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The Cobra Fish n Dive is a great boat on big water. its super stable due to the fact it has a wide flat hull. Its designed like a surf board and makes hopping off and back on a breeze. One of the most important things when out on the water is being able to hop back on your kayak if you get knocked off from a rogue wave or turbulent waters- that’s what is soo great about this super stable kayak. It also offers a great dive platform and a big storage well that can hold tons of gear. You can maneuver around on this kayak with confidence, hanging your feet in the water, stretching out to get gear stored at the stern or bow, grabbing a cool drink from the cooler, or even rigging a rod to catch some fish. And fish you can catch aplenty. The stable platform of the boat keeps unexpected strong jerks from the big fish to keep your butt on the kayak and out of the water.. the Cobra Fish n Dive is five star kayak just waiting for big water adventures.

I got this boat because it said it was 52lbs and said it could hold 375lbs. I mean it does feel lighter than my other kayak. It does track straight and when you turn it feels like trying to turn a big huge dumptruck. It does have a nice cockpit area big enough to move around in. but, i tried to do a self rescue in the thing in waist deep water and could not get back into it. The thing just capsized too easily. And the front hatch just sucks because it let in a lot of water into the boat and didn’t realize it till I got to shore. Another thing is that it slides around on my roof rack easy and almost lost it thank god I have a sun roof. The last thing is that it seemed to be some kind of factory reject because the self bailing holes were like a 1/4 inch off from the joining molds and the text on the kayak has this weird ghost double image like they messed it up and tried to redo it. I got this from direct boats .com kinda unhappy with it.