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I have had a couple of these…

Submitted by: Medic_Dad on 12/27/2022

I have had a couple of these paddles now. The original one I purchased came from Dicks Sporting Goods. I absolutely loved it, especially when compared to the cheap paddle that came with my kayak. It allowed for two degrees of feathering or just keeping the paddle flat as well. The blades aren’t very flexible and the shaft is made of a lightweight aluminum that makes it super easy to paddle with and is too taxing to go on longer trips. There are lighter weight paddles now, with the innovation of carbon fiber, but this is a great paddle if you aren’t looking to break the bank. The only reason I can’t bring myself to give it 5 stars is because my original paddle has separated a little where the two shafts come together, making a pretty big pinch point. Even on the new paddle, where the paddle connects is flush, but still a huge pinch point, so if you’re new to kayaking, or in a hurry there’s a big possibility of catching your palm in the middle of the paddle. Otherwise, I’d say this is a great paddle for anyone on a budget.


An acceptable basic paddle…

Submitted by: rnsparky on 9/4/2019

An acceptable basic paddle for a good price when on sale. Nothing remarkably good or bad about the paddle.


I have used this paddle on…

Submitted by: Bryn_Dhir on 8/1/2019

I have used this paddle on flat water, in lakes, rivers, and in the ocean for sea kayaking. This recreational paddle has a sleek design and is fun to use. It is an overall strong paddle and can take a bit of beating with pushing off rocks for beginner paddlers. Although the aluminium shaft is thick, it is smooth and allows for a tight grip. The button lock system is very reliable and easy to snap into place. The plastic blades come in many bright colors and overall gives for efficient strokes. Two negatives are that the paddle weighs approximately 39 ounces and can start to feel a bit heavy after a long day out on the water (after an 11 mile paddle you will defiantly start looking for lighter paddles), and the rubber stoppers on the paddle are not as effective with preventing water dripping into your boat. Another helpful note is that the manufacturer website gives tips on sizing according to your height and boat width which I think is pretty accurate. I would recommend this paddle.


I have the 240 paddle and I…

Submitted by: Kayakgirl79 on 7/29/2019

I have the 240 paddle and I love the length because I'm short and the width of my kayak makes it a great fit. It's teal. It's light weight. Wouldn't paddle with anything else.❤️


Durable paddle! This Chute…

Submitted by: tbouis on 2/15/2018

Durable paddle! This Chute paddle has been standard equipment for me. It lives up to normal use & abuse..... offering a great feature with spring buttons (3 position) to break in half for storage in the boat or vehicle as needed and adjustable drip guards. Various colors.


An inexpensive two-piece…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/12/2018

An inexpensive two-piece paddle offered as an "exclusive" at Dick's Sporting Goods. It's available in lengths from 180 cm to 240 cm. Blades are plastic, asymmetric, spooned with a central rib, and available in a number of colors. The blades can be feathered via selection of a single position each side of zero, at what appears to be about 45 degrees. The shaft is anodized aluminum, having the center 16 inches bare, and the rest sheathed in a thin plastic. The paddle is indexed right and drip rings are included. My particular specimen is 240 cm (94.5 inches) and weighs 2 pounds, 10.25 ounces (just a fraction less than 1.2 kilos).

This is a very "generic" paddle. Casual users will have no great surprises or disappointments in using it, and might enjoy the increased performance gained over a straight, flat, one-piece paddle. More advanced users will likely not choose it for anything other than a backup paddle. I have found the joint to be very slightly on the loose side, as I can feel just a bit of movement in it when paddling hard. There is no noticeable blade flutter.

My use of it is exclusively in salt water, and there are no signs of rusting or corrosion of any components, so far. I can already see some very slight sun bleaching of the plastic of the blades (I live in a very sunny location), limited to the stress points in the plastic that result from the tight curves made in forming the stiffening ribs. This is after only a couple of months of use and outside storage, but I expect that's more from my choice of color (bright orange) than anything else.

Overall, a decent, inexpensive paddle, suited to casual recreational kayakers, and one that you can hand off to the kids without worrying about potential damage or breakage. The two-piece construction makes it easier to store and transport, and the ability to feather its curved, asymmetric blades makes it a step up from the single piece, square tipped variety.

Please note: I've rated it as I have (4 stars) based on its value for the price, and not as a comparison to paddles costing hundreds more.