch and side walls.

My FND seems to take on more water than I expected. I get water in the rear area and foot well without me in it - not the "high and dry" ride I heard about and expected. I ordered 3 sets of scupper plugs from Cobra at a cost of over $55.00. The plugs were a real disappointment and don't work. I replied to Cobra's request for feed back and haven't heard from them. So much for customer satisfaction.

All in all, I like the FND. The stability is great and the fish-ability is good when properly rigged. It would have been nice to hear back from Cobra about the scupper plugs!


I have owned my new Fish n'…

Submitted by: paddler234492 on 4/13/2012
I have owned my new Fish n' Dive for about month now and have been out on fishing on it quite a few times. It is hard for me to judge this against others as this is my first yak. All I can say is what I like about it. I looked at other kayaks to include an Ocean Kayak Trident 13 that I almost bought. This boat just seemed better in quality and design.

I'm a big guy, 6'5" 280 lbs. It has been very easy to adapt to sitting in this boat for hours at a time fishing. It is so stable. Boat wakes don't bother me at all as I can take them on the side, behind, whatever. It just rides it out. I have paddled in some pretty strong wind and I'm not gonna break any land speed records, but I can keep it going without the need to suck wind and take a break. It hauls everything I have asked it to with no issues. I carry it on the roof of my lifted Ford Excursion and although it takes some strength, I can load it by myself. I wish the flush mount rod holders faced the other way and that it would have come with a strap to hold my paddle, but slowly but surely I am adding things I need.

Overall though I really really love this kayak. It gets me out there and back again. What more can you ask for.


When you absolutely DON'T…

Submitted by: paddler233968 on 5/3/2011
When you absolutely DON'T want to risk a tipover - this is your boat! I paddled my trusty Fish'nDive all winter on the fast rivers that don't freeze up here in Michigan. Even ran some Class 2 whitewater in November - it's as steady as can be. Nimble enough to dodge rocks and tree stumps. Quick enough to go upstream for short bursts, or to slide up on an Ice Shelf at the boat landing... LOL! Plus, it's a nice dry ride, even loaded with all sorts of gear.

Granted - if I was gong to do a long-distance paddle (10+ miles) on an inland lake - this wouldn't be my first choice. But if you want to stay upright NO MATTER WHAT - this is the best boat you could buy. (Also has a great little "Buddy seat" up front for a child or dog to ride along with you!)


I want to talk to the divers…

Submitted by: paddler233666 on 6/25/2010
I want to talk to the divers out there. I've owned a FnD for ten years. I see a lot of reviewers that enjoy the fishing part of the FnD. I like the diving part. As people have stated a very stable platform, when I go out the kayak is loaded w/ 2 aluminum 80 tanks one attached to the BC and the other is for the second dive. Weight belt, fins, mask a dry bag and all the other goodies. I can change tanks while on the kayak. The kayak is also used as my float w/ a diver down flag attached, there is no better feeling than knowing you have a boat to hop onto when you surface, and I do get onto the boat w/ a 30# weight belt on (not gracefully) in deep water. I have no problem towing the boat even when I'm down more than 100 ft.

If you are tired of shore diving the same old spots or don't want to leave one person on the boat, I would strongly recommend this boat. It will take you where you want to be w/all your stuff. This is a pick-up truck that you paddle. If you want something fast this isn't it. I live in Rhode Island and I kayak all year even in snow. One last thing my kids (12 and 14) love them too. Last year they each got their own and they paddle them w/o difficulty.


Great platform, The boat is a…

Submitted by: paddler231735 on 5/23/2009
Great platform, The boat is a Pig. It has the hull design of stern wheel riverboats and handles the same way. It will get you where you want to go as long as you plan on taking your time, however it will keep you stable in the most drastic of waters. I live in Wash. state and have used it at Point Defiance where water literally falls out from under you in holes. I am 6'4" I weigh 390 and I can climb on and off with a vest on without issue, that says a lot, canoes are quicker but a lot less stable. It is slow and does not track well and the bottoms are malformed, I used a heat gun to do some molding to get the bumps and inaccurate keel straightened out.
Heavy seven out of ten.

I purchased my Fish N Dive…

Submitted by: paddler233102 on 5/4/2009
I purchased my Fish N Dive last year after reading lots of reviews. It was my first kayak and initially I wanted it because of stability and storage for going on the river, picnic, camping etc. I take my Corgi wherever I go and have now owned it a year. I have kayaked the Bay in rough waters with no problem. I am only 110 pounds and 5'2" and can handle no problem....I've gained a few arm muscles - as it is not built for speed but it pushes through anything...and I can outspeed a fishing boat with a trolling motor.

I bought it for just playing around, but have found it excellent for cruising the bay, river etc. This year I tried a little white water down the creek in high fast handles great and can maneuver easy....I did overturn it because I was taking pictures instead of paying attention and when I turned a corner in the creek - I hit a rock and tree... it was unavoidable... went for a cold swim but managed to get it overturned again and on my way.... the dog made a great anchor!

I can take another person as well... my 250 pound boyfriend went with me down the river... with no problem... I even did the paddling with the boat pointed backwards and not a problem....

I love the fact that I can sit on the side...hop in and go swimming when I get warm and no problem to get back in.... I love this kayak....

OH! and the BEST part is....I found a way to load it on my Honda Civic by myself...MUCH to the amazement of my 3 sons! I bought saddles for front rack and Hully Rollers for back rack...I place a rubber back mat on the back of my car truck up over the roof..lift up the front of the kayak on truck with mat underneath and go lift the back up and push up on the rollers...NOT A PROBLEM! pretty good for an old girl!

I'd buy another Cobra in a heartbeat...far better quality than anything I have seen up here in the East Coast of Canada....a lot of people buy the sit in kayaks..but I love the sit on top...I don't get wet unless I am goofing around. I love the hatches that tighten down - everything stays dry and there is plenty of storage in this. I take the dog, cooler, blankets, etc. I bought the motor mount but have never tried a motor yet. Thought that would just make me lazy!

I hope this is helpful...if you want good quality, storage and stability..this is the kayak for you! You won't regret it. Speed is for the narrower longer kayaks..they are nice for just jaunting around, but if you like to go on day trips or overnighters..this kayak is 2nd to none!


A great yak! I fish around…

Submitted by: paddler232979 on 1/2/2009
A great yak! I fish around Fraser Island on the east coast of Australia and find the stability its best asset. I have fitted a small sail to assist on the trip home but would like to install a rudder. Has anyone successfully fitted a rudder to a F&D? If so I would like to hear from you.

I just took delivery of my…

Submitted by: paddler232924 on 10/20/2008
I just took delivery of my Olive Green Cobra Fish n Dive from What a great kayak! I am 6'1" and 210 lbs. and have plenty of room. I was able to stand up on the kayak my first time out. I got it with the two hatch set up and the accessory package with the seat, paddle, and rod holders. I will be adding a fish finder and live well in the near future. GREAT BOAT!

While I don't fish, I use my…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/9/2007
While I don't fish, I use my F&D for pleasure paddling in the ocean in So. CA. I'm 5'10 and weigh about 225 which is nothing for this yak to handle. It'll take much more. I like to go pretty far out on the ocean by myself, so the excellent stability of this yak is the most important feature for me.

My only complaint is that the foot wells should be wider. I always have to go barefoot, otherwise my shoes get wedged between the side and the center hatch. But all in all, a really great yak.


Takes a great deal of load,…

Submitted by: paddler231869 on 11/1/2006
Takes a great deal of load, one adult two kids and + all fishing gear & provisions. Square centre hatch is large enough to load even camping gear inside the hull where they stay snug and dry. Very stable on the water and gives a comfortable platform for those long leisurely days in the sun just fishing and playing in the water. Has got a sufficient number of rod holders that are well positioned so that you can reach them without getting up from your seat.

On down side it isn't too great to paddle. At slow phase it is reasonable, except for keeping the direction, but attempt to get any speed and you just end up tiring yourself up. It doesn't maintain the speed so as soon as you stop paddling it stops. The bottom of the hull is not sleek but has several dents in it. I actually thought first that mine was damaged or faulty but apparently that's the way they come. Pretty much explains the poor direction and gliding in the water. As the hull is just one big compartment, stuff tends to shift around and sometimes gets wedged at the very rear of the kayak. Can't get it out without lifting and shaking the boat around. The big centre hatch with single compartment design is also a safety risk. If you get dumped while the hatch is open the whole thing may sink.

Over all it is pretty much what I expected and wanted apart for the poor finish. I'm sure that if they'd fix the production process to make the hull sleeker it would improve the kayaks performance in the water significantly. If you are planning to go just few hundred meters out and spent day fishing and swimming it is a great platform. If you are planning to do some serious kayaking trips you may want to look at some other brands.


ell, since so many are…

Submitted by: paddler231735 on 8/8/2006
ell, since so many are talking about holding capacity I am 6'4" and weigh 380-lbs. I found this to be a very stable platform and would recomend to any larger person. I have with me to nephews at times and I know that that adds another 160lbs to it This does max out its stability but what can you ask for rather maneuverable and okay in the speed area. kids can get on and off without any problem while paddling. Although plastic is tough it is not at all hard and so is quickly scared and dinged. great yak

If you weigh more than 200…

Submitted by: Jamey on 8/4/2006
If you weigh more than 200 lbs, this is your yak. If you like to enjoy paddling rather than the inoppertune rollin' in the drink, this is your yak. If you like to catch fish, this is your yak. If you like carrying your cooler, kid, and everything you own, this is your yak. This yak is a Cadillac with all the bells and whistles you will need to enjoy the water, camping, and fishing. Quality craftsmanship, brilliant design, stability ,and performance you deserve from your hard earned money.

I use this yak in the surf, on lakes, and here is one you probably haven't heard, on class 3 rivers. That's right, this truck of the water likes to drive. With all the sexy colors so you can look good doing it.

I'll tell you one thing, it is not often these days that you will find a company that will give you a lifetime warranty. My truck doesn't have it, my house, my furinture, my fishing pole, I can't think of anything that does. Cobra stands by its product for life. What else in your life can you say that about?

So I highly recommend a Fish n' Dive. It's the perfect kayak for me. This is a purchase that will make you smile every time you use it. Now go out and paddle!


My friend and I bought 2 Fish…

Submitted by: paddler230607 on 6/7/2004
My friend and I bought 2 Fish n' Dives last month. His is gray and mine is yellow. The accessories I got on my Fish n' Dive was a Hi-back seat with a pouch that has a spot for 2 water bottles and can be detached to be used as a fanny pack, 2-piece yellow paddle with drip rings ( the Cobra yellow paddle does not match the Cobra fish n' dive yellow), leg straps (not needed),paddle leash, carrying handles, roof rack pads, tie down straps, and a must have a WHEEL cart to help transport the Fish n' Dive. There are 2 hatches, one large round O hatch with a dry bucket and second one is a large rectangle hatch. There is a small place up front for a kid to sit.

We have taken our kayaks only 2 times so far, and we have had a blast just paddling around the harbors. This is the only kayak that we have owned, so Iam not one to say about speed, but we did not get them for that. There was some water in the back well of the kayak, and some at our feet from paddling, but my seat never got wet. I have not done any diving off the fish n' dive yet but looking forward to it.

Over all I would say that this is a good kayak to get, and the re-sell value looks good.


I am a big fellow at 6' 2"…

Submitted by: paddler230296 on 8/4/2003
I am a big fellow at 6' 2" and 280lbs. I have owned a Tourer, Scupper Pro and tried many other kayaks. The Fish-n-Dive is rock solid. The 2 hatches are accessible underway, and I can load and unload it easily off the roof of my car. I like it!

Let me begin by saying that I…

Submitted by: paddler230173 on 6/6/2003
Let me begin by saying that I have been diving for over 12 years in southern California. I've owned a series of different kayaks over the years. The Fish n' Dive kayak is made just for that. It's excellent for diving because of the low and wide platform in the water. The ease of entry onto the boat, as well as stability is second to none. The hatches make for quick work of storing and handling gear (which will get wet) while in 3 to 4 ft swells. Not to mention, you can stand up easily on it. You may fall off, but just try this on another kayak, and your sure to get a gulp of some salty water...It's not a fast boat, but it keeps up extremely well.

Fishing is incredible. There is plenty of room for 2 rods! I've kept a cooler of food, a net, an anchor, a dry bag, a wet bag for fish, and my kayak wheels with me all at one time. I had room to spare and move around in. This does not hinder the speed at which you paddle all that much at all.

The kayak has such a flat bottom, that you virtually sit on TOP of the water. For all the novice kayaker's out there, deeply consider this one. I'll tell you why... I've owned a "fast" kayak. You need skill and alot of balance. There also isn't much room for anything else on fast kayaks. Fast kayaks are great, but own one more stable first.

You don't have to accept my input, but realize that I am speaking from 10 years of kayaking experience. The fish and dive is just incredible for the applications it was built for. Consider also where and what you will be doing when you buy a kayak. If you're going far, consider something longer and narrower (no storage and easy tipping over) in length. Are there two of you? Get a tandem. The fish and dive sports a second seat not intended for forward motion.

I think instead it was gear for being able to maneuver around the boat and have a second vantage point. If you want a fun time in a harbor or dive site, look no further than the fish and dive.

The Fish n' Dive Cobra kayak is the only sit-on-top kayak that you can sit sideways on and not flip over. In fact, it is just as hard to flip over siting sideways as it is facing forewards. This is an incredible feature if you plan to use it on a dive to a local dive or fishing spot! I've even gone so far as to have 4 or five kayaks anchored together and have a picnic on the open water.... I should've gotten paid for this review. I don't want money, just get your Fish n' Dive and let's go paddle


The Cobra Fish & Dive is an…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/24/2003
The Cobra Fish & Dive is an excellent platform for fishing out in the rough seas. I have taken the Ocean Kayak Malibu II out in the ocean, and the Scupper Classic. Nothing compare to the Cobra Fish & Dive. I felt total stability and confidence while fishing in 2-3' waves near the shore. Fish & Dive was fast and responsive over the Malibu II. The middle O' and rectangle hatch are placed in the perfect position so the paddler can access both hatches while in the sitting position. Hatches on kayaks that are in the bow or stern are almost impossible or even dangerous to attempt opening while out on open water.

The weight of the Cobra Fish n Dive is the same as the Malibu II, hard to carry and bulky even though the weight is only 56lbs. It is a good all around boat when you do not want to do touring and want carry capacity and space. I am very happy with it after having tried fishing out of a skinny 26" wide Ocean Kayak Scupper Classic; where most of your energy is spent trying not to tip over and balancing yourself, without any storage space on the yak other than under the deck.


Outstanding kayak for anybody…

Submitted by: paddler230033 on 1/27/2003
Outstanding kayak for anybody who intends to fish in ocean & heavy bay conditions of 2 to 4 feet. Exceptionally stable, tracks very well and if you get dumped, it is remarkably easy to re-enter.

I fish at night in the Atlantic Ocean off of the rocky shoreline of Rhode Island. I have fished from a WS Ride & Tarpon, Pungo, Loon, Scupper Pro. Cobra Tourer & Explorer.

I have found no better fishing platform that meets my requirements for stability, safety & storage capacity. It is also an outstanding salt water fishing platform.


Cadillac of kayaks big bulky…

Submitted by: paddler229790 on 7/9/2002
Cadillac of kayaks big bulky bruiser. Use it for fishing in the surf off fire Island. nice stable platform in any conditions. Would not want to load on roof of car by myself though!

The Fish n Dive is great…

Submitted by: paddler229159 on 7/16/2001
The Fish n Dive is great kayak. I think of it as the pick up truck of kayaks.

It has a large deep area behind the paddler to carry stuff. The driest seat of all the kayaks I tried and has the ability to carry a second passenger if need be. It has reasonable speed, easily controlled without a rudder and is very stable. The storage hatches are a nice add on giving one all sort of places to put things.

It is not a touring kayak! And can be hard to paddle upwind in a breeze due to it’s freeboard. But it is the most stable and dry kayak I have paddled. And for that reason I am using it as a dingy for my sailboat


Very fast compared to the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/30/2001
Very fast compared to the pirogue I was using. Very stable and easy to maneuver as well. I weigh 235 and had at least 100lbs of gear. Easy to land big fish, but you need a net, big fish can also flop out very easy.

I am 6'4" and 290 pounds…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/14/2001
I am 6'4" and 290 pounds and dropping. Bought fish n dive to fish bay and local lagoons. Slow but very stable and I love it. Fly fish off it and can pack whatever I want to. More weight doesn't seem to slow it down and seems to track better loaded. Wind blows every day and float tubing stops when winds come up. Fish n Dive just keeps going. Great yak for what it was intended for.

This kayak is fantastic. The…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/2/2000
This kayak is fantastic. The stability is excellent. Speed is great not great but that isn't the point. I have no problem carrying either the Fish n dive nor my Cobra Triple. Its all a matter of balance. Fun in the waves, great for fishing. I bring my five year old daughter along without any problem.

I've heard the F'n'D…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/21/2000
I've heard the F'n'D described as a "big boy boat". Since I'm 6'4" and 275 lb., I thought I'd give it a try. I'm a novice paddler who wants to get to dive sites. The boat has a V hull rather than the round hull/flat chines found in others (such as the Cobra Explorer that I also reviewed). I noticed right off that it feels a bit "tippy" when I first got in - the "initial stability" is not extremely high. However, after leaning a little ways over, more of the hull gets in the water and it becomes MUCH more stable. In fact, I found it VERY difficult to capsize - almost impossible while sitting in it in calm water. I can re-board by simply pushing myself up out of the water on the "gunwale", and as long as I lean a little bit inboard I can get my entire upper body out of the water. The boat heels over until it's nearly tipped on edge but it doesn't flip!

As for paddling, the boat is very wide, not too long, and so is rather slow. It does not track extremely well, but it turns quite easily. This was not what I expected given the keel that is molded into the hull. It's relatively light given it's carrying capacity (rated at 600 lb., but weighs about 60) It's easy for me to get on top of my van using rollers, but the lack of handles does make it a bit cumbersome for lifting onto the shoulder. A shorter person might have a hard time carrying it.

There is a "jumpseat" in the front, suitable for a child or VERY small adult. They would sit facing backward right in the bow, so I wouldn't recommend carrying a passenger through surf. Overall, it's a fun boat to paddle, has a LOT of carrying capacity, is very stable yet can be leaned to deal with waves or currents, and is very easy to re-board. Excellent boat for short trips to near-shore reefs for diving, not especially great for long distance touring.


I purchased the FnD mainly…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/7/1999
I purchased the FnD mainly for fishing and secondly for playing in the surf. Let me preface my feedback by saying that this is the only yak that I have owned and I've only used an Ocean yak once before. Anyway, the FnD has proved to be an excellent fishing platform. It is very stable, has an abundance of room on top as well as underneath and has a good maximum floatation capability. It cuts thru the water very nicely and when you stop paddling it keeps going. I mainly use the yak in the ocean and it has no problem with cutting thru the waves or going over the waves. It handles well in rough water as well(4ft waves).

The negative aspects that I have found are it is not easy to transport (mainly because of it's size and weight. I'm 6'2" / 235lbs and it's clumsy to carry even with a shoulder harness. Cobra should have incorporated some carrying handles into the design of this yak as others do. The hull is a solid poly but there is a square flat deck about 3' long that there have been complaints that it's not thick enough. It is certainly thinner than the hull but I have sat on it without any problem so I would say, while Cobra should beef it up a bit, it is sufficient. As I was dragging the yak over some shallow sand that was covering up some gravel, the corner of the keel got scraped up pretty good. It didn't go through but nevertheless, it gives me a little bit of an uneasy feeling. I called Cobra and they sent some matching poly strips that I will use to repair it. As a surfing yak, which it is not meant to be, I would give it a '6'. I'll probably get a smaller one for the kids and myself to play in the surf. Hope this helps.