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My back was broken in a car accident and sitting is uncomfortable for me. Without a seat I wouldn't be able to use any kayak.

This is the best kayak seat I've used so far. It fits my 12.5 foot Cobra sit-on-top perfectly and it adjusts easily. The cushion is just the right thickness although I wish it were a tad wider. I like it so well I bought one for each seat in both my kayaks (4).

Pros: it's lightweight, sturdy, looks good, comfy and keeps me in the kayak. Cons: it could be a little wider in the seat, thus the rating of 9 versus a perfect 10. I would have rated it 9.5 but that wasn't an option.

This is a great kayak for fishing and diving. It's a stable platform for both. In fact it's so stable I can stand up in it to cast my rod. There's plenty of room on deck to rig it how you like with rodholders fore and aft if that's your jam. This year I'm trying a casting net to try for mullet. Stay tuned.

There are two wells, fore and aft, with plenty of room for storage belowdecks. Carry ice, drinking water, bait, lunch and flotation, it all fits. Be sure to remember a bailing device of some sort, even a SOT can take on water.

This design is so successful Cobra has been making it for more than a decade. It worked so well for me that I bought another a year after my first purchase. It's easy to add a rudder, an electric trolling motor, a sail or anything you like to trick it out. It's sized for the medium to larger paddlers (I'm 5'9") but with seating for two they could be petite.

This is a wide beamed comfortable boat, made for sport. It's easy to get in and out of for skin and scuba diving. It weight less than 60 lbs empty so it's easy to load. It's a bit of a hog to paddle against the wind but a rudder solves that problem nicely. For my needs its pros far outweigh its cons.

Had enough of leaking water bottles that don't keep your drink Cole? Tired of breaking your insulated heat-preserving thermos bottle? Here's the solution working year round keeping your iced drinks cold 24 hours in summer and your soup hot 12 hours in winter. It's unbreakable, too!

Living in Florida as I do I'd tried in vain to find a device to keep my water cold for half a day in my car. When I found this one I couldn't believe it would work. I filled my first half full with ice and topped it off with water and.left it in my car 24 hours as a test. The next morning I checked and it was still icy and cold. It works!

It comes with a neoprene sleeve, a drinking spout and a carabiner to attach it to your backpack. The stainless steel doesn't hold a taste or a smell, it washes clean easily. What more could you want? There are other versions and colors if you want to add your own carabiner. Everyone in my family and all my friends got this for Christmas. They all loved it!