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Mukluk Lite

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Mukluk Lite Description

The Mukluk Lite is a accessory brought to you by Chota Outdoor Gear. Read Mukluk Lite reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other accessory recommendations below or explore all accessories to find the perfect one for you!

Mukluk Lite Reviews


Read and submit reviews for the Mukluk Lite.

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Mukluk Lite Reviews

Read reviews for the Mukluk Lite by Chota Outdoor Gear as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

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I am a high mileage paddler…

Submitted by: thekayaker on 5/22/2014
I am a high mileage paddler and have worn the same pair of Lace-ups for 15 years. They are glorious, a joy to have on my feet. I've spent weeks in the woods and paddle every Minnesota New Year wearing my tough old lacers. My wife bought me the Lites to replace them and within an hour of walking around the house, I was limping. They have no arch whatsoever, just a flat rubber sole. I swear, on my honor, these suckers hurt.

I only gave them a three based on high quality neoprene, nice side bumpers and I like the calf collar. Otherwise, it's like putting on a fat man's sloppy bedroom slippers. They are the right size, but I can pinch two inches of extra material in the heel.
Please spend a little more and buy up.


I'm very satisfied with my…

Submitted by: WaterBird on 5/15/2009
I'm very satisfied with my Chota Mukluk Lights. They allow me to extend the paddling season into the fall and early winter, and start up again in early spring. They really are waterproof, no problem there. I wear them with a pair of warm hiking socks. I do not feel the cold standing in 35-degree water.

I'm impressed with how well they clean up even after walking in deep mud---they still look like new.

They fit well. They have a soft, comfortable fit. I don't find the fit loose, as other reviewers mentioned---I don't need them to fit tight in the ankles, and there is a cinch strap on the calves that works fine.

The one weakness is that the sole is not very rugged. You can walk on rocks, but be careful not to subject them to extensive walking on sharp rocks. Also they do sweat a bit, but this has not really been a problem.


I bought a pair of these at…

Submitted by: Yetiman on 4/3/2009
I bought a pair of these at Canoecopia 09 and have used them about a dozen times now in very cold water canoeing. They are exceptionally warm, blocking nearly all the cold even when standing in 35 degree water for several minutes.

I was originally looking to buy the breathable model, but they didn't fit over my abnormally large calfs. The lite models are a tight fit on my calf, but it's a good thing as they are nearly water tight on me when I tested them to see how much water they would take in.

I have high bones in the top of my wide feet, and these are flexible enough for an excellent fit whether I am wearing light socks or super thick wool WigWams. While my legs are a little sweaty when I remove them, they are totally comfortable for hours at a time.

My only complaint would be that they could use a stiffer sole with some arch support. I am not using them for long portages and such, more for launching and in the canoe. The felt lined models would be better if you plan to do much hiking in them. But for at the launch and in the boat their awesome.

To sum it up I am extremely happy with these and would buy them again in a heartbeat. Highly recommended.


These are great. The…

Submitted by: paddler232440 on 2/12/2008
These are great. The QuickLace mukluks are lined with fleece, the Light (regular) ones aren't. I am still undecided whether the extra $50 is worth it for the quicklaces, not so much because of the lacing system but rather because where the Lights are raw neoprene everywhere except the toes, the Quicklaces have thick rubber protection around the ankles and heels. I got a few tubes of Aquaseal and glued these to my kiteboarding drysuit, and after gluing some Atlas Cold Comfort PVC gloves, my suit is fully sealed below my neck.

When deciding which…

Submitted by: paddler233058 on 4/25/2007
When deciding which neo-mukluks (neo-kamiks ?) to buy, I briefly entertained the idea of getting Chota's Quicklace Mukluk. Some advisors cautioned against the possibility of hooking one of the laces on a foot peg or other hardware during a wet exit. OK, it might be a remote possibility - but it would ruin your day. Mostly, I didn't want to spend almost $50 more for essentially the same boot with laces.

I've used the 'Luk Light now in tepid to near freezing waters for one winter season. It has substantive insulating value. Unlike most neo-booties available, it has adequate room in the toes and ankle for heavy socks to fit in, even when you buy your true shoe-size. The calf fits tight however, and that might be an issue for stouter boaters. This boot is high, it's about a 16" riser. If you are shorter, but have large feet, it may come up to your knee. It has a good cinch around the calf and makes a tight seal against a wetsuit leg. It's a little less useful with gusseted drysuit legs designed for booties however. Swimming, you WILL take on a good bit of water, but not an excessive amount.

I'm rating these an "8", taking a point off for a loose fit on the lower calf (where the water gets in)and another point off for no hint of an arch support(I reckon nothing will score a 10 then). The loose area above the ankle flops a bit and that's where the water accumulates also. Boot makers have no excuse for omitting even a small arch. The integrated footbed on these guys is neoprene and perfect for including an arch support. The solid, treaded, wrap-around rubber soles lead you to believe you can walk some on these. But carrying your boat without good support could crush your arches. Still a great product though.


I got my Chota Mukluks to…

Submitted by: blkangel on 4/12/2007
I got my Chota Mukluks to keep my feet out of the mud and to keep them dry. I used them on a three day kayak camping trip in Acadia National park and found them really great.

I wanted boots that were high…

Submitted by: paddler231987 on 4/10/2007
I wanted boots that were high enough to keep the water out while making wet foot entries and to walk through the shallows. Boots like the traditional Wellys and Lacross 18 inch rubber boots had substantial tread system and are more bulky than I wanted. I saw the Chota Mukluk Lites at Canoecopia and they seemed to be just what the doctor ordered.

The ad says the fleece-lined 3mm closed-cell neoprene boot keeps you warm and dry up to the knee. They are not fleece lined. They are lined with the fabric normally found in neoprene wet suit material. “Sized extra roomy for use with thick socks”. That is true, so I got size 11 to go on my 10.5 EEE feet. Worn with medium weight wool socks, they fit me close around the ball of the foot and a little loose at the heel. There is room for another layer of socks or one pair of very thick socks.

I have used them in 50 degree water with the mid weight wool socks. They stay up probably because of the cinch strap and their natural tendency to hold their shape. Good for wet foot entry and walking through shallows. Good traction from the tread on submerged branches and slimy rocks. Flexible and very comfortable for kayaking and the little bit of walking I have done in them. The design does not seem to lend itself to really long walks but I have not used them that way so can’t say for sure. I would design a little more take up in the cinch strap it were me.

After a couple hours in the boat, I can start feel the cold through the boat but not too bad. Thicker socks would probably eliminate this issue. Never used them for extended multi day use, but I would think changing your wool or other wicking fiber socks daily would make for very comfy practical kayaking use. Haven’t gone swimming in them yet or stepped in water over the top, so don’t really know how long they take to dry. They never get in the way and you sort of forget about them in the boat. They are just about perfect for the way I use them.


I've had my Chota Mukluks for…

Submitted by: shirlann on 12/15/2005
I've had my Chota Mukluks for about5 years and wouldn't winter paddle without them. They've always kept my feet warm in the coldest of temps, though I wear a pair of neoprene socks when really cold and other times use two layers of polypro socks, and would highly recommend them to those who don't want to quit kayaking for the winter.

I just used them for the…

Submitted by: string on 11/17/2003
I just used them for the first time today. They fit loosely, I thought, BUT they are great for walking and very comfortable, my feet stayed nice and warm. That is a really nice thing for someone who has chronically cold feet. I have other noeprene boots and Sealskin socks but they always leak. The Chotas don't. I can winter paddle now without frosting my toes.